Anne Novak with friendly wild horses. (Photo © Irma Novak)


No-Kill 45,000 wild horses and burros in holding:


Please sign and share the Petition to De-Fund & Stop the Roundups.


Investigate the Wild Horse & Burro Count in Captivity and in Freedom:


Take Collars off Wild Horses Now!

EXPERIMENTS on wild mares


Petition for a 10-year moratorium on roundups for scientific studies to ensure the survival of wild horse herds:


Don’t Frack Wild Horse’s Land Petition:


Petition to Save our Native Wild Horses! 

Indigenous horses

© Irma Novak, all rights reserved.


Petition to Stop Killing Brumbies Now!

Brumbies are Australian heritage wild horses. Witnesses found them shot and killed (Copyright protected)

Brumbies are Australian heritage wild horses. Witnesses found them shot and killed (Copyright protected)


Protect Mustangs is circulating a petition for emergency shelter and shade in government holding facilities

PVC Heat Wave BLM Foal July 1 2013

Petition to overturn the legalization of horse slaughter for human consumption


(Photo © Anne Novak, all rights reserved.)

(Photo © Anne Novak, all rights reserved.)

 Petition to Stop USA Horse Slaughter

We have closed our petition because of a unified force with the petition above.

Don’t slaughter me!  (Photo © Cat Kindsfather, all rights reserved.)

“America’s wild horses are particularly vulnerable to slaughter.  They live in remote regions where they can be rounded up and sold by thieves to slaughter,” explains Anne Novak, Executive Director of Protect Mustangs. “They aren’t filled with chemicals like domestic horses so their meat could be in high demand abroad. There isn’t enough manpower in the BLM to prevent thieves from taking advantage of plants opening in the West. We must stop horse slaughter.”

Protect Mustangs is petitioning President Barack Obama and Congress to pass the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act of 2011, S.B. 1176/H.R. 2966—to make sure all horses in America are treated humanely.”

Take action. Sign and share the petition to end horse slaughter in America.

Thank you.


Freedom Lost & Hell Begins (Photo © Cat Kindsfather, all rights reserved)

Stop the Calico Roundup Petition:

Please sign and share with your friends. Thank you for helping stop the dangerous roundup.

Protect Mustangs is a nonprofit organization who protects and preserves native and wild horses.

18 thoughts on “Petitions

  1. Folks! Let’s do our utmost best and contribute to stop this nonsense and aggression against America’s iconic Mustangs.

  2. Oh my God, I just cannot believe what we do to horses, is there really no OTHER solution then to round ’em up and imrison them???????????
    Please save the horses

  3. Yes there is : ) First we need an accurate head count to know how many wild horses and burros really exist on the range. Then we can develop sustainable solutions to preserve our mustangs and burros. Rampant roundups will only zero them out.

  4. Our Horses are companion pets, like our dogs and cats. We all need to be the voices for our horses. Sign petitions, write our congressmen to stop this
    slaughter of our beautiful companion pets.

  5. Keep the mustangs free taking their freedom is like taking your freedom away put you in cage and stomp all over you and kill your kid take you away from your family you have no idea what will happen next the men who do this should be hog tied and their nut cut off i am 64 i rode horses all my life i would do anything to help you want to see a old women fight just me see someone abuse one

  6. Horses are loyal, brave, compassionate, and know more about us than we do ourselves. The Lord put them on this Earth for a reason, and if I can guess correctly, it wasn’t just so that they could die off or be killed at slaughterhouses. This needs to stop, and we need to raise awareness and continue the spirit of the west. Wild horses are our icon, it is our job to keep the icon consistent.

  7. To keep our wild horses, burros and other wild life safe you need to contact your U.S. Congressional Representative’s. These are the people you chose to go to Washington D.C. to represent you and your wishes. If you do not contact then they will not know what you want done. Google: locate U.S. Congressional Representatives for (then type in the name of the state you live in). Your Senate and House representatives names and contact information should appear.
    Tell them you want a cease and decease (stop) order issued to all Federal Agencies involved in the PZP program, the castration/partial hysterectomy, the round ups, the penning, the selling and the out right killing of our wild horses and burros.
    Tell them you want it to be made illegal to transport any horses and burros across our countries borders to Mexico or Canada with out prior approval from the U.S. Attorneys office. To be backed up by papers proving where these horses and burros originated from and there purpose for shipping out of country.
    You need to tell them to listen to the GAO report titled RANGE LAND MANAGEMENT November 26, 1991. And to act on the GAO recommendations concerning our government Lands to preserve them.
    You need to tell them to stop the replanting of non natural plants on our government and parks land (while great for cattle) is detrimental to other wild life species such as the Grouse. Tell them to direct BLM to replant only buffalo grass and other historically plants to burn areas on our government lands. To remove all unnatural and invasive plant and grass species. Return out government land it’s true natural beauty.
    You pick the issues you want them to address for you. But you need to write, email, text or call your U.S. Congressional Representatives today. Get your family, friends and neighbors to do the same. We need to save our wild horses and burros along with our government and parks lands.
    God’s love to you all. God bless.

  8. Leave our Wild Horses they are a part of History not everything has to be destroyed. We will fight for our Horses and there freedom.

  9. Dear Sirs/Ms.
    This is an outrage! Didn’t you see the movie about ten years ago about this. If anything the people who decided this should be put to sleep.
    Very sincerely!!!, Brad Alsten
    PS The movie was Hildago, with Vggio Mortonson.

  10. Gut wrenching to see and know what is happening to our wild horses. Must stop and leave them to thrive on their native lands.

  11. please stop killing god wild animales of this earth the ones that are killing these animales you have something in common with the devil and your very eveil to kill a horse god has a plan for all of you horse killers and horse killer buyers there wont be a place for to hide at thier wont be no sunshine where you are going its a place where you will be on fire for all of your life ??so be ready for your death will come soon god works his ways he will get every one of you he might take something away from you that might be close to you like you did to those mammas taking thise babbies away or killing them there will be justice for those horses thiers one thing you dont have with the horses see they are going to heaven your asses are going to hell these wild horses should been living free born free but blm took all that way from them horses these wild horses and donkeys suffer enough its time to help them like they helped us its called history they put us on the map we cant them go out like this so people save me from the blm please and the killer slaughter and the buyers

  12. These horses have roamed free for hundreds of years, without people intrupting there lives, why are we trying to get rid of them? Are we being greedy because we want the horses land,? To make money off of them? Graze more cattle,we are responsible to make sure nothing’s harms them , so why are we? We need to leave them alone and FREE.

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