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Thanks to our supporters:

Daryl Hanna for your deep commitment to wild horses and your support to protect them.

Josh Fox for your help to bring the wild horse plight to millions in GASLAND II as you champion democracy, water and the earth.

Mark Boone Junior for your help rescuing the WY14 and your dedicated support to help native wild horses remain free as nature intended.

Stephanie Allen for your deep compassion, communication and wisdom.


Jenny Spencer for quickly jumping in to champion wild horses despite the local climate.

Jordan Beckett for your support, wisdom and dedication to save the native wild horse.

Rachel Fazio for your support and guidance.

Paul Spiegle for your wisdom and counsel.

Shane & Sia Barbi for your great compassion and support.

Ken Wahl for your support of our work.

Cynthia Smalley for giving us permission to use your beautiful photographs and your support.

Craig Downer for your support, knowledge and years of dedication to the wild horses and burros.

Kerry Becklund for your commitment to protect America’s wild horses & burros and help  in so may areas.

Bernie Rodgers for all your wonderful help in so many areas.

Taylor James for your work documenting wild horses in government holding and in freedom.

Charlotte Ulrich for your support to help save wild horses and stop horse slaughter.

Anonymous for your donation.

Irma Novak for your fabulous photography, horsemanship and dedication to protect mustangs.

Wakeford for your stunning design and support.

Sam Obregon for your non-profit planning advice.

Brandi Turner for your dedication to helping American wild horses against all odds.

Robbie Maus for your gentle ways with mustangs and fabulous training.

Jesica Johnston for your scientific insight, research and persistence.

Kathy Gregg for your research and dedication.

Bo Rodriguez for your hands on daily efforts to help the wild ones.

Carl Mrozek for your vision and POV.

Vance Sayers for your wisdom and movement.

Anonymous thank you for your support.

Anonymous for sponsoring Blondie.

Anonymous for your support towards documenting in video.

To E.S. for your generous donations including the Matthew Rockwell portrait of Elizabeth Taylor.

A special note of gratitude to Michael Blake (Dances with Wolves) RIP who was a founding member of Protect Mustangs and whose support and encouragement will always be cherished.

6 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. Giving a big thank you to all for helping save our Native Wild Mustangs, they are our truest American Icons!!!
    Tina Wooten 4 All our magnificent Wild Horses & Wild Burros because they mean the world to me!!


  3. Thank you all,our horses are a spiritual treasure, majestic and proud ,they must be protected, and helicopters eliminated,as the horses have more rights to be on that land than pilots.Drones are a cheap solution for killers, I see they are used more and more for pictures, of course.

  4. This is HORRIFIC! How do we prevent the glorious creatures from being rounded up in the first place?

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