Slaughtering Wild Horses

Despite overpopulation myths and fear tactics that wild horses must be sterilized and given restricted use pesticides in the form of birth control, slaughtering wild horses is against the law and must be upheld. Please donate to our legal fund to fight to keep America’s mustangs safe from slaughter.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — A New Mexico horse slaughter plant plans to open Jan. 1 after a federal appeals court rolled back a court order that had kept the Roswell facility from beginning operations.

According to KOB-TV ( ), Valley Meat Co. owner Rick De Los Santos says the plant will start off slow, but already has multiple meat contracts lined up.

The 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Dec. 13 lifted an emergency order that blocked the opening of the Roswell plant, another in Gallatin, Mo., and one in Sigourney, Iowa, that has converted to beef.

Animal protection groups have been trying to block the slaughtering of horses.

De Los Santos says Valley Meat has employees ready to work and 20 horses from Nevada for slaughter.

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Here are some articles providing some background about the heinous wild horse traffic to slaughter . . . America’s living legends betrayed by those entrusted to protect them under the 1971 Free Roaming Wild Horse and Burro Protection Act.

National Geographic (May 5, 2005) Wild Horses Sold by U.S. Agency Sent to Slaughter

The agency’s mission changed in December, when Congress passed a bill that made it legal for the BLM to sell wild horses outright . . .

Since December the BLM has sold about a thousand wild horses under the new rules. The slaughtered horses were originally sold to the Rosebud Sioux Indians in South Dakota and to an unnamed Oklahoma man who said he wanted the horses for a church youth program.

The Sioux group bought 105 wild horses at a dollar apiece, then traded 87 of them to a horse broker, who sold some of the horses for slaughter. The Oklahoma man bought six at $50 apiece, according to the BLM. Slaughterhouses are known to pay hundreds of dollars for a horse.


Christian Science Monitor and cross-posted by The Seattle Times (March 2, 2005) Law allows slaughter of wild horses for meat  by Brad Knickerbocker

Now, a law signed by President Bush will allow the slaughter and export of horse meat form thousands of wild horses. Horse lovers are urgins reversal of the measure, which slipped into a recent federal appropriations bill by Sen. Conrad Burns, R-Mont.


Chicago Tribune (Dec, 12, 2001) Adopted wild horses are still being slaughtered by Robert Gehrke story went viral

WASHINTON–Wild horses put up for adoption by the Bureau of Land Management continue to be slaughtered, in some cases within weeks of he owner gaining title to the animal, according to the latest BLM records.

The quick turnaround has critics questioning how aggressively BLM is enforcing a rule requiring adopters to swear that they don’t plan to sell the horse to slaughter.

‘Not only is the BLM not actually prosecuting people, but they’re not even doing the investigation to try to figure it out and it seems like they don’t want to know,’ said Howard Crystal, an attorney for the Fund for Animals, whose lawsuit led to the no-slaughter clause.

The Desert News (Dec. 12, 2001) Rules are not preventing slaughter of wild horses by Robert Gehrke

The Deseret News (August 18, 1999)  Wild horses are going to slaughter, BLM says

Adopted wild horses are being slaughtered for meat or pet food at a rate that could top five per week, according to an employee of the Bureau of Land Management.BLM wild horse expert Lilly Thomas said once-wild horses adopted from agency land are being slaughtered at four major packinghouses. Speaking this week at a meeting of the National Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board in Salt Lake City, Thomas said she based her estimate on reports from a slaughterhouse near Fort Worth, Texas,…


Buffalo News (January 5, 1997) US effort to save wild horses leads thousands to slaughter as workers profit by Martha Mendoza

A multimillion-dollar federal program created to save the lives of wild horses instead is channeling them by the thousands to slaughterhouses where they are chopped into cuts of meat.

Among those profiting from the slaughter are employees of the Bureau of Land Management, the federal agency that administers the program.

AP viral story (January 4, 1997)  Program to protect wild horses often funnels them to slaughter by Martha Mendoza

NY Times (Jan 29, 1997) Report Acknowledges Wild Horses Are Being Slaughtered

The Spokesman Review (December 12, 1986) Wild horses being sent to slaughter

HELENA — The Bureau of Land Management has been shipping hundreds of horses to Montana ranchers under the government’s “adopt-a-horse” program, and some are going to slaughter, one of the ranchers says.

