Round table for wild horses and burros

Native Wild Horses (Photo © Cynthia Smalley, all rights reserved.)

Introducing the Wild Horse and Burro Council
We are co-creating The Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Council to champion American wild horses and burros’ welfare and rights. If you would like to join the democratic council please contact us at At this time we are accepting one representative from each wild horse and burro group as well as 5 independent advocates.

2 thoughts on “Round table for wild horses and burros

  1. You know my feelings Anne, I will be there with bells on to do whatever I can!

  2. I am always willing to help in any way I can. I appreciate this Anne, and it is a genius concept that has lead to many thoughts racing through our minds…I hope that we can accomplish these objectives with organization and clarity of thought with the understanding of our decisions and their consequences that will effect the wild horse and burros. Thank you so very much, and I respectfully submit my name as a person interested in learning, educating myself and others, and sharing the experiences as often as possible so that the true understanding of our heritage can be seen in the majestic beauty of the wild horse and the tender compassionate and hard working loved burros. I respectfully request that I be corrected if I make mistakes as there are those who know – and I am just a student and a person willing to learn to the best of my ability, what I can do to help with the health and welfare of the wild horse and burro populations, their grazing lands, their migratory capabilities or lack thereof; the gathers necessary or unnecessary; the field studies from the animal behavioral experts and the ever presence of the horse whisperers who can help with those horses and burros who are truly adopted and not sent to the United Horseman’s “rescue” site to be determined whether they live or die at the hands of the slaughter house they will operate under their hired veterinarian which claims that the slaughter of these horses will be “humane”. Thank you will all my heart for doing this; and thank you for the ability to be a part of this exciting ground breaking idea…to bring us all together under one roof so to speak, organize our activities and support each other in a way that we can accomplish so much more. Respectfully submitted, Jennie Barron

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