Red Alert: 3-Strike Friends SUZIE KING (#2473) & SNOWBUNNIE (#2256 ) at-risk & need a forever home together

UPDATE August 25th: Suzie King and Snowbunnie have been saved and will live together!

PM PVC 3-Strikes SUZIE KING #2437 August 2016

Suzie King (#2437) is buddies with Snowbunnie (#2256). Please help them!

We met them both at Palomino Valley last Friday. They were super nice and friendly. The two friends have spent all of their lives in the captive pens since they were rounded up as tiny foals. Please help them stay together in a safe place away from horse-traders, kill-buyers and slaughter!

You can do a walk up purchase until August 22nd and save both wild mares at $50. for the pair.

Here is what the BoLM says about Suzie King:

Sex: Mare Age: 6 Years Height (in hands): 13

Necktag #: 2473 Date Captured: 09/25/10

Freezemark: 10612473 Signalment Key: HF1AAAABG

Color: Gray Captured: Silver King (NV)

Tag-#2473. 6 year old gray mare gathered from the Silver King Herd Management Area in Nevada in September of 2010.

This horse is currently located in Palomino Valley, NV. For more information, please contact Jeb Beck at (775) 475-2222 or e-mail:

  Here is Snowbunnie (#2256) and her filthy photo. She looks much nicer than that.

PM SNOWBUNNIE #2256 From Silver King 3-Strikes

Here is a photo of SNOWBUNNIE (#2256) from last Friday

PM PVC 3-Strikes SNOWBUNNIE #2256 Aug 2016

Protect Mustangs is an organization who protects and preserves native and wild horses.

15 thoughts on “Red Alert: 3-Strike Friends SUZIE KING (#2473) & SNOWBUNNIE (#2256 ) at-risk & need a forever home together

  1. Please,please don’t give up on these precious creatures. God put them here,and they have a right to live out their lives in peace. Please have mercy on them,and keep trying to find them a home. The mercy you give,will be the mercy you get. Please!

  2. Same here, I do not have the space but would love to help. If I had the room, I would already have paid the 50 bucks. Tell us how we can help.

  3. It looks like these horses need to be in taller than normal corrals? I have two open 24×24 that I could open to one big corral for both, but I’m in San Diego county. I don’t think I can afford to trailer them here but I could give them a home together if they can go in regulation corrals.

  4. There is no reason to kill these beautiful animals. All that’s needed is patience until the right person(s) is found. These animals are children of God too and they want to live out their lives just as all living beings do, just as you do. Please give them a chance to find their perfect home. Thank you.

  5. i will take them, i have the land and three companions for them, just dont have a way to get them to arkansas. any help and i will love them for life

  6. Hi! Any luck Christine Kirkland? I can try to contact horse haulers for transport if that would help. I can pay the fee to get them out of their situation too if that could help.

  7. Someone has put in an application for the 2 grey mares SNOWBUNNIE and SUZIE KING 🙂 We will keep you posted!

  8. i also have applied for the mares, i would need help with travel to get them to me but i could pay for their initial cost. trying real hard to save these beauties.

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