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Palomino Valley Heat Wave Investigation

Roundup footage & abuse


This footage is protected under copyright held by Protect Mustangs and Anne Novak and may not be used without written permission with the exception of embedding it into a news report. ©Protect Mustangs & Anne Novak, all rights reserved.


Helicopter Roundup


Are they trucking wild horses out to kill buyers?


Cleo needs our help. She’s near Reno, Nevada in short-term holding.


Are American wild horses going to slaughter? Calico roundup December 2011, near Gerlach, Nevada.


Calico mustang helicopter roundup stampede. December 2011, near Gerlach, Nevada.


Are hip branded wild horses decreasing the adoption rate?  December 2011, Sparks, Nevada


Wild horse mares feeding in captivity. December 2011 Sparks, Nevada


Calico Stallions in temporary holding. December 2011 near Gerlach, Nevada.


Wyoming wild horses before roundup. August, 2011, near Rock Springs, Wyoming.


French TV segment La Chasse aux Mustangs that Anne Novak co-produced before she founded Protect Mustangs


Can we have some compassion and share the land?


Wild horse babies up for adoption


Anonymous tip the Yakima reservation is allegedly implicated in slaughtering thousands of horses


Craig Downer on Meet America with Annie Griffin. Speaking out to Save America’s Wild Horses



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