BIG NEWS: Baby SPITFIRE Born out of the WY14–saved from the clutches of slaughter!

PM Spitfire 2

Welcome Spitfire!

Baby Spitfire was born out of a miracle rescue. Her papa was brutally slaughtered shortly after 41 wild horses in Wyoming were rounded up in the March 2014 BLM stealth roundup and were quickly sold off by the WY Livestock Board at auction to the most prominent slaughterhouse in North America–who slaughters wild and domestic horses for human consumption abroad.

Mark Boone Junior (Bobby Elvis on Sons of Anarchy) and Anne Novak found the only mustangs left alive at the slaughterhouse yard–14 young and terrified wild horses. Thanks to everyone’s prayers and good vibes they resuced the WY14 back from the slaughterhouse before they were live-shipped and turned into sashimi over in Asia. Read about the rescue here: .

Little did they know that a member of the WY14 was carrying a little treasure through all the turmoil and terror.

Please help with a tax-deductible donation for the hay drive to get a semi-load of hay for the WY14-15. They are all growing and need more hay!

Welcome Spitfire! You will carry on the bloodline that those dumb bureaucrats at the BLM thought should be disposed of. SHAME on them.

Please donate and share the Hay Drive so the rescued wild horses can meet their goal quickly. The WY14 and Spitfire thank you for helping them survive and grow strong!

Holiday Hay Drive for Wild Horses Rescued from the Slaughterhouse

PM Feed WIld Horses


Christmas is this week and 2014 is about to end. The 14 young wild horses, known as the WY14, who were rescued from the slaughterhouse yard last spring, will need another semi-load of hay in the barn to ensure they will have hay during the big winter storms. They have already gone through 1/3 of the Thanksgiving semi-load. Now they will be eating more than before because they need extra hay when it’s freezing and snowy outside to stay warm, especially since their mamas are gone. All the WILD horses in their herd over the age of 2 were slaughtered after BLM’s stealth Wyoming roundup in March 2014. They went straight to auction–were purchased by the infamous Canadian slaughterhouse–quickly butchered and sold in plastic packaged pieces to be eaten in foreign countries.

This is the WY14’s first winter alone. . .

Please help the orphans get their Holiday semi-load of hay before the end of 2014. Tax-deductible donations are greatly appreciated to HELP the wild horses get 25 tons of hay (a semi-load) plus delivery and fees. California hay prices are outrageous and only go up as winter pounds on.

The 14 traumatized wild youngsters need tax-deductible donations totaling $6499. for their End of the Year Hay Drive. Here is the link to the fundraiser: The Andean Tapir Fund is our fiscal sponsor while our 501c3 is in the works. We are 100% volunteer. All donations will help the WY14 stay warm and heal from the trauma of losing their families.

Thank you for helping the WILD orphans and caring about them. They are forever grateful for your aid and prayers through this hard time.

Many blessings,

Anne Novak
Executive Director