Wisdom mare needs partner

Sage #0399 PVC Headshot March 25 2014


Sage #0399 and Friends PVC March 25 2014


Sage #0399 PVC March 25 2014 C


Help find Sage (#0399) the 2-year-old, a loving home. She is the essence of the wild and wonderful Diamond range in Nevada. Sage holds a lot of native wisdom. We feel she would be a wisdom/lead mare in the wild similar to Blondie. She is a rare keeper of their secret knowledge who needs the right home and partner.

She’s very friendly and longs to be with someone who will love and respect her. Sage will be easy to gentle through partnership and respect because she is so friendly, curious and has been in captivity for about a year.

If you can take Sage and a friend then she would be so happy. We have found that gentling 2 at a time keeps them stress free because they have a buddy for comfort and it’s fun.

This horses should not be confined to a barn for all her life. She will need a pasture with other horses to be truly happy.

Sage is located at the Palomino Valley Center near Reno Nevada. Their number is 775-475-2222.

You will provide transportation for Sage to get to you. One way to save transportation costs is to buddy up with other people who are adopting–get your friends to adopt some and share the hauling cost.

You only need to provide tall fencing while she is being halter-gentled. Once she is gentled you can put her with your other horses. If you send her to a trainer to be gentled then the trainer needs to have the tall fencing not you because once you get her from the trainer she will be able to go with your other horses. Keep this in mind when you fill out the BLM paperwork.

Training wild horses takes time, patience and love but it’s not rocket science. It is an amazing bonding experience of a lifetime.

If you encounter BLM’s discouragement to adopt her please contact us. In the past the customer service at PVC has been bad. Let’s hope it’s getting better.

We will mark her adopted only when the adoption has been approved by BLM Until then it’s important to keep sharing until Sage finds her partner.

Remember Sharing is Caring. Thank you for helping Sage!