BoLM gives unfair strikes against mustangs

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Many 3-Strikes wild horses end up on a foreign dinner plate

America’s wild horses from the Palomino Valley and Fallon holding facilities in Nevada did not get their fair share of exposure for adoption on the internet because they were listed late. Therefore they should not be given a strike because they were not picked. It’s not their fault.

We ask that the Bureau of Land Management (BoLM) do the right thing and wipe off the strike these wild horses received for not being adopted in the last round online.

America’s mustangs in the adoption program should go to good homes or sanctuaries if they cannot be returned to the land where they belong.

Contact your elected officials and ask them to intervene to stop these beautiful wild horses from the unfair 3-Strikes practice that puts them at risk. After 3-Strikes, federally protected American wild horses lose their protections and legally can be sold for $25. People sell 3-Strikes wild horses to “horse-traders” who sell to kill buyers selling to slaughter.

Contact us if you need help adopting wild horses and navigating the BoLM’s red tape, problem solving when problems arise, etc. Email us directly at  Let’s get the wild horses to safety! Together we can turn this around.

Protect Mustangs is an organization who protects and preserves native and wild horses.

9 thoughts on “BoLM gives unfair strikes against mustangs

  1. First BLM unfairly deprives these magnificent presences, the horses, from their rightful land and freedom, and then they set them up for failure within their prisons, the holding facilities! THIS IS SO WRONG!!!!

  2. This whole situation is so sad. We as humans have more compassion in our hearts for these animals then this. No shelter, no mercy and no hope. This breaks my heart. We can do so much better. The BLM use my tax dollars to this and I would like for it to stop.

  3. These horses should still be on their home ranges with their families. They are publicly owned and were on public lands. BLM does not own them, they are only the caretakers. I say they are being stolen from us by our government. Write and call your Congressmen and stop the Genocide of the American Wild Horses.

  4. Make these horses as easily affordable to a citizen wanting to give them a home, as BLM does horse traders and kill buyers. None of them have to go through the rigamarole BLM makes a adopter to do. They don’t charge $25.00 for us either. We should be able to have the same rules as the ones not saving them. And you do need to advertise these horses, not declassify them.

  5. Be kind with them don’t forget when the cars wasn’t here we abuse of them they deserve better live

  6. This bureau is a defilment to democracy and animal rights to live on land that former resprctful federal governments of America set aside for our wild horses and animals. My hope is to see a reversal of laws given grazing cows, sheep and oil and mineral companies FEDERAL LAND THAT IS NOT THE BLM OR FOREST DEPT LANDS.

  7. What kind of heartless, clueless bureaucratic people are running this program? it must be possible for BLM to hire some people from the rescue community. My guess is they are hiring from the cattlemen’s lobby. Disgusting. I know I am not the only person outraged at the way our horses are being treated and the way our tax dollars are being spent. I have written to John McCain. His reply: Better to be butchered in Texas than being hauled all the way to Mexico. This is heart breaking. I feel so helpless; and my facebook friends are tired of my depressing posts.

  8. I too am sick and tired of the BLM breaking the laws. And i am sick and tired of our public officials, especially those in Congress, ignoring the pleas of the American public that elected them. These horses are part OUR history, part of OUR heritage, and they don’t belong to the government. They belong to US. And who informed anyone of the amendment to the Wild Horse and Burro Protection Act–he amendment that is causing this tragedy. My Congressional delegation responds with non-committal noises called form letters and ignores the very topic I have written to them about. And McCain’s response to Petie Chisum is totally disgusting!

  9. This has to stop they are our Icons of the west and all they have done for us and continue to do for us Fire BLM

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