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  1. what can i possible do? i’m not rich. i’ve signed every petition i can find. written letters to senators and whitehouse. i have a good riding horse. that’s about it. a friend down south is with me on a horseride/camp trip to protest. we were so mad we were going to find some miracle to ride on washington d.c. it fizzled out because we’re out in california. if it could be organized, we’d do it in a heartbeat. maybe there’s someone out there with the resources to make it happen; a truck and horse trailer-gas-feed whatever!.

  2. i live in sonoma county, ca., and have years of horse exp. and plenty of free time and the desire to help any way i can. i am a great road dog/looking for someone to include me in ?

  3. Join us at WILD HORSE HUB CENTRAL as we are trying to be a data base concerning all of the current activity. Right now, we have a request to send emails to: Gseidlit@blm.gov and request that they hold off on any roundups and/or bait trapping during the height of the foaling season. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. And, this sight will always provide trustworthy information for you: Protect Mustangs.org

  4. I love your idea of riding on D.C. I would love to apart of that! I’m 16 and live out in california and I have a 7 yr old mustang, And im doing whatever i can to save the mustangs!

  5. Hi, Christine,

    So happy you want to help! There is a rally coming up in California on July 10th in Sacramento alongside the BLM hearing on helicopter use. I really hope you are able to attend. Keep checking for the updates. Here is the info on the BLM meeting: http://www.blm.gov/ca/st/en/info/newsroom/2012/june/CASO128_aircraft_hearing.html

    Keep signing petition and writing your representatives. Don’t get discouraged. Together we can make a difference!

    Wild Mustang Robin

  6. I have sent Gseidlit@blm.gov the message about the round ups1 I am in the process of writing senators (I’m up to the F’s) I have called the President and written him a letter. I am cordial and professional. I will also be writing to the First Lady. Once I graduate from college (2014) an find employment I plan on sponsoring a mustang and hopefully later selling my house for a place in the country so I can adopt a couple of them. Not for taming or riding but just to let them be what they are….free

  7. I am in New York and I just heard about what the BLM is doing in a documentary called “Wild Horses and Renegades”. If we can find a way to show this on a major network like the Discovery Channel, or PBS we might have a shot of it reaching the ears of the President. It gave me a new perspective on what is happening, it might do the same for others.

  8. Hi Christine,
    I am with you, let’s ride together, now we are three. Let’s talk I am in California too. Northern Califonia and I just rescued a Mustang from Litchfields, it might take a month or two but we will be ready to ride rain or shine. To stop the madness! I am so glad I saw your post.
    How do we meet? Where do you live?
    I hope we can talk soon.

  9. I’M GOING TO WRITE A LETTER TO THE WHITE HOUSE AND IT WILL NOT BE “Dear Oboma……”IT WILL BE “oboma dont take away the US wild horses they dont deserve it…….”WHY WHY i am going to help sorry for the rage im just mad

  10. i want to help save allwild horses and same with aaron he wants to save each species same with me and i want to help

  11. I love horses they are very pretty. I love riding horses even tho I’m a city girl!! 🙂

  12. I love our wild horses and hate the fact that they’re being targeted without the public eye knowing. My farm is a few small steps away from being OK-ed for adoption but I am all the way in Ohio. I wish I could do more to help.

  13. We all believe the BLM doesn’t have the best interests of the wild horses at heart. Their name says it all. Land Management.

    Fish & Wildlife manages living things. They have managed one of the pony herds on Assateague Island for years. The herd is stable and successful. F&W has also successfully managed gray wolves, brown bears, bison, elk and any number of species of fish. The populations of those animals are doing pretty well. Why not F&W to manage the wild horse/burro population in this country? Those equines are wild and alive. Perfect!

  14. God Bless our Wild Mustangs, We must provide proper water and safety for our animal friends. We must do and take action for providing the needs adequate for endangering barriers. Let us take responibilities and compassion and reaching out to make their land stable and reliable to run in freedom. I love horses and so does God the one that made them. Let us continue fighting for their freedom.

  15. Where can I volunteer? I live in Grass Valley, CA. I’ve finally found my purpose, I just need help finding someone to utilize me :))

  16. Does anyone know what happened to the horse posted on the website October 2012, #6457 Calico Mountain mare? I saw this horse in person earlier in 2012, loved her, noticed she didn’t get adopted in the internet adoption and then lost contact. I’ve e-mailed the Palomino Valley Center about her, but if anyone knows where she is I’d love to know. And if she’s still out there, I’ll adopt her. Thank you,

  17. I want to help in any way I can! My views horses belong wild and free! We protect tortoises even sharks here in America…what greater contribution to people as the American horse!!!!! The wild mustangs belong here in America more so then any other creature alive! Your destroying america by destroying the wild horses…they should be around for generations to come! So I can see them my children and grandchildren and everyone should have that right till the end of the world! As god intended and the majority of Americans agree!!!! They should always Live Wild Live Free!

