Done with the diversion

PM IA GAIA #8402 Carson July 2016

Pesticide PZP, promoted for birth control, has caused the divide, subterfuge, diversion, attacks and hate while at the same time revealing its connection to money, greed and politics. People are fooled. . . zealotry develops. . .hate mobs flourish. . . Wild horses suffer.

Focusing on a pesticide for birth control of a native species–that’s already being managed to extinction–is nuts.

What happened to “Stop the Roundups”? PZP doesn’t stop roundups. There are more wild horses being rounded up every year. PZP doesn’t stop slaughter either. The number of horses crossing the boarders to slaughter has increased.  PZP, made from slaughterhouse pig ovaries messes with native wild horses’ immune systems–that’s why it’s called an “immunocontraceptive’. Those pushing the pesticide call it as a “vaccine” for population control.

The fact that there are hardly any more wild horses left in the United States is ignored.

The fact that overkill is ruining the thriving natural ecological balance is ignored.

The fact that cattle and sheep are being poorly managed on public land and causing range damage is ignored.

Big mouths are scapegoating wild horses for range damage by sheep that’s wrecked havoc on the land years ago. Meanwhile America’s last wild horses endure living on public land that’s been ruined by livestock years ago.

We’ve done our part to educate people about PZP in the PZP Forum I created about 2 years ago. If people and organizations want to stick their head in the sand and ignore scientific facts about the many dangers of PZP (see the button above on then they need to be held accountable when the wild herds are destroyed.

We aren’t working on PZP education anymore. That’s done.

Our focus in this movement is on helping to protect and save all the WILD horses we can save at this dire time in history. Please contact me by email if you want to adopt mustangs, purchase 3-Strikes wild horses, start a local network for saving wild horses or start a sanctuary of any size.

America’s wild horses need a huge herd of miracle workers to prevent their extinction at this point in history. You can make a difference now.

Many blessings,
Anne Novak

Founder and Director

Protect Mustangs and the American Wild Horse Institute

Protect Mustangs is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of native and wild horses.

7 thoughts on “Done with the diversion

  1. Hi Mae, I have been receiving similar emails for some time now and the way mankind is continually attacking horses is very upsetting indeed.


  2. What is going on with the human race? So many animals facing extinction! Surely this imbalance will destroy us in the end.

  3. I think it is an understatement to say the wild horses are being attacked. But the pushers of the Pesticide called PZP is a tremendous example of government and non-profits wreckless meandering for donations. The playing field here is compiled of misinformation (i.e. wild horse over-population does not exist), from attempts to control all horse advocacy (the HSUS, WHE, AWHPC, Return to Freedom just a few) and violations of Federal Laws to Manipulate and coerce (violations under the RICO Act are becoming more obvious today, as well as Federal Laws concerning lack of transparence and lack of regulatory laws, totally ignored), and that is without even getting into Business Law violations, which are many as well. So the very advocacies that promote their attempt to put an end to corruption, are just as corrupt, if not worse, than the BLM and Forestry right now. These advocacies in particular, mentioned above, simply lie a lot, and do not show their books, and do not discuss their activities and what they do with their donations, as many would not donate if known. Criminal? If not abiding by Federal Law, then yes, absolutely! Corrupt? Delivering misinformation and lies to the public for money, then yes!

    We have a 59% Kill-Off Rate since the year 1970, which leaves 42% of our wildlife on the face of this planet, which gives our wildlife no parameters to rebuild its populations back up, and combined with a 48% Over-Kill Yearly, within the United States; then we see birth controls, and especially those that sterilize, are unwanted — so we are being sold a fill bucket of water by those mentioned above, while our ship is sinking and we need the bucket to bale out the water.

  4. It is insanity! Pesticides? The people in charge of these decisions are idiots and criminals. Is there anything that could be done through government?? Rich celebrities?? Because many people who wish they could help just can’t. There are people that are in the position to be able to help, did you attempted to reach them personally? Very sad, poor horses.

  5. Has anyone who has replied to this news contacted their government representatives? Everyone who reads this has to do just that. Call and keep calling until you get a personal answer, if enough people call and petition against primarily against the Bureau of Land Management. I did, I left a message to the president. It’s going to get worse because the republicans do not care about animals and their rights.

  6. How sad this war on our wild horses and burros is all about money. We have reached the point that land,greed and money are more important than life. Next after the animals are extinct and the land used up, humans will be the next target with those in government and those with financial means will choose to slaughter those they determine have no value and are just taking up space. You think this won’t happen? Wake up ,it’s happened before and will again!!

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