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  1. This comes as no surprise. We know that there is no adequate count of the wild horses and burros on public lands. We know from the past that there are horses actually taken (stolen) during roundups — who can stop them? They do not allow the public in certain areas during roundups and they do not allow the public to do the work that BLM refuses to do…the exact number of wild horses and burros on public lands, the ecological studies, and the ability to migrate. Since the government shut down, there is no one to even stop these activities. We all know that the BLM has changed the HMA identifications to mean that they are not solely for the use of wild horses and burros, therefore, they can take the lands, the horses and the burros without any legal stance unless the courts stop them. The re-courses we have are through our politicians, and my representatives were attacked by SOI JEWELL by trying to take over our international waterways – our rivers, lakes and streams, …and it took the public of Arkansas to stop them. It is not easy to stop the BLM. But, we have to keep trying until we find that combination lock and open it and take out what needs to be stopped. We can not continue to be complacent, and we have to continue to be vigilant. WE MUST STAND TO TOGETHER AND BECOME ALLIES EVEN IF WE DO NOT AGREE ON EVERY DETAIL. It is the only way to BEGIN the changes, the public must keep trying. Thank you Protect Mustangs for posting this and thank you for all the work you are doing. I sent your last email to me to my state senators who are interested in what you are saying. One said that they will respond asap and one sent me a notice that the gov. shutdown has stopped all their activities. This is not going to be easy, but they have sent me emails notifying be before that they will hand deliver hard copies to my senators as needed because they are very interested in your work at Protect Mustangs and the other hard working people who dedicate their time and dollars to this cause. Thank you, again, and God speed with your continued work.

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