  18. Hi, I’m Hannah I am 14 and would love to do something to stop this outrageous slaughter when every animal has a purpose!!! I may be young but I am deffently willing to help!!!

  19. I have been involved in my own small way by signing petitions, writing letters, encouraging my family and friends to do the same and small donations. But I want to do more. What can I do? This is a cause very close to my heart.

  20. I live in New York on a fixed income. I sign petitions, call and email my Congressmembers, send emails to the BLM, etc. I desperately want and need to help more, what can I do?

  21. I would be interested in buying up some land in NV, etc., where some of the mustangs could go. Is this feasible? I know that much of the land in NV is federally owned, but are there areas where acreage is available and affordable? I would really like to do something to help.

  22. I would like to help in any way. I post and repost and send everything to friends and family to sign. I’m known as the wild horse lady with my friends and family.
    Please contact me

  23. Hello there 🙂
    I already signed every petition I could find, but I want to do more.. I am from Germany and I don’t know how I can help here more. My wish would be to come to Amercia for a few weeks and help active. About a donation I want to think when I am there and when I can see for what the money is used etc. Hope you can understand that. But I would be so thankful for some information how I can help without a donation, yet and how I can help here in Germany. Furthermore I would be very grateful about some Information how I can help active locally.
    Greetings from Germany

  24. I want to make this my life’s mission to stop this madness. I’ve written letters for years to Congressmen, Senators the White House & BLM. I no longer eat anything factory farmed, because I know that is effecting the wild horses habitat. They are getting pushed off their land by corporate greed & the uninformed public, along with the aware but unwilling to change public. Don’t eat factory farmed products. If you’re going to eat it, buy local. I will shout this issue from a mountain top until this stops. Eating a factory farmed burger is not worth losing the American Mustang over.

  25. I live in Sacramento Ca. I am a retired Deputy Sheriff from Sac County, where we have a program at the Rio Consumes Correctional Facility, who take Mustangs and work with them and inmates, to be auctioned after 120 days.
    What can I do as an individual? I do not have land right now, A friend told me I could board at her place, but was not allowed to ride on her property, due to liability issues.

  26. I think we all are helping. Big or small everything you can do is importannt. I believe we all could be more helpful if we were to send information by email to as many Americans as possible. Explaining just what PZP is and how it affects our Wild horses. There are many people unaware especially here in the east that understand just what this pesticide does. I think if we were to get that message out to people we don’t even know my email would make a big difference I have even written letters two Neighbors and Friends who then have been helping do this. Just as our are asateague ponies are given this birth control very few people on the Chincoteague Island knew this.that I have written to. My own niece who lives on Chincoteague Island had no idea about this most harmful way their wild horses are giving this drug for birth control had & no idea of its effects on the Pony population which is pretty sickening. So we need to get this out everywhere about are wild horses in the West somehow we need to get it in the news more it seems like a lion in Africa got more attention and that is because of the media. I don’t think anybody should feel that they are not doing enough if that is all they can do. For those who want to do more remember we are fighting people that really don’t care. It is up to all of us to reach out to more of America and getting big backing for these horses against birth control with PZP or GONAVON.

  27. I agree with Lori Scott. Don’t eat factory farmed meats. I have stopped eating red meat for this purpose and that’s its just not good for you. I moved to Utah from New York because of my love for horses and the wild west. It saddens and angers me to see that people are wanting to slaughter these icons of the west. Please let me know what more I can do to save these magnificent animals.

  28. I love what you guys do. As an owner of a mustang it hurts me to see how these beautiful animals are treated. My mustang has already changed the minds of a lot of people who didn’t like mustangs. Any way I can help these guys I will.

  29. Protect our Wild Mustangs!
    Part of our Heritage!
    ~I Love all Horses, I feel like they have, always been a part of me!
    Part of my Soul!!
    They Deserve a Chance.
    ~WILD and FREE.

  30. Can you post new Information on this Site for 2017 ? Would like to know what is happening ? Sent comment for Nevada Mustangs and just curious What , or how else to help . The deadline for emailing BLM directly was yesterday Aug.21
    Thanks much ,

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