Protest against wiping out Wyoming wild horses August 12 in Rock Springs

ROCK SPRINGS, WYOMING – Horse lovers, motorcycle enthusiasts and concerned citizens will rally in protest of the wild horse roundups scheduled for the Wyoming checkerboard. Focusing on the checkerboard, the protest will also address wild horse and burro roundups scheduled in the western states.

The rally starts at 1:00 on Tuesday, August 12th at the BLM field office, 280 U.S. 191, Rock Springs and then travels 3.2 miles to the Rock Springs Grazing Association, 200 2nd Street, for a second rally. The purpose of the rally is to convey that U.S. taxpayers do not support the removal of our wild horses and burros, especially at taxpayer expense. The majority of U.S. citizens do not agree with the use of our taxpayer dollars to subsidize private livestock owners.

“We used to have over 2 million wild horses on our public lands, and now we’re down to about one percent left of what we once had on the range,” state the organizers of the rally. “In the checkerboard, some of the private lands ranchers have grazing permits so their livestock are on our public lands. Perhaps it’s time to re-think this policy of allowing privately-owned livestock on our public lands.”

Facts and figures can be found here:

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A press conference will be held at the BLM field office releasing the facts on the wild horse and burro and the subsidies the public lands ranchers have been receiving.


Donations are needed to help feed and care for rescued wild horses.