Letter from Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Fund

Virginia Range foal 2012 (Photo © Amy Ernst)

Dear Anne,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for going out of your way to help raise money that enabled the Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Fund to save 30 of our beautiful Virginia Range wild horses from the Fallon auction on Wednesday, September 27th.

Our organization owes you a debt of gratitude for getting the word out to so many caring and dedicated wild horse advocates.  We asked for help and those who believe that wild horses should be free responded with an incredible outpouring of support and donations that I find quite remarkable.  These people have never met our horses or know their names, don’t know their lineage or family losses or joys.  They don’t see and admire their beauty everyday like we are lucky enough to do. So why would so many people respond to save a group of horses they never knew or would ever meet?

Our Virginia Range horses are clearly in danger of disappearing and that can be credited directly back to the management of the State of Nevada Department of Agriculture.  The public is sensitive to and proud of the wild life and open spaces that have marked this country as a bastion of freedom of choice, voice, and expression.  Those qualities are exemplified and reflected in the majesty of our wild horses.  They are gentle, loving animals that have feelings and souls, love deeply and mourn emotionally.  There are many good people who recognize the worth of these horses and value what they represent.  People have spoken and expressed their opinions through their participation in this rescue effort.  We know we have support, now we have to step forward and affect change that will help our horses survive into the next century.

Again, we owe you, your organization and your supporters more than they will ever know.  I have attached a few pictures of today’s release of the Virginia Range 30 horses into a temporary pasture where they will wait for their forever homes.  We know these 2 bands as Big Angel’s band and Sandy and Lobo’s band.  Some of our volunteers have known these horses for years and were devastated when they were picked up by the NDA.  While the hillsides won’t be the same without them, we know they are now safe and we will be making every effort to find good qualified adopters for them.

Thank you again for everything you and your organization have done for these horses!!!!

Shannon Windle
President, Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Fund