Spin Alert #1

I contacted the Calico roundup PR person for information and she suggested I  visit their website first to see if their material would answer my questions. So I went to this page: http://on.doi.gov/vVoYvb and found this piece of well crafted spin that I thought I would share with you for giggles:

Why is the BLM removing wild horses and burros when there are already more than 41,000 animals in holding? 


The BLM must remove thousands of wild horses and burros from the range each year to protect public lands from the environmental impacts of herd overpopulation – such as soil erosion, sedimentation of streams, and damage to wildlife habitat.  Currently, the Western rangeland free-roaming population of more than 38,000 (as of February 2011) exceeds by nearly 12,000 the number the BLM has determined can exist in balance with other public rangeland resources and uses.  Although the BLM tries to place as many removed animals as possible into private care through adoption or sales, the public’s demand for adoptable wild horses has declined sharply in recent years, leaving the agency in the unsustainable position of gathering excess horses while its holding costs spiral upward.  Interior Secretary Salazar and BLM Director Bob Abbey announced a set of proposals in October 2009 that represented the first step in putting the BLM’s Wild Horse and Burro Program on a sustainable track (see www.blm.gov for details).

2 thoughts on “Spin Alert #1

  1. I keep looking for proof of the wildhorses causing damage to their environment on the BLM webpage and can not find anything to support this statement – no reports, no studies and no data!
    Apparently the BLM has misconstrued the original intent of the 1971 Wild Horse and Burro Act which was supposed to protect them from being rounded up for slaughter.

  2. There are zero excess wild horses in the wild.
    Under 20,000 wild horses exist upon 243 million acres of our public land, federally protected wild horse and burro land is disproportionately “leased” and allows 3,000,000 cattle to consume WH&B federally protected land and water.
    Mass toxic projects, the BLM coins “resources” grow fat also, on wild horse and burro land in excess and presently poisoning of our water shed is in danger.

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