Since 1985, more than 1,800 horses rounded up on government land in Nevada and other states have been shipped to ranchers in eastern Montana’s Yellowstone Valley, according to figures supplied by BLM Associate State Director Marvin Lenoue,

Hundreds of other wild horses have been shipped to South Dakota, mostly to Indian reservations . . .

Some owners sold them to rodeos, he said and “some of those people sent them to slaughter.”

Lakeland Ledger (March 11, 1973) U.S. Probe Wild Horse Slaughter ~ story went viral

LA Times (March 5, 1973) Apparent Roundup of Wild Horses for Slaughter Probed

Federal authorities are investigating a blood-soaked cliffside in the high, remote mountains of southeastern Idaho where officials say a herd of about 60 wild horses was apparently rounded up and sold for slaughter.



Protect Mustangs is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of native and wild horses.

7 thoughts on “Slaughtering Wild Horses

  1. My heart breaks, please leave these be young beautiful horses alone they are innocent and have given so much over the years to so much history and help win for the American people, now respect them as they so greatly deserve. PLEASE GIVE THEM ALL THE CHANCE THEY NEED.

  2. No More Slaughter, take heed in the Great Mandala, respect life, family, indigenous species, respect Freedom, let our Mustangs go, and let Freedom Ring, now!

  3. We must stop the killing of our Mustangs, the senseless slaughter of these wonderful animals is absolutely abhorrent. Their heritage is a NECESSARY part of our culture, history and our future. The maintenance of these breathtaking animals can be managed in other more productive ways than running these horses to their deaths, separating mares from their babies and castrating stallions Precious bloodlines have been lost because of the slaughter of these great horses.The hypocrisy and the buerocrisy of the BLM is pathetic. I want to know where these cattle ranchers went to school? How do they figure the horses are over grazing the land when their cattle outnumber the Mustangs 50 to 1? And to our government, YOU are the lifeline of these Mustangs whether you know this or not. Who are you to judge whether a cow is more important than the Mustang, and which one is more edible? We have 50 states in this country, why not ship entire herds to other grazing lands so that the Mustang survives and thrives in its natural environment and the entire nation can and will be blessed by the miracle that is the Mustang. This is my first ever posting on a public site but I believe that the Mustangs must be saved and returned to the land on which they were destined to live and carry on the tradition of our history and the freedom that they deserve, not to be prisoners of selfish humans who can control the survival or the extingtion of Mustangs.

  4. I believe that these incredibly heartless actions by the BLM against ALL horses – wild horses as well as slave horses – to srnd them to slaughterhouses is not only against the WILL of the American people – but violates numerous animal humane laws in the way that they are rounded-up; packed in like sardines with no four or water for several days; left out in the boiling hot sun in some “holding pen” and then sent to a terrifying bloody slaughter is horrendous. GOD will judge all of you for allowing this – and you as well Congressmen who signed up for this slaughter. Damn you all.

  5. I am in such complete agreement with the writer before me-what comes around goes around-a little money now begotten in a shameful and wrong way will only beget more shame and more wrong-the meat must be filled with such horror and shock -who would want to eat that? And so the immorality trickles down down down-it’s the trickle down process-dome call it karma and dharma-in English it is simply as you sew so you reap.Horse slaughter calls in the grim reaper.

  6. like the website says, Horses are not for food. Horses are Gods creatures they do not deserve any of this. My mother started a horse rescue a few years ago then 3 years later she quit, but I never will. Next year I’m going to start up a new horse rescue and help stop all of this. Horses are life to me, their my best friend. And if any one is willing to help that would be a blessing. All of the Slaughter houses should be sentenced forever with no hesitation. This is cruel to Gods animals and it is cruel to mine.

  7. please stop killing gods animales wild horse dont belong to you they belong to god you have no right to be killing wild mustangs in the first place murder is murder no matter what human beings or animales god will judge you when you all die those who hurt or kill his animales your not to be eating horses anyway they are not food if your fucken hungary plan your self a garden like the bibble says anything with 4 hoofs your not to be eating them so stop killing these poor animales your chasing them and shooting them your killing babbies also so what gives you the right to kill them you aint god stop it and the blm lies to they aint saving these wild mustangs they are killing them off thats what they are trying to do kill off the wild mustangs

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