Who are the traitors in wild horse advocacy?

Who is exploiting wild horses now? 

CLUE: FOIA the contracts, the agreements and their emails with BLM

Do you realize who has betrayed America’s wild horses? Do you know who is who? Do you know who are the BLM supporters and partners now? Do you know who is pretending to work for “solutions” but is really working for the livestock industry? Do you know who is making back-room deals pushing pesticides for birth control, experiments and slaughter on underpopulated wild horses and burros?

Do you know who is really for the wild horses and burros now?

6 thoughts on “Who are the traitors in wild horse advocacy?

  1. I would like to know who is behind this in addition to the Cattle industry and Fracking

  2. Who ARE the traitors??? It’s important for everyone to know. If they are pretending to want to help our wild Ones they need to be exposed.

  3. Unless it can be uncovered using a Foia request we won’t know. I do know this government is selling off our public lands to overseas companies that set up shop to mine for minerals or anything they happen to need. Saudi Arabia has bought farm land in Arizona to grow alfalfa for their dairies in Arabia which has to be watered with wells. AZ is in a constant drought it has been for years but the sale of the property was fine with the government insiders that I’m sure made money off the sale as a kick back. I can just imagine how much the public has to pay for water in AZ I’m glad I live in a state that rains all winter.
    I don’t believe that BLM will ever stop rounding up the horses until they are all gone just like none of the anti-horse slaughter bills have ever made it out of committee in all these years to stop horse slaughter.

  4. Thank God that Protect Mustangs is fighting for the lives of horses and burros.

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