Protect Mustangs™ will help find homes for all the 3-Strike wild horses & burros


Secretary Ryan Zinke
United States Department of Interior
1849 C Street, N.W.
Washington DC 20240

Dear Secretary Zinke,

We are focusing on proactive solutions to ensure all America’s wild horses and burros will be safe. Right now we are working with many people, organizations and tribes who want the 3-Strikes wild horses and burros. Where have they all gone?

The Bureau of Land Management’s own Wild Horse & Burros Advisory Board’s recommendation to kill all the wild horses and burros in holding is outrageous and cruel.

The public is against killing. My #NoKILL Mustangs petition with more than 221,000 signatures is a reflection of public opinion. (

Our petition with close to 105,000 signatures to stop the roundups and slaughter ( speaks for the public as well.

Americans will not allow our national treasures to be killed. It’s time for solutions.

Kindly send me a list, without delay, of all the 3-Striker’s IDs and whereabouts so we can move forward to get the wild mustangs and burros into private care thus reducing the expense to feed and board them through the Bureau of Land Management’s Wild Horse & Burro Program.

Thank you for your assistance.

Anne Novak

Anne Novak
Executive Director
Protect Mustangs

Protect Mustangs is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of native and wild horses.

23 thoughts on “Protect Mustangs™ will help find homes for all the 3-Strike wild horses & burros

  1. This would be wonderful so we know where they are and save them. Less costly for the Bureau Of Land Managment also.

  2. What the BLM has done, with the obvious consent of the Interior Department is heartbreaking. Our Representatives in Washington won’t even take time to look and listen to what is being done. They vote right down party lines period in most cases. I don’t think many of them have been to a roundup or a holding facility or saw a herd of beautiful Wild Horses running free across the land. I am saying at the rate they are going our wild ones will be extinct and that means no more mustangs, the bloodlines will be gone forever.

    I for one could never live with myself if I allowed that to happen. So when you vote to allow slaughter, PZP use and other atrocities of these horses take a moment and think what you are depriving future generations of ever seeing, they won’t even know what we had running our open ranges and living off the land free and wild.
    They are treated badly in roundups, their babies are killed, the mares are PZP’d they geld studs who are to old to survive it and they stick them in pens for the rest of their lives. Even if they get out of the pens they will never be free again.

    Please tell me why they spend so much money trying to make a Heritage of the West just a shadowed memory. Save the Horses!!

  3. The wild horses should never be injected with a pesticide such as PZP.The wild horses are underpopulated and has never been Proven to be otherwise.If this was true you would see them in all wild areas.I ask where are the wild horses?So if we continued to/or allowed the BLM to inject PZP in the wild horses for birth control,we are just as guilty for causing slow extinction,for causing deformities,still borne births,Tumors,ovaries cysts and even deaths in some mares,For committing murder.PZP is a dangerous pesticide,in which we humans are just as dangerous.PZP also kills song birds when spray.So I ask is this safe for even us/ humans to breathe?I ask is it safe for us/ humans to inject PZP in a wild Mare?I ask what would happen if the person doing the injection is injected?I ask WHY?I will fight for this to stop, end it now.I ask BLM to tell the truth to the public.I ask our government to tell the truth to its public.I ask for the right to be done for the wild horses.Let the wild horses live a healthy and free life without our interference.I am opposing all round ups, PZP, all experimenting,separations of families/young and most of all is the slaughtering/murdering.I am opposing the removal of the wild horses off public land to benefit the Rangers and pipeline industries.I oppose our tax dollars to be used in these matters.Nature is perfect when left alone.God bless our Nature and the wild horses.

  4. This department needs to be audited by persons outwith the department It is obvious the BLM does not have the welfare of these wild animals at heart. These horses and burros belong on these lands the ranchers nor the special interests do not – these lands belong to the American people – the tax payer.

    It is a known fact that the BLM has not managed the land, has not taken care of the wild horses and burros and that they have been negligent in their management.

    The cost of holding wild animals in pens where there is little to no shade or water is not calculated in monetary terms – this is animal cruelty and in my opinion the BLM should not be the decision maker in the welfare of these innocent animals who I may add have done nothing wrong but take care of their herds which the BLM has dismantled. Shame on the BLM, no matter how you try to justify your actions to the American people the American people are not stupid. What you are doing is unforgivable and will be written in history as a gross cruelty to innocence!

