2 thoughts on “Music 4 Mustangs™

  1. I am so encouraged by the positive outcome of the lawsuit to hold off the roundup in the NV Pine Nut Range! I sing “Wild, Wild & Free”, my own composition & play my guitar too! I sang it for the open mic at the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko, NV 2014.

  2. please stop killing gods wild mustangs for food and other reason these are gods animales we must except them god will judge those who kill or hurt them these wild mustangs where here way before are time of the world now they are trying to kill the mustangs off for some reason these mustangs will be wiped out because of human beings being very greedy with money stop these round ups and killing of gods creatures they have more right to live here than we do we are killing them off the blm lies to people they aint saving them they are killing them for food if you stop these mustangs and other gods creatures from being killed god will love you more than ever we are these animales voice they cant speak we must speak for them

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