Round Two: Nevada on rampage to wipe out Wild Horse Annie’s historic herd

Beloved around the world yet Nevada sends their mustangs to possible slaughter

A family of wild horses from Wild Horse Annie’s herd in The Meadow, May 2012 (Photo © Anne Novak)

The wild horses from Rio Wrangler and Steamboat Area are going to be sold at auction on September 26, 2012 in Fallon, Nevada about one hour east of Reno.

Donations are needed to save Wild Horse Annie’s horses from the kill-buyers. Please donate here. Homes are needed for these horses as well.

Wild Horse Annie’s herd, the Virginia Range mustangs are at risk of going to slaughter. Call Governor Sandoval 775-684-5670 and ask him to halt this atrocity. (Photo of Velma Johnston aka Wild Horse Annie)

Here is the notice from the Nevada Department of Agriculture announcing the round-two sale September 26, 2012:

NOTICE OF ESTRAY ANIMALS AS PER N.R.S. 569.070 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the following described animal(s) has been taken up as an Estray Animal(s) VRE Horses #1872, #1873,#1874, #1875, #1876, #1877, #1878, #1879, #1880, #1881, #1882,#1883, #1884,#1885,#1886, #1887, #1888, #1889, #1890, #1891,#1892, #1893, #1894,#1895, #1896. The Estray Horses were found in the Rio Wrangler and Steamboat Area. The described animals are being held at The Nevada Prison Ranch, 5500 Synder Ave., Carson City, Nv. The Estray Stallions will be gelded prior to placement. Estray #1872 Sorrel Mare Star Snip RH Sock Flaxen Mane and Tail, 8 years Estray #1873 Bay Mare, Star Strip RH Pastern, 6 years Estray #1874 Bay Mare, Small Star RH Pastern Bite Marks on Right Side of Head, 5 years Estray#1875 Black Stud, Star, 1 year Estray #1876 Bay Mare, Offset Star Strip Snip RH Stocking, 4 years Estray#1877 Brown Mare, Small Snip RH and LH Stocking, 2 years Estray #1878 Sorrel Filly, LH Pastern, 4 months Estray #1879 Sorrel Mare, 10 years Estray #1880 Brown Stud, Star Offset Snip LH Pastern Blue Left Eye, 4 years Estray #1881 Black Stud, Star, 2 years Estray#1882 Brown Stud, RH Coronet, 2 years Estray#1883 Bay Mare, Star Strip Snip RH Coronet, 10 years Estray #1884 Bay Filly, Star RH Coronet, 5 months Estray #1885 Bay Mare, Star Snip LH Pastern, 6 years Estray #1886 Bay Stud, Small Star, 2 years Estray #1887 Bay Stud, Star Light Strip Snip LH&RH Coronet, 7 years Estray #1888 Bay Stud, Star Strip Snip LH &RH Sock LF Sock, 3 years Estray #1889 Bay Stud Colt, Star Light Strip, 4 months Estray #1890 Bay Mare, Star Strip RH Sock LH Coronet, 10 years Estray #1891 Bay Mare, Strip Snip, 2 years Estray #1892 Bay Stud Colt, Star Light Offset Strip, 4 months Estray #1893 Bay Mare, Partial Strip Snip LH &RH Sock RF & LF Pastern, 5 years Estray #1894 Bay Filly, Star LF & RF Sock LH Sock, 4 months Estray #1895 Sorrel Filly, Light Strip Snip LH Sock Rh Pastern, 5 months Estray #1896 Bay Stud Colt, Bald Face LH &RH Stockings LF Sock, 5 months AS PER N.R.S. 569.080, if an estray animal is not claimed within 5 working days after the last publication of the advertisement, as required before sale or placement, said animal (s) will be available for sale or placement by the Division of Livestock Identification on Wednesday, September 26, 2012, at the Nevada Livestock Market, Fallon, NV. NEVADA DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE 4780 East Idaho Street Elko, Nevada 89801 1-775-738-8076 By:/s/ Katie Swisher No. 787445 Sept 19, 2012

Watch the news report from round one of save the wild horses here.
Please donate to help save Wild Horse Annie’s herd from possible slaughter.
Donations to the Hidden Valley Protection Fund can be made here: