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Protect Mustangs is a 501c3 nonprofit organization who protects and preserves native and wild horses.

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  1. I am a horse love and I am enraged about what is happening to the wild mustang!!!! I am living in Oahu, Hawaii at the moment and I teach kindergarten.. My heart breaks for this beautiful creature.. I own a horse and he brings me so much happiness.. I want to help out in any way.. I do not have much money as I am a single female..and teacher… I might be moving back to the the mainland San Diego.. and really want to do whatever it takes… to keep the mustang running free!!!! let me know
    Aloha and God bless


  2. Hi Sue,

    You can teach your students about American wild horses. Here is some good info: . We don’t know if they became extinct as some Native American stories speak about them before the Conquistadors returned horses to their birthplace.

    Letters from children to Congress and the President are empowering.

    Stay in touch.

  3. i am looking for a way to help out. my husband is going to buy a piece of dirt big enough to put lots of horses on to try and protect them but i would not know where to start. we are going to shasta and tehema and butte counties to look for land this june. is there a stream of information i can get an overall picture of the situation? I know it is bad.

  4. Dear Anne Novak and ProtectMustangs, Thank you for your efforts to help our Wild Horses. If you can, please forward this message to BLM whenever you can, I would sure appreciate it. Thank you:
    “Dear Sirs, With a lifelong interest in horse handling safety for people and natural behavior-oriented horsemanship in all interactions with horses, I am also a wild horse adopter and interested party to wild horses and burros on public land. I very respectfully submit the following comments:

    Those skilled in gentling Wild Horses imprinted with negative experiences caused by BLM’s current “gather” methods using aircraft including HELICOPTERs (that are not consistent) with traditional less stressful horsemanship-based methods; are aware that the rough handling untamed animals (whose strongest natural survival instinct is flight) endure not only increases unnecessary incidences of permanent neck, jaw, shoulder and leg injuries, but also makes the gentling process much more difficult and lengthy.

    The detrimentally negative “imprinting” caused by BLM’s current methods using aircraft including HELICOPTERs jeopardizes the safety and success that general public (adopters) have with wild animals that have been treated in this manner. Methods routinely used by BLM and BLM contractors show a pattern of injuries to wild horses. These methods are not recommended for domestic or wild horses and burros. There are other traditional methods recommended by animal behavior expert consultants that have been sucessfully used for less stressful gathers of various herds over the years that can and should be used instead (that the BLM is well aware of). The BLM should be held accountable to consistently implement these methods while gathering and handling wild horses and burros. Therefore, PLEASE…immediately STOP THE HELICOPTER ROUNDUPS. Please stop separating foals from mares’ milk, care and protection. Please treat these animals with decency and respect, using gentler less stressful gather methods. Remember they are being adopted out to the public and the gentling process can and should start with *any* who handle them, beginning with those individuals involved in gathers and initially handling wild horses and burros.”

    Thank you,
    Kim Sheppard

  5. Love mustangs my daughter had one in ny..came as lead pony quarter horse race track he came from Utah or Wyoming born 1969. He was amazing .till he died founder two front hoofs

  6. How can I help protect wild horses? How can we appoint member’s that will stop the slaughter of horses? Not ones that are two faced & not do what they are supposed to do?

  7. “The Misfits” Revisited

    When you chased, lasso-ed the mustangs,

    Tying hooves to necks of down

    Weighed by tires heavy as trucks,

    You wrenched the galloping out of me

    Till I found my rage…


    What is the spirit if not these horses

    Wild first to last, these zeniths, comet-

    Tailed, free as the sage, the mountains,

    The thousand miles of it?

    That is me down there in the dust.

    That is you who can not see yourself

    For the sign of dog food dollars,

    A cowboy’s wage, the dream

    Gone to blood.

    Put my blood on your fingers.

    Lick clean. Let whiskey drown the taste.

    The taste will come back, the beleaguering

    Fever and freedom here truly trotting

    Beyond your ropes which shake and shake.

    Lost boy, lost cow poke,

    I will be gone from you now.

    I left when you started

    Though you didn’t quiet realize,

    Stoking my hope on the fire

    Of your kindness, that blaze

    Where you just might

    Change your mind.

    If you do it, do it not for me,

    Mare with a foal’s faith,

    But the stallion within you,

    Misfit majestic and dying breed

    In this age of the slaughterhouse

  8. I tried to send a letter to Lisa Grant
    Burns District Office
    re: a Change.Org petition update re: the Kiger Herd and my letter to the given email address was rejected.

