Mary Diamond (#0144) has 3 strikes and is for sale!

UPDATE Monday August 1, 2016: Nellie Diamond has a bidder. We will let you know if for any reason her sale is not completed. Thank you everyone for sharing! Congrats to Nellie Diamond’s bidder!

PM Mary Diamond #0144 3-Strikes

Mary Diamond (#0144) was rounded up and captured in 2013. She was separated from her mama too early for a wild horse and lost her entire family–she was still nursing. Mary Diamond has spent most of her life in captivity. Her memories of living in the wild with her mama bring her comfort when she is sad. She has been offered for adoption at least 3 times and now is going for sale because nobody picked her. That’s what happens when a wild horse get’s 3-Strikes from the Bureau of Land Management. Please SAVE Mary Diamond from a horrible fate if she falls into the wrong hands.

Call BoLM to buy Mary Diamond for $25 and save her: Jeb Beck at (775) 475-2222 or e-mail:

Sex: Mare Age: 4 Years   Height (in hands): 14.2

Necktag #: 0144   Date Captured: 01/19/13

Freezemark: 12620144   Signalment Key: HF1AAAAAC

Color: Black   Captured: Diamond Hills South HMA, Nevada


Tag-#0144. 4 year old black mare, gathered from the Diamond Hills South Herd Management Area in Nevada in January of 2013.

This horse is currently located in Palomino Valley, NV.  For more information, please contact Jeb Beck at (775) 475-2222 or e-mail:

This horse is available for sale or adoption with bids staring at $25.00. At the conclusion of the bidding, the successful bidder will inform the BLM if they are purchasing or adopting the animal. If the animal is purchased, not adopted, the successful bidder receives bill of sale to the animal upon completion of payment and final paperwork. If the animal is adopted, the minimum bid must be $125, and the animal is not eligible for title until the one year anniversary.

Pick up options (by appt): Palomino Valley, NV; Delta, UT; Elm Creek, NE; Pauls Valley, OK.

Other pick up options: Ewing, IL (September 3) ; Mequon, WI (September 16); Clemson, SC (September 23); Loxahatchee, FL (September 30); and Murray, KY (October 7).

Adoption confirmation for this animal must be finalized, by e-mail to, no later than Noon Mountain August 4. After this date, all unclaimed animals will be available for in-person walk up adoption/purchase ONLY.


Protect Mustangs is an organization who protects and preserves native and wild horses.

9 thoughts on “Mary Diamond (#0144) has 3 strikes and is for sale!

  1. She deserves & thrive. Leave these wild horses in the wild please!!!!!! Mankind is cold & calculating for their selfish interests.

  2. You rip her from her family, then force her to be a ‘good’ horse. Threaten her life when she doesnt. You wouldn’t know a good horse, if it bit you in the a$$! Shame. Save Mary Diamond, and all other horses forced to ‘serve’ man.

  3. This whole situation continues to sicken me to my stomach, day in day out, I feel completely powerless and cannot believe the greedyness and selfishness of the BoLM..
    I wish I could get ALL these poor souls and take them back to where they in freedom and away from us..far away from ANY human contact..I wish I was their shiny knight and saved them all from this ugliness and horror that a bunch of heartless pieces of shit had put and are continuing to put them through for the sake of the Almighty Dollar..I wish I had the POWER behind me, to keep them (the troglodytes that are capable of such heinous crimes agaist nature that is), in confined pens under scorching heat 24/7 and freezing cold temperatures with no form of shelter, none whatsoever, year after year while keeping them imprisoned with no room to roam around, after I had chased them with huge loud flying machines and killed quite a few of them in the process..destroyed their families, wiped out their kids and newborn, separated pregnant women from their mates and performed abominable experiments with toxic chemicals on their perfectly healthy female reproductive organs to annhiliate their ability to procreate .. and finally I wish I could top it all off by being able to send each and every member of the “troglodytes” broken families to slaughter, just because I FEEL the NEED to dig my claws into their money pit territory which also happened to be public land as well, and see HOW THEY would FEEL about that kind of strategic massacre..
    I know it might seem like a huge utopic dream..but in all honesty I REALLY, REALLY wish I had the POWER to CRUSH and Eradicate all of the Mother Nature haters from the face of the Hearth for good, so that every other essential form of life could strive and benefit from the peaceful balance achieved in their absence.

  4. Is there any way that Native Americans can take the 3 strikes horses onto their lands ? That has been done with other animals and I know they have a much greater respect for these beings than many Americans do.

  5. Thank you so much for your kind offer but at this time we cannot adopt any more wild horses. Our sister organization, the American Wild Horse Institute (501c3) has 23 wild horses in their programs. We have good news for Mary Diamond. As a result of our email about her someone placed a bid on her and we are so grateful : )

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