Young wild horse dies in government roundup corral


Photo James Marvin Phelps / / CC BY-NC

Photo James Marvin Phelps / / CC BY-NC


Outrage is spreading with the news of the first casualty from the Wyoming Checkerboard roundup.

A young yearling colt died of a broken neck in the roundup holding corral. In the wild, the colt would not have broken his neck because he would be free to move away from what frightened him but once trapped and shoved in captive holding pens, these wild animals often get hurt and some even die.

Does the BLM care? No. They boast to our elected officials in Congress that only a small percentage of wild horses and burros die in roundups.

“Even one death is one too many,” says Anne Novak, executive director of Protect Mustangs. “The BLM is negligent in caring for America’s living treasures. They don’t care if native wild horses and burros die or suffer and to prove it they won’t even give them shade or shelter in captivity. The agency put in charge of “protecting” them violates one of the 3 basics of animal husbandry: food, shelter and water. These animal abusers need to be investigated and fired.”

Protect Mustangs urges members of the public to meet with their elected officials to politely request they intervene to end the cruelty of America’s icons. Also the nonprofit organization encourages animal lovers to sign and share the petition for shade and shelter found here:

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