The Fight Isn’t Over! Only 500 out of 1,800 wild horses and burros will get shade

THE FIGHT ISN’T OVER! Only 500 out of 1,800 wild horses will receive shade and wind breaks after 3 years of campaigning and public outrage demanding shade and shelter at Palomino Valley Center. Keep the pressure on!

Dead Shadow © Jim Hart Protect Mustangs

RIP Shadow


Protect Mustangs’ investigation found wild horses were dying in the heat wave


Protect Mustangs’ campaign continues to stop captive wild horses from dying in the heat wave with no shade


Our Petition for Shade and Shelter continues to grow. As of today there are 42,301 supporters: Please continue to share this petition. It is delivered to elected officials and has been used in many important meetings with BLM and elected officials. Until shade and shelter is made available to all the wild horses (1,800) at Palomino Valley we will press forward! Your signatures count and have made this happen. Thank you!

PM PVC Shade Shelter Update Jason Lutterman

UPDATE JULY 7, 2016 

Hi Anne,

PVC is working  toward purchasing and constructing windbreaks with roofs in 4 perimeter pens that would serve approx. 500 animals.  The specifications for the wind breaks will be similar to the windbreaks found on this page: BLM will modify the windbreaks to include roofs for shade. However, BLM cannot directly purchase from plusone without issuing a solicitation open to the public for a 30 day time period. (plusone will be notified that BLM is soliciting for proposals), so I cannot tell you for certainty that those are the exact panels we would purchase.

After the 30 day open solicitation, the bids are reviewed by BLM procurement officers and an award is made to the vendors that can meet spec’s and lowest price. The successful vendor is then given a performance period in order to manufacture and deliver the supplies to BLM (approx. 60-90 days).  It is anticipated that by fall PVC would have the materials on site and construction would begin.

The structures will be permanent in the four pens, but BLM will be assessing their effectiveness to determine if more such panels would be purchased for additional pens through an agreement with a partner.



Jason Lutterman
Public Affairs Specialist (On Range)
National Wild Horse and Burro Program
Bureau of Land Management
Office: (775) 861-6614
Mobile: (202) 304-0967

On Tue, Jul 5, 2016 at 1:37 AM, <> wrote:

Dear Jason,
What sort of shade and/or shelter is BLM providing at Palomino Valley Center? Is this a trial or a permanent structure? What does it look like? How many will be used at PVC? When will it be installed? What about the windbreaks?
Best wishes,
Anne Novak
Executive Director
Tel./Text: 415.531.8454
Read about native wild horses:  


In memory of Shadow, RIP, and all the captive wild horses who have suffered or died with no shade or shelter.

Dead Shadow © Jim Hart Protect Mustangs


PVC Heat Wave BLM Foal July 1 2013


PVC 5:30 p.m. Car Therm June 28 2013 Heat Wave with No Shade


Protect Mustangs is an organization who protects and preserves native and wild horses.

9 thoughts on “The Fight Isn’t Over! Only 500 out of 1,800 wild horses and burros will get shade

  1. ONE DAY is too long for these living beings to suffer! Therefore, in addition to people like me writing letters, etc., I feel that the biggest, most effective way to accomplish anything significant is to hire a lawyer (there are those who would be willing to donate their time) to seek an injunction against the Bureau. I am a lawyer, and I know that going into court on matters like this is one of the fastest ways to accomplish something. This is an emergency, and the lives of the animals cannot wait for the bureaucratic procedures to take place…there is always “emergency money” available, for, at least, to cover the period that it would take to go through the red tape. With all respect to Anne Novak (who seems to be doing a great job), there is more that can be done and should be done. GET A LAWYER!

  2. This opportunity to leave a Reply is too complicated! I type out a reply and I get a response that says “Required fields are marked*” I have filled in all the required fields and I keep getting the message that Required fields are marked*”. It is frustrating.

  3. Dear B.L.M., Hello. I am glad to hear that 500, wild Mustang horses that are in captivity in the desert, will get shade to shield them from the sun, and windbreaks to block the wind. But, there are over 1,300 other, wild horses there that, also, need that protection. BLM must find a way to accommodate all of them!! Thank you! With Best Regards, Sharon L. Mander

  4. This is ridiculous. If you are going to keep these poor horses penned up you need to provide for them. Such scorching heat. Definite shade is needed. That should have been provided from the beginning. Otherwise set them free!!! Where they belong!!

  5. To little to late for some of these poor animals, at least in the wild they are free to find their own shade and shelter. This whole thing has made me sick since day one. It is just HORRIBLE what has been, and is going on.

  6. I don’t understand the issue – why can’t someone make a decision here? Who’s hands are tied and whose pockets are they in? It always comes down to the almighty dollar. Let’s not have compassion for the animals and or humans involved in these circumstances. Let’s just watch them die and say “oh well”.
    Where are we headed? This is NOT the country I once thought it was. Everyone is looking out for themselves only and everyone and everything else “be damned.” There is a price for all of this – who is going to pay it? I do what I can and there are some others that could do more – but they won’t. One day they will understand – but it will be too late.

  7. I agree that legal action is extremely important in making any headway in the fight for the wild horses and burros.
    We write letters, make calls, march in protests and set up billboards and all are important, but how effective have we been? We are certainly reaching out to the public and “the people” care, but are often blindsided by BLM claims of equine overpopulation, etc. although observation proves otherwise. We also rant and rave online (which I thoroughly understand only too well) but it does little good except to let off steam.
    Some injunctions have been obtained and have helped at least temporarily, but continual legal action is imperative I am grateful that FOA and ALDF have helped with this issue and although funds are needed critically for so many rescues and provisions, I hope we can somehow support (financially and otherwise) those competent attorneys who care about this issue.
    I agree…the whole thing is a nightmare, but we can never give up the fight. We are up against a great deal of “clout” and money, but …as we have heard…right is might And protecting these wild beings from human barbarism is RIGHT

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