Did you know the BLM wants to wipe out native wild horses and burros in California and Nevada?

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Did you know about the important April 25th meeting in Cedarville, Ca.? Can you attend to champion indigenous wild horses and historic burros? They will talk about wiping out the majority of wild horses left on northeastern California’s Twin Peaks range due to the 2012 Rush Fire.

“The changes could result in amendments affecting public lands managed by the BLM’s Alturas, Eagle Lake and Surprise field offices”, said Jeff Fontana, a spokesman for the federal agency, according to the Sacramento Bee.Who can go to this important meeting?

The BLM will push through the anti-wild horse plan unless advocates, lawyers and members of the public go to voice their support for native wild horses to live wild and free on public land, unharassed and in genetically viable herds.

Why is the BLM doing this? They are fast tracking energy projects on wild horse and burro herd management areas (public sanctuaries) as well as doing back room deals on water rights and more.

” . . . The Modoc-Washoe Experimental Stewardship Steering Committee will also discuss wild horse and burro management in northeastern California. A committee exploring options for reopening Cedarville’s lumber mill also will present a report, Fontana said.

The steering committee is one of three nationally established by Congress to advise federal officials on stewardship issues. It works on a full consensus basis to promote innovative range management approaches.

The public meeting starts at 9 a.m. at the BLM office at 602 Cressler St. in Cedarville.”

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Comments due today to stop 3 northern California mustang roundups


Freedom Lost & Hell Begins (Photo © Cat Kindsfather, all rights reserved)

Please send comments today to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), who “manages” our wild horses and burros. Email them at CBCwildhorses@blm.gov with “Cancel Buckhorn, Coppersmith and Carter Roundups” in the subject line.

In your comments ask them to cancel the three roundups (Buckhorn, Coppersmith and Carter Reservoir) on the northern California-Nevada border because there is no proof that the indigenous wild horses are ruining the thriving natural ecological balance. There is no  exact head count and therefore no “excess” wild horses.

Let them know you don’t like the BLM wasting taxpayer dollars on animal cruelty, nor for the government to spend money on environmental assessments for roundups when, according to the PEER report, the livestock is causing range damage.

Also mention the government should not remove native wild horses to warehouse them at a cost of $1.30 a day ($39 a month) when livestock grazing permittees pay only $1.35 a cow/calf pair per month to graze on public land.

Remind them that removing wild horses puts them at risk of going to slaughter after only 3 adoption attempts. Also, if they are over 10 years old they can be sold without limitation according to BLM regulations.

If you have seen them and enjoy taking photos of them, tell the BLM that removing the wild horses and burros will affect you negatively, and let them know how it will.

Remind them at the last National Academy of Science public meeting it was proven that mountain lions are hunting a lot of foals and are managing the population as nature intended so the drug PZP and other forms of contraception are probably not necessary. We all know darting isn’t going to work–the roundups will continue in order to give wild horses and burros contraceptives.

And how many are really out there?

These animals are being managed to extinction. Cancel the roundups! We don’t have many wild horses and burros left in California.

Ask them to respond to you in writing with the questions you have about why they would justify a roundup and ask for their scientific proof to back up all their claims.

Do you want to know what “multiple use” BLM serves on the Buckhorn, Coppersmith and Carter Reservoir Herd Management Areas (HMAs)? Who is getting permits for these HMA’s? Do you have questions about lease sales, energy development, water rights and grazing issues for the three HMA’s?

Please don’t copy and paste this because then the BLM won’t count your letter. It’s better if you write your own email–even if it is a one-liner.

Anyone can comment. Comments are due by midnight P.S.T. tonight. Please share this with your friends so they can send in a comment too.

Feel free to cc us on your comments or forward a copy separately to us at Contact@ProtectMustangs.org so we can keep track of comments.

Thank you for taking any action you can to save our wild horses and burros!


Below is the BLM Scoping Notice which requires your comment to them:

BLM Extends Scoping Period on Wild Horse Roundup Environmental Assessment

The U. S. Bureau of Land Management is extending the issue scoping period for receiving public comments on issues that should be addressed in an environmental assessment (EA) for a proposed roundup of excess wild horses in northeast California and northwest Nevada.The BLM Surprise Field Office in Cedarville, Calif. is considering roundups for the Buckhorn and Coppersmith herd management areas (HMA) in November 2012 and for the Carter Reservoir HMA in July 2013.Issue “scoping” comments should be sent to Bureau of Land Management, PO Box 460, Cedarville, CA, 96104, or sent by email toCBCwildhorses@blm.gov. While scoping comments will be accepted well into the development process for the EA, they would be most helpful if received by May 24, 2012.The Buckhorn and Coppersmith HMAs are in Lassen County, Calif., and Washoe County, Nev.  The Carter Reservoir HMA is in Modoc County, Calif. and Washoe County.The EA will analyze the environmental effects of gathering excess wild horses and consider the effects of several management alternatives, including not gathering the animals.  The EA will not establish population levels, called appropriate management levels (AML), for these HMAs.  These were established in the Surprise Field Office Resource Management Plan completed in 2008.  The plan is available at http://www.blm.gov/ca/st/en/fo/surprise/propRMP-FEIS.html.The roundups are being considered to bring the wild herd populations to levels that the rangelands can sustain in balance with other authorized users including wildlife and permitted livestock.The appropriate management level for the Buckhorn HMA is 59-85 wild horses; the BLM estimates the current population at 172.  The AML for the Coopersmith HMA is 50 to 75 wild horses, with the current population estimated at 75.  At Carter Reservoir, the AML is 25-35 wild horses, with the current population estimated at 55.  Additionally, there are an estimated 123 wild horses roaming outside of the HMA near the Carter HMA.The BLM will consider public comments in development of the EA which will be released for public comments this summer.

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BLM Scoping Notice: http://www.blm.gov/ca/st/en/info/newsroom/2012/04/NC1256_whbscoping.html