  9. Thank you, Anne and Protect Mustangs, for your valiant work on behalf of The Wild. I so appreciate your brave stand and that your group recognizes the damage done by Public Lands Ranching, which is heavily subsidized by our government–and us taxpayers. This destructive activity is at the expense of Nature, the wild, and its goal is the Domestication of The Wild. I frequently write that it is turning our western wild lands into a Domesticated Feed Lot. Unless we get active and put an end to ALL public lands ranching in the west, the native animals, like the mustang, will continue to suffer and die, and their dwindling native habitat will disappear into Domesticated Feed Lots. I plan to become a member of your group. I no longer will be a member of any so-called “wildlife or environmental group” that continues to compromise and sell out to public lands ranchers.

  10. Just donated to get Amore to safety. I may of missed it, but where is she going in California? Will she be available for adoption or is she going to sanctuary? Thanks.

  11. Hi Janis,
    AMORE has been delayed in Oklahoma due to bad weather, etc. We posted an update here: . She is going to the San Francisco Bay Area where she will be an Ambassador from the Kill Pen. She will be evaluated when she arrives to see if she still enjoys being a riding horse, etc. Our goal is to create a sustainable situation for AMORE so her boarding costs are covered. Thank you so much for helping AMORE

  12. Dear Friends:

    Please keep as many horses, especially the one on its way to san Francisco California, out of the “Kill Pen.” I call these pens, Satan’s boarding pen’s, because they are set for the purpose of doing the work for the devil. I feel that if God felt that he needed to downsize his creation, he’d do something other than a natural disaster, to end as many as he wishes. But, God is a loving God, so his will is to give life to these mammals, with hopes that man will learn to accommodate, live with them in harmony. It is sinful, down right evil to create a vaccination whose effects results in a poisonous outcome, it is wrong to conduct the experiments that BLM has initiated with the wild horses; the Mustangs, the Burros, the Donkeys and their descendants. It is totally wrong to have “kill pens” in operation or shooting ranches for mammals, wild dogs, or trophy winnings for killing mammal, or military boot camps that utilize wild animals to abuse for practice. And, one day God is going to get so sick of all this mess and strike out on mankind as a punishment for their ignorance. I long for the day when “Kill Pens” will be demolished, closed and made illegal. I long for the day when it is a law to utilize humane practices on any animal, as published in the books of veterinarian medicine, under the recommendation of a veterinarian physician. Thus, all “Kill Pens,” killings of animals, wild animals in any illegal or abusive manner should be subjected to heavy fines, closure, exposure and possible imprisonment.

  13. The reason the BLM continues its abusive attitude and action on Wild Mustangs is because of the heavy-handed influence and intimidation by the public lands ranchers. Many people who have not been aware of the assaults on public lands wild animals because of ranching, now understand, thanks to the lawless Bundy family’s occupation of the Mulheur Wildlife Refuge in Oregon.
    These ranchers think public lands are theirs–to do with it whatever they want— and one the innocent victims are the animals. We will be happy to share your information on our website:
    Until we work to remove livestock grazing from public lands (like the BLM), this tragedy will continue, unfortunately.

  14. I saw your most recent call to action for comments by Feb.3, but I am confused as to which petition you were referring? Can you post a link to WHERE people need to comment by Feb.3 please?

  15. God has strike man for his wickedness, as told in stories from centuries past to the present day. It is called the “Zika” virus, not to harm the typical person, but the person carrying a living person inside of them. Thus, the wrongful population control experiments of BLM upon pregnant mares, healthy horses or Burros or donkey’s to possibly end population growth of these animals with PZP or who knows what else, is an example of why God has cursed mans future, as in “one hand washes another.” The more the persecution of these innocent animals continue, God will enforce upon man a curse to narrow mans population as well. These animals are placed on earth by God for a good reason, not to be mistaken for abuse, torture, mishandled, misrepresented, rounded-up, experimented on, deprived of their typical life style and illegally sold for meat. It’s a question we all have to ask ourselves, did we bring this problem upon mankind, does mankind deserve this to happen?. While 99% of the time, if we were to ask ourselves this question, we’d become very defensive and ignore the wrong or wickedness of our manipulative madness. Thus, like the old saying goes, “what comes around goes around” as in the wrongful, manipulative acts of injecting a harmful substance into animals of Gods creation; such as, horses, burros, donkeys and their descendants, especially into the pregnant mares.

