Captive young wild horses in distress BLM refuses shade`in heat wave

PVC Heat Wave BLM Foal July 1 2013


Photo taken by Taylor James on July 1, 2013 at Palomino Valley where the BLM employees refuse to give the 1,800 wild horses shade in the triple-digit heat wave.

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#BREAKING Shocking TRUTHFUL video footage of captive #WildHorses with no shade in #heatwave

PVC Thermometer 5:30 pm June 28 `

Lactating mares and tiny foals as well as obese horses are at risk of dehydration and heatstroke in multiple days of triple-digit degree heat. Do you think this tiny sprinkler is helping cool them down? Why are so many lying down? Are they suffering from heat exhaustion?

They need SHADE to ensure their safety! Contact the BLM, the Governor, The Sheriff, your senators and rep during 4th of July recess if you know them personally and ask them to intervene to get shade for the native wild horses who are at risk of dying from heat stroke!

No the sprinklers are NOT helping! They need SHADE ASAP! Taylor James partnered up with us and went out to shoot this for us–so you all can SEE the truth in the video below:

Then take action!

Our June 9th press release requesting shade:

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