Pro-kill hoax staged to promote killing Australia’s wild horses before management plan is reviewed

Brumbies are Australian heritage wild horses. Witnesses found them shot and killed in the Lake Gregory aerial cull/kill in 2013 (Copyright protected)

Brumbies are Australian heritage wild horses. Witnesses found them shot and killed at Lake Gregory sanctioned by the RSPCA and the government in 2013 (Copyright protected)

URGENT! Calling all wild horse warriors! Please comment on this outrageous PRO-KILL piece to sway international opinion to kill the Brumbies (Australia’s wild horses) and pass their new management plan.

This is what Anne Novak wrote in the Daily Mail comments, “Where is the VIDEO to prove what these alleged PRO-KILL men claim to have witnessed? They released the photographs but why aren’t they releasing the video? The photograph really shows nothing besides free-roaming wild horses, known as Brumbies, perhaps sniffing a dead Brumby killed and eaten by another animal conveniently found on the Brumby trail. . . If the PRO-KILL faction wanted to gain public support to SHOOT and KILL Australia’s wild horses from the air then these 2 men could have staged the “cannibal horse incident” by pouring molasses on the exposed flesh for example. Horses love molasses and might eat something unusual covered in molasses. I have witnessed outrageous spin in the United States coming from the PRO-KILL radicals. Why would Australia be any different?”

Watch them tell their “story”:

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The 2008 management plan that prevents shooting and killing brumbies is going up for it’s 5 year review. What a coincidence for this HOAX to be released when they want to sway international public opinion to get support for KILLING Australia’s wild horses by shooting them down from helicopters.  This publicity stunt must be exposed!


Photo © Lynette Sutton

Photo © Lynette Sutton