Letter requesting Nevada BLM give the public 30 days notice for helicopter use hearing


Amy Leuders

Nevada State Director

Bureau of Land Management



Dear Ms. Leuders,


Despite our requests to be informed about events and press releases, such as the upcoming public hearing scheduled the morning after Memorial Day Weekend in Carson City—we only heard about it Friday evening from an article posted in the Mesquite News online.

Some other members of the public who would like to comment heard about it through us this weekend on several social media channels and via email.

We are concerned about the agency’s lack of transparency evident in your lack of notification for public hearings regarding the use of helicopters and motor vehicles for potential roundups and management of wild horses.

We found your original press release that was dated Friday, May 18th. It only gives the public one business week’s notice. The press release is inadequate notification for the public and from what we see, only the Mesquite News published it online.

We have heard from several people who live in Carson City who knew nothing about this important hearing—let alone those living in New York City.

Since 80% of the federally protected wild horses and burros remain in Nevada, the whole country should be given ample notice to participate in the public hearing.

We kindly request you hold this important public hearing about the use of helicopters and motorized vehicles for roundups and management of wild horses and burros with a standard 30 days notice once you have published it. Please publicize it well so the public will feel you are being transparent. Right now it looks as if you are not.

We ask you to honor the opinions of the public (stakeholders) and not be swayed by lobbying or big business. We are concerned the BLM sees the public hearing as a legal formality in order to be allowed to go forward with helicopter roundups, etc.

The requirement for the public hearing was set in place to protect the public’s wishes and this must not be ignored.

Thank you for your kind assistance.



Anne Novak




Links of interest:


Helicopter Use Hearing in Nevada: http://www.blm.gov/nv/st/en/info/newsroom/2012/may/blm_to_hold_public.html



Anne Novak

Executive Director

Protect Mustangs

P.O. Box 5661

Berkeley, California 94705

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