Are they killing thousands of wild horses to frack northwestern Australia?

Photo James Marvin Phelps / / CC BY-NC

Photo James Marvin Phelps / / CC BY-NC


“The global public is outraged that  Australia would condone mass killings of wild horses. Are they killing off thousands of horses so they can frack the land for oil and natural gas? We ask that the heinous killings cease immediately.” ~Anne Novak, Executive Director of Protect Mustangs.


Killing wild horses for Fracking?


An aerial cull of wild horses is taking place in the Kimberley

As seen on ABC Australia

The Aboriginal Lands Trust has begun an aerial cull of thousands of feral horses in the Kimberley.

A survey of Lake Gregory and the Billiluna Pastoral Station two months ago found about 6,000 feral horses.

The Trust says the animals are a risk to the environment and public health, and to comply with the law they have to go.

The Trust says an aerial cull is the most humane way to do that and has employed shooters in helicopters.

A plan to cull feral horses in the same area in 2010 was abandoned after a backlash from animal welfare advocates.

The state Opposition’s Lisa Baker has called for the cull to stop immediately.

“There’s babies, there’s foals whose mothers are shot who starved to death,” she said.

“This is not a civilised way of managing a population of horses.”

Ms Baker says traditional owners want to manage feral horse populations in other ways.

“They’re really cognisant of the fact that some of them will need to be euthanised, put down, whatever, but there is many opportunities for tourism, for breaking the horses in, and for using them more productively,” she said.

The Aboriginal Lands Trust says traditional owners have been consulted.

The area’s former Indigenous Protected Area co-ordinator, Wade Freeman, says other options were considered and ruled out.

“Too costly and not humane at all,” he said.

“We even tried the option of darting and putting horses to sleep but when you’re looking at numbers of up to 10,000 it’s just not viable.”

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6 thoughts on “Are they killing thousands of wild horses to frack northwestern Australia?

  1. Australia, needs to Value their Wild Horses!!! Fracking for Oil/Gas is not going to do anyone any FAVORS!!! There are ways to ensure these Wild Horses a better way of life, and can be used much more productively than this. They are not a Danger or a Hindrance to Society. And how could they be a Danger to the environment and public health?? This just sounds like the Australian Authorities are using any kind of EXCUSE to do away with them. They have survived under many conditions, and have survived. And if this is the case, then they would have to do away with the other wild animals in Australia, and we all know that is not going to wash well. They are a part of the ENVIRONMENT, LET THEM BE!!!!!!!!

  2. Why don’t you just leave nature take its own course, we are not gods nor we are knowledgeable enough to know what is tight and what’s wrong

  3. I guarantee you it is the fracking and the new PM sounds like a clone of the Tbaggger extremists in the US and their kill everything so their cronies can make tons of money off the animals deaths and poison the land, water and air at the same time.

  4. Must EVERY living thing be sacrificed in the so called name of PROGRESS?
    This is just destruction of the land and once it is all gone, then what?

  5. To leave a baby alone with it’s dead mother and have no way of getting food. It is cruel and wrong and shooting them is painful and immediate death is not guaranteed. This is wrong, so wrong.

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