Info about Native American horses selling at NV livestock auction Sat

PM Fallon Sale

Just called the livestock exchange, guy said they just finished counting all the horses and his numbers are approximate:

Viewing between 8-10 Saturday morning on site

selling by the head or lot, not by the pound

Approx 35 mares + babies together, will be sold singly not as a lot

Approx 40 mares in several lots (14, 17, 19)

25-30 mares no babies singly

25-30 geldings singly

Approx 75 big “old” studs to be sold in several lots

Approx 20-30 yearlings and weaned foals sold singly


All horses have brands except a few and except some babies

Auction starts at 11:00

Payment via cash, Visa or MasterCard only

Nevada tax = 7.6%

The lots will be sold at the pens – those horses will not be brought through the arena, everyone will walk to the pens and bid there

If we’re bidding, we need to register

27 owners represented in these 500 horses

I just added those numbers and it only comes to 275, so not sure about the other 225 horses that would make a total of 500 but at least we get the idea