Update from Litchfield 11 adopter on the East Coast

PM Baby Red aka Pilgrim 8 weeks with April medium

I just wanted to share an 8 week update with you guys about Baby Red now Pilgrim! He is doing wonderful and I love him to pieces! In the 8 weeks I have had him, he has learned the Parelli 7 games, he leads, ties, picks up all 4 feet to be picked out and worked on and he plays with a large yoga ball and I can put it all over him! I have been on him several times bareback now and can ride him around his paddock with a halter and lead, we are working on learning pressure from on his back now. I am taking things slow with him since this is all new to both of us, but we are making great progress and he is definitely making a great partner, thank you!

~April Freudenburg