Rounded up as a foal, SNOWBUNNIE (#2256) spent 6 years in the captive pens, has 3-Strikes and is for sale!

PM SNOWBUNNIE #2256 From Silver King 3-Strikes

Filthy photo ruined her chance at adoption

SNOWBUNNIE (#2256) was rounded up in 2010 as a foal, separated from her mama, lost her freedom, family and Silver King herd forever. She has been forced to live without shade and shelter in the captive pens for 6 years. After being offered for adoption on the internet with horrible photos she was not “picked” and now she has become a 3-Strikes mustang. She is sale eligible. Just look how filthy SNOWBUNNIE is from living in the captive pens! In the wild she would be clean, happy and living in freedom as mother nature intended.

Now SNOWBUNNIE needs your help to share her post on Facebook, Twitter and by email so she can find a safe forever home. Networking can help her.

She looks willing to connect with people. Keep in mind she has spent most of her life on the other side of the bars from people. Poor baby might have forgot that life can be much better that this.

SNOWBUNNIE looks like an easy keeper and that’s exactly what the Kill-Buyers want. That way they will pay less money on feed to get the maximum dollars per pound at slaughter. This is Urgent! Help SNOWBUNNIE stay away from the KIll-Buyers!

Sex: Mare Age: 6 Years   Height (in hands): 13.1

Necktag #: 2256   Date Captured: 09/25/10

Freezemark: 10612256   Signalment Key: HF1ADAADG

Color: Gray   Captured: Silver King (NV)

Tag-#2256. 6 year old gray mare gathered from the Silver King Herd Management Area in Nevada in September of 2010.

This horse is currently located in Palomino Valley, NV.  For more information, please contact Jeb Beck at (775) 475-2222 or e-mail:

Update August 10: BLM said, “If no bids were placed on an animal in the last internet and a bidder that didn’t get the horse they choose as first pick didn’t decide to take a horse with no bid then those horses with no bids are available for pickup at PVC till August 22. After that date any remaining horses will be put on the next internet adoption. . . horses are available for pick up FROM PVC ONLY we will not ship as the truck is full at this point.”

From Protect Mustangs:

You can help by sharing SNOWBUNNIE’s (#2256) post to find a safe forever home away from slaughter. Share to help save her now!

Together we can turn this around.


Protect Mustangs is a nonprofit organization who protects and preserves native and wild horses.

3 thoughts on “Rounded up as a foal, SNOWBUNNIE (#2256) spent 6 years in the captive pens, has 3-Strikes and is for sale!

  1. Why not shade BLM???Why not shade Palamino Valley???I am in tears.I have seen your place, their pens and if I had the money and could compete with your expectation of what is require to adopt I would of adopted them all.This is so very Wrong.

  2. BLM.. Why have you not given ALL of the wild horses & especially foals & yearlings MUCH NEEDED sheds for protection against the summers SEVERE HEAT..above 95°..& winters FRIDGID COLD.. & DEEP SNOWS with temps well BELOW freezing & driving rains..NO WATER or FOOD..none to very little. All which have been documented. THIS IS NOTHING BUT SHEAR TORTURE!! for they cannot get away to get under any natural protection from this.. & you’ve not seen for to give these horses these basic necessities for YEARS!!!!!
    Why are you breaking the law??
    Why are you going against everything possible to keep these horses alive & barely comfortable?? I have been out in excessive heat & it’s unbearable even for hours let alone 1 day! These horses in your state as well as other states have been subject to your abuse for 6 years or longer. How do you fathom this to be humane? IT IS NOT HUMANE IN ANY WAY AT ALL!!!!!
    THIS TREATMENT MUST STOP NOW!!!!!! I think all of the BLM should be caged & made to suffer the elements like these horses have & see how you would like the treatment. You would be dead!!! Our own people..on our lands deceiving our own icons..the wild mustangs that you’re supposed to protect. WHY??????

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