Utah elected officials want to kill and slaughter wild horses

With no head counts and only biased estimate from the Bureau of Land Management, a deadly bill is proposed in the state of Utah

Read the bill itself here: http://le.utah.gov/~2017/bills/static/HCR022.html

Rather than fighting for American wild horses and burros to have their rights upheld on public land, the Pesticide PZP pushing groups are lobbying hard to have their “vaccine” used for pest control. Pest control you ask? Yes, a pesticide is used for pest control. In the EPA Pesticide Fact sheet, it states that the registrant of Pesticide PZP, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), called them “pests”.

This is the first time America’s native wild horses and burros have been labeled “pests”. Do you agree that indigenous wild horses are pests? How can an animal with origins in America be a “pest”?

Pests are invasive species. Wild horses are native.

Curiously many required forms required on the pesticide application received waivers and that only bring many questions to light. How did the registrant get environmental waivers and such? Was an expensive consulting firm brought in to push the Pesticide PZP application through or did HSUS pull strings inside the EPA?

The Pesticide PZP pushing groups, under the hand of HSUS, keep shouting they want “fertility control” for a fake problem. A fake problem you ask? Yes, fake. The National Academy of Sciences stated there is “no evidence of overpopulation” in their 2013 report. Despite this fact, those looking to rape the public land of her resources push the overpopulation myth.

Rather than fight to protect the last American wild horses and burros in the West–PZP Advocates lobby with bad-science booklets in hand–to have the wild equids darted with a “vaccine” made out of slaughterhouse pig ovaries for population control.

The truth is simple–When the public is informed about the dangers of Pesticide PZP they are horrified.

Fact: Drugging up wild horses with a dangerous pesticide sterilizes after multiple uses. The pesticide also ruins natural selection and wrecks havoc with native wild horses’ immune systems putting them at risk of massive die-offs. You can read the science showing some of the many dangers here: http://protectmustangs.org/?page_id=6922

Exploiters–vying to make billions on public land occupied by wild horses and burros–have jumped on the twisted notion of “fertility control” without a head count erupting out of the Pesticide PZP pusher’s expensive PR campaign. They push for quick population control. They hail pesticide-vaccines for sterilization, grotesque sterilization experiments on pregnant wild horses and lobby to send America’s icons of freedom off to slaughter to be eaten as a delicacy abroad.

Fear mongering the public that it’s either PZP or Slaughter will no longer be tolerated. Pesticide PZP Advocates need to stop trying to manipulate people’s emotions to support their pesticide for birth control and leave our wild ones alone. We demand protection for America’s last wild horses and burros now!

It’s time to stand up and demand a head count of the last will horses left in America. Are truckloads of stallions being taken off the range and shipped over the border to slaughter? We need a freeze on cruel roundups, forced drugging with Pesticide PZP, transport to slaughter, etc. so they can be counted now!

It’s time to expose the overpopulation myth as the wicked lie.

Tell Utah politicians they need to stop trying to kill and slaughter wild horses and burros that belong to the American people from coast to coast. Hands off! Let them live free.

Take Action: Sign and share the petition demanding a head count and Congressional investigation: https://www.change.org/p/u-s-senate-investigate-the-wild-horse-burro-count-in-captivity-and-freedom Take it with you to meetings with your elected officials to ask for help. Bring the petition to defund the roundup and slaughter of America’s wild horses and burros (https://www.change.org/p/defund-and-stop-the-wild-horse-burro-roundups) with you too and the #NoKILLmustangs petition http://www.thepetitionsite.com/907/592/301/demand-nokill-45000-wild-horses-burros-in-holding/ These tools will help you stay on topic when you ask your elected officials to protect them.

Stand up for the last American wild horses and burros! Become a Mustang Protector. Together we can turn this around.

For the Wild Ones,

Anne Novak


Volunteer Executive Director

Protect Mustangs

Protect Mustangs is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of native and wild horses. www.ProtectMustangs.org

42 thoughts on “Utah elected officials want to kill and slaughter wild horses

  1. You can’t go around killing these animals, they have right to live and be left alone. Man thinks he can do what he wants with no regard or respect for life, if you do this you are a heartless bunch of people and I will have no respect for you

  2. Thank you for doing what you do. If nothing is done people will be lamenting the loss of this beautiful creature in years to come. Teachers will teach kids in school about the mustang – a beautiful, symbolic animal that used to roam the US. Just like we do now with so many animals that are extinct. We need more people like you to open people’s eyes!

  3. OMG when is this all gonna just stop?? It needs to just end & leave the native horses alone I beg of you!!
    “PLEASE “….