  16. WE HAVE WON in 2016…………………………….VICTORY for all equines…………VICTORY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ( Please read my forwarded letter from the Senate, assuring me that Americas equines are free…………………we have won their protection from slaughter, abuse………………………JUST READ the letter attached.)
    Hi Shirl,
    Sorry about the delayed response. We have been super busy this past week preparing for our Taking Action for Animals conference. I wanted to make sure I had the most up-to-date information regarding your questions so I reached out to our Horse Slaughter campaign manager. This was her response:

    The short answer is yes, both passed and are now included in the House and Senate versions of the Agriculture Appropriations bills. However, I explained more of the fed leg below.

    There are 2 major pieces of federal legislation:
    1. The SAFE Act – This is a standalone bill that permanently prevents horse slaughter plants from opening in the US, and also stops the transport of horses across the border for slaughter.
    2. Defund – This is part of the yearly congressional Appropriations process. These are amendments offered to the Agriculture Appropriations bills. There is a House defund amendment that was offered when the House Agriculture Appropriations bill was marked up in the House Appropriations Committee. On the Senate side, there was a Senate defund amendment that was offered when the Senate Agriculture Appropriations bill was marked up in the Senate Appropriations Committee. a. This year, the House defund amendment was offered by Reps Farr & Dent (so we call it Farr-Dent). It was voted on in committee and passed, so the defund language is now part of the House Ag Appropriations bill. Same thing on the Senate side: It was offered by Udall, Kirk, and 5 other senators (we call it Udall-Kirk for short), and it also passed. You can find our press release/blog online for both of these incredibly important votes.
    Also, as side note, all of the legislation applies to horse slaughter for human consumption.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions.
    Thank you for caring about stopping American equines from being sent to slaughter.

  17. I have Lived in Montana before and the Wild Mustangs there are not stressed out as in other Western states. Case in point, the main problems that represent a true danger top the Mustangs substance is Real Estate Developers, Industrialists, Mining and Sometimes Agricultural interests. We must inform ourselves on how to explain this to the public. That these Creatures may not be invasive animals as the critics say; but may be a viable addition to the wild ecosystem in our forests and open range lands. We as Horse Lovers must educate Our supporters and the public about the beauty of the Mustangs that since the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadors in the 17th Century these Wonderful Creatures have been a Wonderful and Viable addition to the American Landscape!.
    A magical symbol of the True American West.

  18. Dear Cynthia and Friends,
    I have been following this Horrendous Situation for years now.
    You are brave to take on the BLM and Dept of Interior.

    Are you working with Lawyers to help in the fight?

    Why can’t we enlist the help of the media to investigate the BLM and Dept of Interior?

    They are supported by our tax $$.

    They should be held accountable for their actions.

    They seem to favor “special interest” groups (agribusiness and ranchers) who are willing spend $ to encourage the round ups and inhumane treatment of the wild horses and burros.
    And also they have participated in the Transport and Slaughter of the wild horses to foreign countries that do not respect them for the treasures that they are. And do not use any semblance of humanity in the “DISPOSAL” of these creatures.

    This does not seem very American or decent to me.

  19. Dear Friends:
    It pains me to say, that the Director of Wild Equines at the HSUS, has accepted the desire from Senate, to expand BLM. Thus being said, we must continue to fight, beg, plead for the lives of America’s Wild Equine’s. No matter of the fact that Senate just approved of several Wild or Equine Law’s of protection for America’s Wild Equine. Please join us in the fight to STOP the slaughter of all Equine’s, the exportation of all Equine’s, the experimentation of all Equine’s, the small and tight pen holdings of captured Wild Equine’s, the taking away of land for all Equine’s and the lack of proper shading at some of the BLM’s facilities holdings for captured Wild Equine’s.

  20. I LOVE Pumpkin and the other Bay filly you posted. Both sturdy little mares and pony sized. Which I love.

    Do Not let anyone bad get their hands on them.

    Would love to help re Home them.

    I only have a 3 stall barn here. With 2 horses and 1 away at her trainer.

    Can Foster for up to 2 months at my little horse farm.

    Of coarse I would Love to save them all.

    Joyce Moscowitz MD
    Hidden River Farm
    North Salem NY.

  21. Now, you can hire myself to check on your boarded pet daily or a Veterinarian Technician. With me you get daily photograph’s, detail description of your pet’s health, including dietary practices or needs and supplies on hand upon your request for your pet, plus whatever the ownership of this ranch grants to it’s customer’s. I charge 12$/hour and that will be verified by the owner or a witness. You may call me or email me 909-435-7404. El Camino Ranch is a newly owned, renovated and cared for in the city of Redlands California. They want to do rescue’s, but they don’t know when they will get that part of their land set up.

  22. I am in Georgia, and would like to know what I can do? I have some land as well as a few rescue horses that were slaughter bound. Would you please send me information on what their needs are, and how I might could bring one or 2 at a time, home?

