U.S. Court of Appeals says the Bureau of Land Management is required to maintain inventory

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Tuesday the U.S. Court of Appeals ruled against the state of Wyoming pushing for more roundups.

“The Interior Department and the BLM responded that they don’t have a mandatory duty to remove wild horses from herd management areas. The district court issued an order dismissing the case, and the state filed an appeal with the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

“The state’s arguments, however are contrary to the plain language,” of the law, according to the opinion issued Tuesday by a three-member panel of the appeals court.

The Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971 directs the BLM to maintain an inventory of wild free-roaming horses and burros on public lands, saying the inventory’s purpose is in part to determine whether an overpopulation exists and whether action should be taken to remove excess animals, the opinion said.

The second statutory requirement hasn’t been met, the opinion said, because “the BLM has not determined that action is necessary to remove the excess animals …. the BLM is under no statutory duty to remove animals from the seven HMAs at issue.”

Protect Mustangs intervened in the Bureau of Land Management’s law suit to stop the Checkerboard Roundup. We are so grateful for the outcome in the Court of Appeals.

Protect Mustangs is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of native and wild horses. www.ProtectMustangs.org

10 thoughts on “U.S. Court of Appeals says the Bureau of Land Management is required to maintain inventory

  1. The state of Wyoming is worried about what?
    Are they concerned about some environmental issue caused by the free Mustangs and Burros? or they are concerned with “utilization” of what they perceive as a resource that can be turned in to cash?
    Maybe sell the animals to China to be turned in to gelatin?
    I doubt that the environment could be the issue though!
    I think it has to do with utilization whoever what kind of utilization they are thinking about? sell them to Rodeos for braking and domestication?
    or for meat to some country like China?

  2. Rounding up of the horses does not make any sense, it is beyond any reasonable logic, and is not necessary. It is about time humans do not see animals as merely resources to be conquered, destroyed, and plundered.

    Wild animal roundups, killing them to harvest their skin or tusks, or for any other reason, is against the natural law, it prevents humans evolutionary spiritual growth, and it must be banned. I suggest starting a petition preventing all sport hunting of all animals on earth. The only reason behind sport hunting the wild animals is sadistic pleasures for a few.

  3. The wild horses-mustangs have no voice with the supposed law but the good people willing to do the right thing and stand-up for them to be their voice! What a detestable, and despicable lot of people to claim these lovely horses and animals need to be rounded up to be disposed of at their evil whim! Let us be their voice to say “hell no!!!”

  4. The BLM has been removing wild horses in the name of overpopulation for years. THERE WOULD NOT BE TOO MANY if they revoked the welfare ranchers grazing rights on most of our public lands. It is pressure from the Livestock Industry that lobby’s in Washington to give away public grazing to ranchers. Plus, the BLM is now dependent upon the revenues they have been getting illegally by selling horses to Mexico and Canada from all the roundups. The horses penned up are only a shadow of how many actually get transported across U.S. borders for slaughter houses in both neighboring countries. Now the BLM is counting on those monies to continue Wildlife Services, an arm of the Dept. of Agriculture that kills predators for the cattle industry from the air, with illegal poisons and traps. Go to PredatorDefense.org and watch EXPOSED to see whistleblowers disclose these illegal activities, funded by YOUR TAX DOLLARS.

  5. Killing, for pleasure of the kill, the claim that wild things (in particular horses and burros) are a nuisance by virtue of greed of land grasping and otherwise is against the better nature of humanity and should be heavily refuted and controlled by law, with grave consequences to those that abuse such.

  6. So sorry, but must admit that there is a very dark sadistic part of some humans that cause so must pain and torment for our wildlife. This is morally wrong, of course, but it goes against natural law. We cannot choose a specie and then partake in exterminating it for no good reason at all. The chain of life depends on them, the environment depends on them, it goes against all of human humane laws of nature and natural life. It’s like the holocost of wildlife.
    Horses run in the wild so far removed from human habitat, they bother no one, this is their land, far away and set aside by the U.S. government. There is no need to bother them, save for profit, that business term that business loves, but it becomes an ugly word when thousands of beautiful noble mustangs have to be murdered to attain it. Spare the mustangs, tell big oil, cattle ranchers, horse meat perveyors and glue factories to get lost, and tell the BLM to do their jobs and protect the mustangs and burros and their habitat.

  7. Please stop this cruel and inhumane treatment of wild horses and all wild animals they belong free. Thank you.

  8. Getting rid of these beautiful Mustangs is Pure Human Ignorance!
    These beautiful Mustangs are part of our Ecology System part of the earths gifts to us.
    These Ignorant tasks of these horses that run free and harm no one should be left to roam there territory. Greed is a disgusting disease that should be Eliminated not these
    beautiful horses!

  9. Mustangs are part of the Beauty that is Nature Please allow these breathtaking horse to roam their territory as they have for hundreds of years.

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