Take action today to prevent BLM from wiping out California’s treasured herd

California Twin Peaks range wild horse country ~ Rush Fire map (Twin Peaks HMA) August 25, 2012

November 6, 2012

The BLM Eagle Lake office in Susanville, Ca. is proposing to remove 600 wild horses plus burros from the Twin Peaks HMA for range restoration due to the August wildfire. They are claiming that there are currently 950 horses on the entire HMA.

A recent independent aerial survey estimated that there are less than 400 Twin Peaks wild horses remaining. The BLM so far, has stated to advocates that the proposal will be “full force in effect” once it is signed, without public knowledge or input.

Less than half of Twin Peaks HMA burned. There is over 400,000 acres of unburned range and the burn areas are patchy and still have some forage available for the wild horses and burros. The BLM has failed to consider alternatives like protective fencing, using wild equids to reseed the range or some relocation to the unburned areas. This plan signals the end of California’s last viable herd.

We need EVERYONE to Call and E-Mail Dean Bolstad and Nancy Haug IMMEDIATELY and ask them to reject the proposal to roundup or trap wild horses and burros.

Dean Bolstad’s phone number is 775-861-6611 and his e-mail is dean_bolstad@blm.gov

Nancy Haug’s phone number is 530-224-2100 and her email is <nhaug@blm.gov>,

Sample E-mail to be sent to:

Dean Bolstad dean_bolstad@blm.gov and Nancy Haug nhaug@blm.gov

cc: Ken Collum (Eagle Lake field manager) kcollum@blm.gov
cc: Dereck Wilson (Eagle Lake BLM) dereck_wilson@blm.gov

I am writing to request you refrain from signing a decision to remove wild horses and burros from Twin Peaks. The proposal would prevent wild equids from healing and reseeding the range. The proposal would also reduce herd numbers to well below low appropriate management level (AML) and threaten the continued health and existence of this California herd. There is abundant forage in the burned area and there is the ample opportunity to protect the range through the preferred methods of protective fencing and/or minimal relocation of animals.

I am requesting the BLM reject this proposal – as it threatens the continued existence of California’s treasured herd  This plan has not fully considered the alternatives and has not substantiated that this is an emergency situation. Signing a decision to remove wild horses and burros will be met with significant public opposition. Please assure me that the BLM is not going to proceed with this action. The public has not been given notice and the opportunity to comment on such a proposal.

Links of Interest:

Twin Peaks independent aerial survey https://www.box.com/s/biov6o31keiuu3y15s65

144 aerial photos from an independent population survey which estimated that less than 400 wild horses and a small population of burros are currently living in the Twin Peaks HMA. http://www.flickr.com/photos/89702311@N03/

Sign and share the petition to DEFUND the Roundups: https://www.change.org/petitions/united-states-congress-de-fund-the-roundups#