  23. I just signed your latest petition at I think you should consider changing the title of the campaign. When the link is shared on facebook it’s truncated to the point it’s hard to tell what the petition is for – just a thought as to how to maximise the spread of the page.

  24. Hello; I am a fan of Mrs. Ann Novak, for what she has brought too me in news about the Wild Equine’s of America. As a spectator of the Wild Equine’s of America, I know that it hurts to hear or see harm brought upon them. Thus, I 100% support what Mrs. Novak is doing to expose and save America’s true history.

  25. your site is not easy to use.
    I am “addicted” to animal and environmental issues and am constantly signing
    petitions. your site takes forever to get to any petitions and once signed does
    not let user easily return to more petitions.
    please RE-DESIGN your site to make more user-friendly and more importantly
    to enable user to respond to all of your incredibly important causes fast.
    thank you

    idea: find some “novice” site users and have them try out your efforts.
    some CARE2 sites are good and the one associated with this email is not.

  26. Hello, as I’m sure you’ve heard, the Australian government is planning to slaughter thousands of Brumbies over the next 5 years. I’m interested in starting up a similar group, one that will find different solutions to them being killed, any help or advice you’re able to offer would be very much appreciated.

    Many thanks.

  27. Hello it’s Viola from UK
    I will try to call you but could you please email me

    I want to help I love horses and it is heartbreaking to see what happening .. Is there an option to bring one of them to UK ? I can’t stop thinking about it ..

  28. Dear Viola:

    If I could help it, I would outlaw exporting of any animal outside the USA. Your country has it’s own horses in the wild or owned, thus I don’t understand why you are wanting to take American equine to your country. As a matter of fact, I hear that in your country, they eat equine as food.

    No, I am sorry, I hope you never get the opportunity to take our American equine to your country. Get you own equine in the UK, they run wild their also. I don’t want to feed a population with our equine’s. No, your country loves and eats’ equine’s.

    Get you own equine within your own country. Our American equine’s are NOT FOOD.

  29. I live in Buffalo, NY.
    Please send information of Mustang Adoption centers in Upstate New York.
    A few years back they offered adoptions in New York but haven’t had it since.Thank you.

  30. Taylor Western Resources has decided to sell it’s six hundred acre Horse Sanctuary in north eastern Nevada. It comes with the Dolly Varden Springs and deeded water rights. There is currently around three hundred of the Presidents finest wild horses watering and feeding daily. The property is virgin soil and 440 power line crosses its boundaries. Land is surrounded by BLM land. Price 1.75m. 775-289-3537 or 435-262-7039

  31. Hi there, my name is Hollie Salvia and I want to help out any way I can! I don’t have money but I have time, 100 acres, and a lot of fight in me to give to this organization! I am able to hold on to and maintain as many of these horses as possible! I’m in Mariposa California.

  32. This is an out rages act against our heritage of this country just to use a beautiful creature like that as a test animal for their vaccinations I would like to get involved in anyway Way I can please contact me. Where these animals are located are not creating any nuisance or harm to any other creatures just because the state wants to wash their hands of these animals,is a crime I am sure if this is brought to the forefront of the media that plenty of people will step up and take these animals .

  33. Hello; Protect Equine’s, ” Protect”

    I must educate myself on the happenings of America’s Equine’s, by following the news’s of all organization’s that care or “give a damn” about Wild Life and the Wild Equine’s. Thus, I want to help share the news’s whether good or bad that is happening to America’s Equine’s, because I want all happenings to be in the sight of Goodness. America is ignorant on the value of America’s Wild Life, thus, if we as Animal Advocate’s safeguard their lives as if the Wild life was ours, then they will be around for along time. We the American people must NEVER lower ourselves to the ignorant, wickedness that other countries are guilty of inflicting upon their God given Wild Life. We the American people must keep America’s Wild Life safe, before the eye’s of God. We the American people must team up to set example’s of Goodness, Kindness for our neighbor’s in other parts of the world. We the American people must NEVER subdue to the threat’s, offensive’s, invasion’s that has been inflicted upon America’s Wild Life, that no one wants you to know about. We the American people must educate other’s, especially our student’s, that all Wild Life have their own territory habitant that must not be disturbed by the enemies of all Wild Life.

  34. Anne,
    Your knowledge and kindness towards mustangs is impressive and I sign as many petitions as I come across. The one about med. experiments is very important and I wanted to sign, until I got to the part about predators, then I couldn’t follow thru. Imagining being torn apart by a pack of coyotes or wolves is just as horrible as slaughter. If I could come up with a better solution, would you consider that? I think I can. Please respond.

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