Red Alert! All 3-Strikes wild horses on internet need to get to safety! ($25 each)

Snowbunnie (#2256) and Suzie King have found a forever home. The rest need to find homes ASAP. Check back often as we will be adding other Internet 3-Strikers to the list. Please help network homes for these wonderful wild horses with bad pictures. It’s not their fault.

PM Fallon 3 Strikes HENRY #9847 August 8 2016

Read about and Save Henry (#9847) here: Henry has a bid! Thank you!


PM SAGE CREEK #1487 6 yr mare Fish Creek

Read about and Save Sage Creek (#1478) here:


PM Nellie Diamond #0484 PVC 3-Strikes

Read about and Save Nellie Diamond (#0484) here:


PM Star Creek #1483 Fish Creek 3-Strike Sale

Read about and Save Star Creek (#1483) here:


PM Poppy #1196 3-Strike PVC FB

Read about and Save Poppy (#1196) here:

Don’t let anyone discourage you from helping wild horses and burros get to safety. There are a lot of PRO-SLAUGHTER Activists (PSA) who have infiltrated into the cause and are pretending to be “logical”. The truth is they lie to get what they want. The want to make sure there is an overflow of wild horses in holding to tip the scales in their favor. They lobby for back-room deals with elected officials, BoLM, etc. to sell America’s icons of freedom to slaughter.
If you decide to save a pair of at-risk 3-Strikes wild horses and purchase them for $25 each, the BoLM can’t hold anything over your head. You don’t have to wait a year for title to your beloved mustangs and play “nice”. 3-Strikes, sale eligible wild horses become yours as soon as you have the bill of sale and after that you don’t need to deal with BoLM poking into your business.

Important Info:

Go here for information about the Internet Adoption and Sale: The first thing you need to do is get approved. Approval for adoption is different than approval for purchase

Go here to bid on the wild horses:

Pick-up options (by appointment): Palomino Valley, NV; Delta, UT; Elm Creek, NE; Pauls Valley, OK; Ewing, IL.

Other pick up options: Waterloo, IA (October 21); Unadilla, GA (November 4).

Adoption or purchase confirmation for these wild horses must be finalized, by email to, no later than Noon Mountain-Time September 15. After this date, all unclaimed mustangs will be available for in-person walk up adoption or purchase ONLY.

If you need help contact us at

Protect Mustangs is a 501c3 nonprofit organization who protects and preserves native and wild horses.

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