  4. Humans need to stop killing wildlife or future generations will only get to see them in magazines.

  5. What is wrong with you people that you want to destroy our beautiful wild horses anyway you can? Let me tell you you want the land for other reasons that are going to make you big money but I’ve got news for you I don’t think I would run again if I were you. You mess with our Mustangs the people of America and the people that visit just country love them and they have every right to a good life. Too soon you forget what they did for this country they are the icons of freedom. Period no more slaughtering no more PCP and no more running them down with helicopters running running them down with helicopters. Everybody will know about there shortly and you had better straighten out and tell the truth that you just want to make money off of the horses so that you can put oil wells gas anything to make millions of dollars. And the Ranchers that are against them remember you will have to live with this the rest of your life.


  7. Stop declaring one animal OK to live and another needing to be tortured and slaughtered based on NO SCIENTIfIC EVIDENCE for this decision.- ridiculous in this day and age.

  8. We need to create sanctuary lands for these horses or at the very least corridor habitat set aside and bills created as we do for national parks signed by presidents. We need real heft of political power to back this kind of AmericanHeritage. The Mustang tribes of horses is a an American ICON and should be treated as such.

  9. Stop the destruction of the mustangs, native horses who belong here. They are not invasive spices.

  10. Why would anyone want to harm another beautiful living creature like this I wish someone would explain this to me. Today life seems to be so cheap, but I have news for everyone its not!!!!

  11. Stop this pointless slaughter of beautiful, wild animals. They have every bit as much right to live as people do. To kill them is a heartless, criminal act.

  12. Take the pesticide Yourself!
    I value the horses much more than any of you sick bastards.

  13. They are a part of our history-and the heart of our country. They are the embodiment of the freedom we cherish so much. They add beauty to the land. Go see Hidalgo. (the movie)

  14. I love these wonderful horses… they are innocent …as we have the right to live, so do they….in other words every living being has the right to live

  15. Mustangs and other animals of the wild harm nobody! They want to live in peace but the greedy, self indulgent HUMAN will take away their natural habitat for self gain, and where can these poor animals go to survive? We need to speak up for them and keep the cruelty out of their lives!

  16. Please stop to kill this beautiful animal the are innocent you don’t abuse more then the new live free and peace this is not fair

  17. These horses are an icon of American freedom, now BLM wants to murder healthy these innocentas. These horses have the right to life, no one has the right to take that away freedom away.

  18. Okay people are messed up. I have been wanting to see the mustangs in Utah and if they kill them I going to go in wolf mode!

  19. les mustangs sont un des emblèmes d’amérique, il faut les proteger et pas les exterminer, honte à ces projets

  20. Wild horses have protection and rights. To live life natural, they are the way we traveled for centeries . Horses have feelings and love and respect for people and their own , people are the problem, And greed let the horses live leave them alone they still have a purpose. The horse community brings in millions on horse events every year. Buying selling appearal saddles feed horse and burros shows . And the list goes on and on.

  21. Leave the horses alone it doesn’t bother anyone they hide…until you deveils start missing with them…

  22. I have been signing petitions for years to save the wild mustangs. I would do just about anything to insure they are here for my childrens’ children and evermore. What right do people have to decide the fate of animals who have been here long before us and are the very symbol of freedom in America. It is people wishing to gain control of the public land they live on. They can make so much more money if they have it. It is sickening that people are so greedy that they wish to take the lives of innocent creatures who belong on the land. It is their land, the animals who have lived on it so long. Please leave them alone. Find something else to steal that doesn’t involve the taking of innocent lives.

  23. This causes me to feel nothing but disgust for much of mankind. If there is another universe,and there is,get that shuttle going and put the SOB’s on board.Please make it a one way tradition to disaster.Leave our horses here to live the life they were supposed to live. Let nature take it’s course.I do not like our democratic ways.Period.Whether,Trump or Clinton know one was helping. I used to like so many in politics till they turned to make more money for oil,and greed. They are trophy hunters,and want nothing but to put $ in their pockets. As I said disdain is all I can feel. Life used to be fair and normal. We now have become the animals that we are and the greatest predator. WE need to form a group to engage a summit in Wash.D.C. I think we would all find funds for a ticket to turn this slaughter around. STOP PZP,STOP THE ROUNDUPS BY HELICOPTERS,SEPARATING HERDS AND BANDS THROUGHOUT 14 MAJOR WESTERN STATES,AND GIVE THEM LIFE.

  24. Save the Mustang. It is there land leave them a lone, stop shipping them to slaughter.

  25. You would think that someone in the BLM would have some compassion for these beautiful animals, but it appears that there isn’t. Hard to believe that all of these people will stand by and watch herds of innocent animals slaughtered. Why don’t they watch them being slaughtered or is that too much for their minds to take.
    These animals are doing no harm to anyone, no harm yet their lives will end in fear and horrific pain so that the BLM can gain income against the loss they created in the first place. Quite disgraceful that American icons are treated so badly.

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