URGENT: Send in your comments against roundups, removals and PZP before Monday

PM Craig Downer by Rona Aguilar


Wildlife Ecologist, Craig Downer would like to encourage you to speak up for the voiceless wild horses in Oregon and send them an email requesting it be read aloud at the meeting. Here is the Alert:

Craig Downer Message re Oregon


4 thoughts on “URGENT: Send in your comments against roundups, removals and PZP before Monday

  1. I grew up chasing mustangs through the mountains surrounding our ranch in New Mexico and followed them though out the united states as we travelled back and forth from the mid west to home over the years. From the Apache reservation to the canyons in UTAH to the grasslands of the Dakotas I saw wild horses and burros at every turn. This is the American Dream I wished to pass to my children but they are gone now. A few scattered here and there but no more free roaming herds by the dozen we had to stop our car for and wait fro the crossings. No more waking up in the morning and running to see the herds run down the mountain and back up again. They knew the way the knew how to care for themselves and in doing so the earth was blessed. Now I ask —-please stand up and be counted for the voice of these days gone by it is never too late to do the right thing. Join the scientists who say stop this is hurting life and share this message.

  2. Even if I don’t live in OR, I have a stake in the viability of the Act and s does every citizen. I’ve sent in my remarks. I felt that if BLM would manage the resources properly and in accordance with the Act, peace will come. I don’t believe PZP is the answer. The thought of some uneducated cow lover making the choice which wildies carry on is just repulsive and illegal. The Act guarantees the wild horses and burros land, peace from capture, branding or harrassment – EVERYHING DENIED TO THEM. Please write. Please keep writing.

  3. It is a very commonly known fact that our wild horses are beneficial to our wild-lands. Pulling them off their protected ranges is bad on so many levels. But I don’t need to go into that right now.
    I am asking that you do not use the poisonous PZP on the mares.

    The thing is, that I know that you know that it is wrong on so many levels. So, why do you insist on treating the horses with poison?
    I am asking to you to, once again, read the NAS report that the BLM commissioned a couple years ago. The horses will not over breed on their own. Leave them alone.
    Oh, unless you are being bought by big business. Guilty ? Maybe?

    There are thousands and thousands of American citizens, who pay your salary, that are against the removal of the wild horses from the range and thousands against using poison on them. But only a handful of ranchers and businesses. Again. Who do you work for?

    Sincerely, Crystal Schuh in TX

  4. i too do not live in Oregon but that doesn’t mean I can’t have an opinion on what’s taking place in Oregon. What ever happened to the protection granted to our Wild Horses & Burros under the Act? These beautiful creatures are being constantly harassed, rounded-up, sterilized with a poisonous chemical. Why?This is wrong & these practices must be stopped.The herds have families. They just want to be free & live their lives on the open range with their families. Please read my comments at the meeting. Stop the round-up. Stop the unnecessary sterilization. The wild horses & burros will take care of their population naturally. No intervention from stupid humans needed. Thank you for listening.

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