Hauling wild horses to safety

Report from Willis Lamm

All but 8 of the 41 Virginia Range horses that went through the livestock sale Wednesday night have been recovered and delivered on Thursday.  Due to the weather, 8 Stagecoach horses (Bandit’s band) were boarded at the stockyard for the night and are being picked up today as soon as the roads in Fallon are reported to be clear.

The delivery had its challenges thanks to the weather.

All of the two vehicles were four-wheel-drive but it took two pickups to get some of the trailers up to the unloading area.  The tow pickups needed an additional assist from a “tug” pickup that had chains on its front tires.

By nightfall all the horses were unloaded and they were starting to settle in.

The winter foal, “Diamond,” that has been a concern of many, settled in with her dam as members of that band found each other and reconstituted.

A complete report with a number of additional photos can be found here:


Thanks to everyone who participated in this effort, both working from home to make this all happen to slogging it out, digging trailers out of the snow!  Advocates rock!