#BREAKING: Protect Mustangs calls for nationwide protests against killing and sterilizing wild horses and burros

© 2014 Anne Novak, all rights reserved.

© 2014 Anne Novak, all rights reserved.

Protect Mustangs, a 501c3 nonprofit organization calls for protests against the Bureau of Land Management’s (BoLM) Wild Horse Advisory Board’s decision today to euthanize all the allegedly “unadoptable” wild horses in long-term holding. They also voted to push more wild horses through advertised adoption events to strike them out quicker! Under former Secretary Salazar, the BoLM has irresponsibly rounded up more wild horses than they could ever adopt out at once. Is it because Salazar is a fifth generation rancher paying back a promise to the Cattlemen’s lobby? Since then the federal agency has been hoarding America’s wild horses in captivity at huge tax-payer expense without correcting the failed adoption program. Now they want to kill the mustangs they call “unadoptable” and sterilize all the wild horses living in freedom on the range. Protect Mustangs is calling for the Bureau of Land Management to #PutThemBack on the 1971 herd areas in the West and stop sterilization. More than one-third of the herd areas have been zeroed out.

“We will fight this outrageous plan to kill and sterilize America’s icons of freedom and we will win,” states Anne Novak, executive director of Protect Mustangs. “The public is not going to tolerate this. The Bureau of Land Management is a rogue agency and their advisory board is made up of people favoring the livestock industry except for one person. The bogus board of mustang haters needs to be dismantled and recreated with wild horse and burro experts–not cattlemen with a huge conflict of interest. It’s time to put America’s wild horses and burros back on public land where they belong.”


Who are the wild horses in long-term holding? Are they mostly 3-Strike mustangs from the BoLM’s failed adoption program with rotten customer service? Others are over 10 years old and should have been left out on the range to live their lives out in peace.

Check back here for updates and donate to Protect Mustangs for legal fees to fight with the law by clicking here www.PayPal.me/ProtectMustangs  or go here to donate on the crowd-funding site: https://www.gofundme.com/FightwithLaw

The fight is on!


Update on Cleo April 2012: We found an adopter for Cleo but the BoLM had already shipped her out. When we told the Nevada BLM that the adopter was willing to go to long-term holding (Midwest) to get her they said that was impossible. They said they would only sell 100 horses at a time out of long term holding. The adopter could only take Cleo. The BLM said it was impossible.


Protect Mustangs is a 501c3 nonprofit organization who protects and preserves native and wild horses.

16 thoughts on “#BREAKING: Protect Mustangs calls for nationwide protests against killing and sterilizing wild horses and burros

  1. Sally Jewel should be weighing in on this in favor of the horses who need a break. She seems suspiciously silent (unless I missed something). Such a disservice to the wild ones and those who advocate for them.

  2. Well this is the most outrageous thing the BLM has come up with yet. I hope there is enough of us to stop them from killing our Wild Horses and using the nice word euthanize!! I am so angry that they have the gall to even suggest such things for these beautiful animals who have every right in the world to be be free running on land that was meant to be their’s FOREVER!!! To kill them because the BLM says there are to many just can’t happen! We truly have to unite and by we I mean every blessed one of us not just groups but every single person that wants to return our legends to the range where we all know they belong!!

  3. the blm has gone too far this time! they should have left the horses on the range where they belonged/ now they are just wasting taxpayers money having to feed all the horses! have these blm people have no compassion for horses! they shouldn’t be allowed on the management board with their cruel techniques! this has got to end now! please help these horses! they deserve better! they could put all the horses back where they belong; there are other humane and less cruel alternatives for these horses!

  4. If they would have left them alone …mother nature would take care of her own.survival of the fittest is not mandated by man

  5. The BLM has no right doing this!! We as tax payers pay for this land and our tax money should protect these horses/ burrows.

  6. All of us, though we tried to remain hopeful and positive, knew the potential of an outcome like this. It is long overdue we become more radical and legal in the fight for the horses. They expected it at every roundup yet we were always peaceful and such….I say no more.

  7. STTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP murdering our Gifts from God, our National Treasures!!! ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I really had high hopes when Sally Jewel was appointed, but alas, hopes were dashed as she too was sucked into the cattle industry. Look at how the BLM houses OUR horses, but the requirements for the private adopter? Many times I see no shelter for them in ‘holding’. If a private citizen were to attempt this BS, there would be fines, and likely jail time for the abuse/neglect of these treasures. Enough voices (and votes) together can right this horrible wrong and let our wild horses be. They are not the scourge on the land.

  9. What the hell? How does wiping out an animal population, be it wolves, horses, mountain lions, etc. benefit the earth and the human population (other than financially) in perpetuity? How does such disrespect and MISMANAGEMENT of life even deserve consideration? How can you people who promote such greedy, devastating, unconscionable, evil ills sleep with yourselves at night? Look in that mirror and answer these questions for yourselves. Maybe, if your very, very luck, you will return to this earth as a wild horse. Then what would you like to have happen?

  10. Protect North America’s standard of freedom: allow these beautiful Mustangs and Buros the right to roam free of any inhumane interventions!

  11. This “plan” should outrage everyone in this country. How can we confirm that the Advisory Board is intentionally skewing the numbers? A tremendous disservice to ALL Americans – except ranchers and energy companies, I imagine.

  12. Its so awfull, what happens in US with horses and other things. Its like common sence has vanished from the country and only the asholes deside. Its high time the people rice and take their rights back, also on behalf of the horses, Egoisme from t he rich farmers and money interrests before ethicks– is the country completely rotten ??

  13. they should have left the wild horses alone! this is too cruel for words! it must be stopped!

  14. Yes, this must bee stopped. The only way I know how is for all of us activists to go to Washington D.C. with big signs and march toward the White House and attract other people’s attention as well as the government’s. Maybe then we will be heard. It is worth the try. What BLM is doing to these horses is beyond criminal. It is evil in the making. Pure evil. The curse of these beautiful spiritual beings will haunt those responsible. It will haunt them like a sword ready to fall upon their heads. All horses go to heaven. In heaven they will be happy and free but what about this side of heaven, the planet Earth where God chose for them to be born and gallop into eternity? Instead of galloping they are slaughtered for their flesh. What kind of a world do we live in? God has not changed His plans. We did and some day our actions will have a the same evil impact on us as we too are slaughtered by an evil entity. The mysteries of the universe are many and what we see as our reality is not necessarily true. May God give us the wisdom to see beyond our physical vision and realize what goes around comes around. Never truer words were spoken. It is inevitable.

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