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  1. Join us at WILD HORSE HUB CENTRAL as we are trying to be a data base concerning all of the current activity. Right now, we have a request to send emails to: Gseidlit@blm.gov and request that they hold off on any roundups and/or bait trapping during the height of the foaling season. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. And, this sight will always provide trustworthy information for you: Protect Mustangs.org

  2. I have been involved in my own small way by signing petitions, writing letters, encouraging my family and friends to do the same and small donations. But I want to do more. What can I do? This is a cause very close to my heart.

  3. I live in New York on a fixed income. I sign petitions, call and email my Congressmembers, send emails to the BLM, etc. I desperately want and need to help more, what can I do?

  4. I would like to help in any way. I post and repost and send everything to friends and family to sign. I’m known as the wild horse lady with my friends and family.
    Please contact me

  5. Hello there 🙂
    I already signed every petition I could find, but I want to do more.. I am from Germany and I don’t know how I can help here more. My wish would be to come to Amercia for a few weeks and help active. About a donation I want to think when I am there and when I can see for what the money is used etc. Hope you can understand that. But I would be so thankful for some information how I can help without a donation, yet and how I can help here in Germany. Furthermore I would be very grateful about some Information how I can help active locally.
    Greetings from Germany

  6. I want to make this my life’s mission to stop this madness. I’ve written letters for years to Congressmen, Senators the White House & BLM. I no longer eat anything factory farmed, because I know that is effecting the wild horses habitat. They are getting pushed off their land by corporate greed & the uninformed public, along with the aware but unwilling to change public. Don’t eat factory farmed products. If you’re going to eat it, buy local. I will shout this issue from a mountain top until this stops. Eating a factory farmed burger is not worth losing the American Mustang over.

  7. I love what you guys do. As an owner of a mustang it hurts me to see how these beautiful animals are treated. My mustang has already changed the minds of a lot of people who didn’t like mustangs. Any way I can help these guys I will.

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