Feds’ Oregon sterilization facility marks their mustangs for sale 5 times higher to discourage good homes from taking them

PM Hines Beauty #2809 Humbolt NV

Bureau of Land Management in Oregon thwarts placement of wild horses with sales rate hike

The same tax-payer funded facility who wants to partner with Oregon State University to conduct population control experiments on Americas pregnant wild mares is price gouging would be buyers of 3-Strikes wild horses to prevent them from going to good homes. The Bureau of Land Management (BoLM) in Oregon at the notorious Hines facility is asking 5 times as much money for each wild horse on the Internet Adoption. All the other facilities across the nation ask $25 or less.

Email your 2 senators and your congressional representative to let them know this is another example of BoLM’s lack of fair customer service. Include this blog post so it’s clear.


This is just one example of many that show BoLM’s poor customer service in the adoption and 3-Strikes program.

It’s clear the BoLM doesn’t want these wild horses to be adopted into good homes as the law requires but would rather sell them by the truckload to horse traders for slaughter, kill them or give them to henchmen in the states counties and cities as Rep. Chris Stewart’s Amendment on the 2017 Appropriations Bill would allow for “work horses” and most would end up going to slaughter. Obviously that’s their goal.


Protect Mustangs is a 501c3 nonprofit organization who protects and preserves native and wild horses.

2 thoughts on “Feds’ Oregon sterilization facility marks their mustangs for sale 5 times higher to discourage good homes from taking them

  1. Dear Anne, BoLM is being vindictive. You exposed the reality that the agency sells “three-strike” mustangs for only $25. That’s the special price-incentive for sales-for-slaughter. Then you revealed that BoLM has intensified its use of Internet auctions to accelerate the process whereby mustangs become three-strikers. You began advertising three-strike wild horses on the Protect Mustangs Website and facilitating the process of finding “forever-family” homes for them. But facilitating the process has not been easy. BoLM staff responsible for placing captured wild horses seem uninterested, uncooperative, unhelpful, uncommunicative. They complicate the process, fail to return calls, come up with new requirements, etc. The final straw came when you reached out to the Hines-Oregon corral site, offering to help place the defenseless fillies and mares that had been rounded up as test-subjects for hideous surgical sterilization experiments. BoLM rejected your help, and is now pretending to raise the price of three-striker sales to $125. But that price-increase applies only to adoptions. If a kill-buyer came along wanting a truckload, no doubt the price would be $25.

    BoLM staff depend on Federal funding to pay their salaries. They are paid to “manage” the Wild Horse and Burro Program. They define “management” as: Roundups, removals, fertility-control, and corralling — which are justified only if there are “excess” mustangs.

    The first rule of government is to “get the budget.” Thus, it is to BoLM’s advantage to:

    1. Create the illusion of a mustang population-explosion. The perception of a crisis will secure more funds to “solve” it.

    2. Conduct as many roundups as possible. Helicopter-roundups are very expensive; so they are the preferred method. Higher costs generate more administrative funds to pay staff salaries.

    3. Replace the removed wild horses with cattle, because more cattle trigger more funds to “manage” the Federal Grazing Program, and BoLM wants to protect that cash-cow. Besides, “excess” wild horses can be blamed for the damage that the cattle do to the range.

    4. Keep as many captive mustangs as possible in holding, especially short-term holding, which costs more. BoLM spends a percentage of program funds to pay staff to “manage” the contracts.

    5. Reduce the number of wild-horse adoptions. Too many adoptions would expose the Lie of “unwanted” and “excess” wild horses.

    6. Award grants totaling $11,000,000 to “study” sterilization — especially surgical sterilization, which means hiring expensive veterinarian-contractors. Per a typical 20% administration-fee, BoLM will likely spend $2,000,000 in program-funds to pay staff to “manage” these grants.

    If the basis of funding were reformed — if funding were predicated on the conservation of wild horses and burros — then BoLM would reverse itself and claim — truthfully — that there are too few mustangs and that more funds are needed to increase the populations.

  2. Healthy horses sent to slaughter just to make money for government profit. Ranchers, special interest groups including other countries have the US Politicians in their pockets. Back room deals to butcher healthy animals and make it harder for the the public to adopt. To the United States Government horses are worth more dead than alive. Plan and simple horses are butchered to make someone money.For WHO? Wild horses removed and sent to slaughter from Federally Protected Land. Who got the money? Not your horses to kill, they were on their own land. Tired of you lying horse killers. JUSTICE FOR THE WILD HORSES We not asking, we are demanding!

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