The 42nd Virginia Range horse is found

Meet Rambles

We got some background on the “pony” picked up with the 41 Virginia Range horses.

The Pony is “Rambles.”   If I recall the information correctly, Rambles was foaled in April of 2011.  She’s actually a Virginia Range horse.

Rambles had a congenital birth defect that caused her to become a dwarf and created some leg disfigurement.  She could walk around OK with her band, but she had difficulty running, looking more like a spider moving over the ground rather than a horse.  However her dam took good care of her so she was able to stay in her band.  (She’s in the lower right.)

Last year her dam was found dead with two broken front legs, apparently suffering some kind of accident out on the range.  Rambles was not seen since then and it was presumed she had died – until she was picked up in very poor condition.

Rambles has turned out to be very friendly and somewhat needy.  She is going to need special care and we may have an experienced rescuer who may take her in and who could afford veterinary expenses if she needs work on her legs.  More will be posted shortly.

It was great that Hidden Valley decided to also pick up this “sad little pony” as it turned out to be a 42nd Virginia Range horse.  How’s that for an ironic twist?

Thanks to Anne Hall for digging out the historic photos of Rambles and her band.

~ WIllis Lamm