Wild mare and foal at risk ~ Please adopt or sponsor

Found in a filthy pen run by the United States Bureau of Land Management . . .

Adopt these two Jackson Mt. mustangs and save them! (Photo © Taylor James)

Jackson Mountain mare #3246 and her foal #8255 were chased by roundup helicopters and now have lost their freedom to roam the American West. They have been “processed” and will soon be separated unless you help them.

There are three options to get them to safety:

1.) Adopt the two and take them to your ranch / barn.

2.) Adopt the pair and get them in to a sanctuary.

3.) Sponsor the mare and foal’s adoption and care with someone else.

If you can think of other options let us know.

We will look into what exactly the branding all over this mare means and report back to you.

If you have any questions about adoption please send us an email to Contact@ProtectMustangs.org

or call the BLM office at Palomino Valley, near Sparks Nevada: 775. 475. 2222


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