Chasing wild horses by chopper and shooting them with the pesticide, PZP

PZP EPA Sterilisant



Wild horses and foals have been terrorized during research for decades–paid for with your tax dollars.


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7 thoughts on “Chasing wild horses by chopper and shooting them with the pesticide, PZP

  1. There is no reason to use this birth control on our wild free-roaming horses and burros. First of all, we have a shortage of these equines, and not an over-population. Secondly, this birth control lasts for many years, and has not been measured past four years. Thirdly, when we start making the breeding decisions for the wild horses, it further erodes what nature intended — for natural predators to cull the herds for survival of the fittest.

  2. Apparently some people are such hard cases that witnessing round ups does not bother them anymore and they think this kind of action is warranted for a result that is certainly going to destroy wild horse behavior to the point that to study them will be to see the destruction of the family bands security and knowledge system and protections within every herd. This is not science. This is playing God with BLM to hide behind. You have become the problem. You will now be the source of inhumane treatment. I will be working to stop you. You are not the answer you are now part of the problem. This is not of my/our doing. This is what ego, money, false information and stupidity have created. You watch that run of horses in this video; they are frightened and they are on some bad ground and along barbed wire fences and there is no way for them to see far ahead and the craft is so low and menacing. If you bait trap you will have injuries/death, if you do this by helicopter you will have injuries/death, if you have a roundup you will have injuries/death. Stop this!

  3. I have seen the lack of concern of those who have been hired to do the helicopter round ups. The round ups are inhumane and run old and young to death. The helicopters do not gently herd them, they viciously chase them, sometimes so close that they actually hit them. Once in the gathering pen they are shocked with cattle prods. Some of the horses are ran into the gates, hitting their heads, or some breaking their necks. Foals are separated from their mothers and not properly hydrated, all the while the foal and mom call agonizing cries because they are separated. The abuse is horrific.
    Before they gather anymore horses for any reason, they need to evaluate the land usage, such as cattle grazing leases, fracking, mining, etc. The wild horse herds could be run into extinction if the natural selection process is disturbed by the BLM much more. Stallions are gelded and our great herds are being destroyed.

  4. I can’t believe this kind of behavior is being condoned by the U.S. Government. There is a better way to handle this situation, and it is not the one being used right now. These horses have a right to exist, and should not be harassed, chased, shot at with pesticides, or rounded up and taken to slaughter houses. I am thoroughly disgusted by this. I am going to get involved in this issue and work to stop this. As with everything else in America it seems, this boils down to money, corruption, and dirty politics. I am thoroughly disgusted and ashamed of what my government is doing.

  5. This is the wrong approach to the ecosystem-restoring, returned native wild horses and burros of North America. The populations are not overpopulated but actually underpopulated. The problem is that the vested interests do not want to share but rather to continue to monopolize the public land and their resources. Reserve Design must be employed and grazing permits cut back for livestock so that the wild horses and burros can attain truly long-term viable populations levels. They must be given full, long-term viable habitats with all the components present. They must be restored in their rightful Herd Areas (BLM) and Territories (USFS). It is people who are overpopulating and overconsuming! The horses and burros are refilling their ancient and long-standing ecological niche. They are a different kind of herbivore with a different digestive system from ruminant herbivores (practically all the other medium to large sized herbivores in North America) and lend much needed balance and complement these species, enriching soils with humus and seeding many more plants and plant species. They are restorers and healers of the ecosystem. Do not believe the lies contained in the disinformation campaign that is being put out the by the vested interests against them. Read my book The Wild Horse Conspiracy. It tells the greater story, the greater truth in this matter. Dare to see this, to express this, the horses and burros and their rightful place in the life community depend upon your doing so.

  6. I agree with the above comments. There is no excess of wild horses so it makes no sense to use any method of birth control. The roundups and fertility control are causing the extinction of our wild horses. The genetic pool is almost gone and natural selection is being destroyed. The 1971 Wild Free Roaming Horse and Burro Act has been watered down and what is left is being broken. BLM broke the memorandum of understanding with HSUS and HSUS still deals with it and hired a former BLM employee even.

  7. Just a note to let you know that the mustangs are not the only ones being shower with pesticide. Here in South Florida where we are, our village gets shower with pesticide every other week with a guy in a truck gets out really quick take this big giant hose and showers all of our buildings, windows, plants and grass. Many dogs in Florida are dying without their owners knowing that the pesticide on the grass is what is killing them. Our dog got some big round boils all over his body before he got sick many years ago and then our cousin’s dog up north in Saint Augustine the same thing happen he got cancer also, a year later it was our next door neighbors’ dog that got cancer also.. Here you can smell it every other day..It is terrible!! You can even taste the pesticide in the fries, tomatoes, etc. all types of our food, imagine what they do to theirs…Hope your horses get the help they need..Please tell as many people that you can until they get it right. Thank you!!

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