  5. It would appear that politicians in US as in Australia make knee jerk reactions to win votes and do not care about nor want to know about the real situation. Ranchers want land for beef. Money greed and power win votes at expense of heritage. Worse at expense of thousands of wild horses derived for ever of freedom family respect and care It is heartbreaking. Politicians should be dragged out to see the reality. Please keep fighting and If I was there I would be at the forefront trying to help protect the magnificcent innocent horses.

  6. I visit the wild ones often in my area to take pics and show the beauty of the horses to family and friends. I grew up with riding horses. I would love to buy/lease acreage in my area to allow a band /family stay together. My efforts for doing so have not been very promising so far. BLM owns most acreage in my area that is available. I will keep looking and may have to go into other counties in northern Nevada. Please keep me informed of your progress.

  7. It is an animal abuse, cruelty, murder. I thought it’s against the law. How can anyone hurt these beautiful animals and then go on with their lives, just mind boggling. Stop it, save the horses, let them go, please.

  8. Horses are the best what nature can create. Free spirits, beautiful, so magnificent, proud, gentle, sensitive and very vulnerable.
    They have been always loyal to people.
    Now they deserves respect, admiration and protection, not the cruel fate.
    What BLM is doing to horses is just horrific.

  9. Soy de Argentina ,por.lo tanto solo digo que hay que proteger a TODOS los animales del planeta.Para mi el caballo es un animal bellísimo e inteligente.muy maltratado,torturado hasta morir atado a su trabajo Un Carro u otro trabajo fuerte..BASTA DE MUERTES.por favor

  10. A disgusting predicament. What do we need to save them when getting them to safety…how will this be done? Humans are still Savage creatures…an uncontrollable urge to destroy life…[part of the human condition and is unfortunately imprinted.) One step forward for our specie always means one backwards. “Because one is not in our image, does not give us the right to harm them, cause them suffering and condemn them”. An awful terror goes through me when I see their eyes…………Eva

  11. Thanks you Protect Mustangs for offering to save these worthy lives of these even more worthy beings in horse form who have been so thoughtlessly subject to the target mentality of bureaucrats in cahoots with the public lands exploiters. These people are greed driven, selfish, narrow-minded and smug, and we must stand up to them or else our world is going to turn into a living hell! Wild horses and burros are healers and restorers of ecosystems in their proper regions, really attuned and harmonious beings, ancient presences. They should be restored to all the many millions of acres that have been zeroed out through political connivings and our government officials must have courage to do what is right for the common good of all of life, NOT MAN APART!

  12. I think cruel treatment, caging, and killing of any animal is dead wrong!! These agencies that are put charge, given free rein, and not monitored, are out of control..and on top of the horrendous things they do, they use tax dollars, to commit these terrible acts..Much of the public are unaware of these happenings..Just like the crowds protesting President Trumps defunding of experimental labs, National Institutes of Health, and others, that maim, torchure, and kill so many thousands of animals yearly..These animals live and die a life of pain and torment..I am so glad to have them defunded..I think they should be shut down permanently..Their useless results are of no help to humans, and more waste of tax dollars..Wake Up America!

  13. I really hope these horses get rescued. It’s a sad day when oil is more important them life.

  14. To Debra: “Debra on April 25, 2017 at 5:35 pm said:

    I visit the wild ones often in my area to take pics and show the beauty of the horses to family and friends. I grew up with riding horses. I would love to buy/lease acreage in my area…”

    Thank You! Would that I were in a position to make such a difference! Fantasies, I fear, are all I have, and a determination to BADGER the BUGGERS out of my family/friends to get signatures, and to enlighten them as to the long-standing and broader advantages to society as a whole, their actions would incur for all of us, two legged and four, air land and sea, should they, too, chose to engage! Have fun on your nest trot round your favorite trees! (Yessh, I haven’t ridden in AGES!)

  15. These beautiful creatures MUST be protected from clowns like Trump…those who know the price of everything and the value of nothing


  17. save wild horses compassion and doing the right thing should tale precedent over profit and the bottom line.


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