Mark Boone Junior speaks out against Wyoming attacking wild horses



“The state of Wyoming is attacking wild horses, painting them as pests that are destroying the environment while the real culprits act with impunity in their own best interest,” states Mark Boone Junior.


28 thoughts on “Mark Boone Junior speaks out against Wyoming attacking wild horses

  1. Mark,
    You’re exactly right! Sweet Haven Ranch will back your play in any way we can.
    David Ward
    Sweet Haven Ranch
    W4207 US HWY 151
    Chilton Wi. 53014

  2. The wild horses need a voice. Thank you, Mark Boone for speaking up.
    Craig Downer says “there are less than 18,000 wild horses and burros in the 10 western states combined.” ……..That is a very different number than the 40,000 they keep saying in other articles. Why is it unreasonable to halt all roundups until current numbers of actual wild horses in the wild are in?

  3. Keep supporting these amimals that cant speak for themselves. No matter what animal it is, all these amazing horses should be protected and have a chance to live.

  4. Mark and Protect Mustangs thank you for all that you have done! Mark you have been there since the beginning and the wY 14 hear you coming by again and send love. Their parents ride with you this morning as you help once again speak out for the murder and harm that was done to their families —-love you! thanks again

  5. Blessings Mark Boone for caring about America’s Wild Horses. Your voice will mean so much for them.
    I will never understand why more people are not involved. This is so
    Important as, I can see by your speaking out for our beautiful wild horses, you are quite aware of.

  6. Thank you Mr Boone for your loyalty to the horses and for your courageous acts in faith to save the WY14. You are a hero to all of us who love the wild ones in their free world. Thank you telling the truth.

  7. Thank you and God bless you, Mark Boone Jr! Our wild horses and burros need big, loud, powerful voices such as yours. Maybe you could gather up all the Sons of Anarchy folks for even more support and clout. The wild horses need you desperately.

  8. Thank you, Mark Boone Junior. The WY14 need our care and attention to survive since losing their entire band and family members. Wyoming has used wild horses to draw tourists but the ranchers and the frackers have made life for them harder and harder as they push BLM to make removals and use designated wild horse and burro lands for corporate profit. You can barely tell the ranchers from the frackers in WYoming now.

  9. thank-you mark boone for the help and faithfulness to save our wild horses and burro’s . this administration has really shot don’t the value of life. who can we get to help when most of our gov. has blindly turned away from the american people. the sunday morning programs paint a horrible state of affair depending on which one you want to believe and they have been talking out the side of their faces. being house bound all i have is internet and t.v. and time. ssi when i applied for told me i would live to long for them to pay me. when i saw a story in the website hfh written by rt.fitch , i was appalled at the state of our country especially after obozo came on board. he escallided the damages done to our united states so badly while smiling at the camera’s. but all the while spinning a pretty story for thepeople which for while believed all the lies being told. but now so many wild families split up and so little numbers in the wild, my question is still who do we convince that the horses need our help and some one in power to step up and make a difference. just make it a fair fight . who?

  10. I for one appreciate your willingness to speak out on something that means so much to me and many others. This is a very serious matter and your standing with us is very much appreciated. <3

  11. Mark Boone,

    Thank you for being a voice for our Horses.
    Where there is love the heart is light, Where there is love the day is bright.
    Where there is love there is a song To help when things go wrong. God is our refuge and Strength. A very present help in trouble. Psalm 46:1.

  12. I want to thank Mark Boone for standing to fight with us against the atrocities Wyoming wild horses are being subjected to a flat out smear campaign and get this by Wyoming politicians and cattlemen!!!

    We so need people to step up and stand with us we can’t do it without you. They are taking our wild horses off the land at an alarming rate. They seem to think 125 horses will be just fine for a wild horse herd. Can you imagine what happens when the stud starts mounting his own children? I don’t know who drew this plan up but it’s obvious to mean they are not interested in saving the Wild Horse. It appears to me their plan starts with move them as fast as you can they will be gone before they can do anything to save them!!! I’m really scared they may get it done. We have to do whatever we can to show them they aren’t going to get rid of us that easy.

  13. Kudos for Mark Boone Junior’s conscience and thoughtfulness in criticizing Wyoming’s assault of wild horses on public lands. He’s nobody’s fool, and horse lovers everywhere appreciate the hope he offers Protect Mustangs, Friends of Animals and others to protect the freedoms of wild horses despite pressure from greedy ranchers and their apologists in government.

  14. Thank you Mr. Boone for standing and speaking up on the behalf of the horses. I don’t ride horses but I love them and they are beautiful and they meant to be cared for.
    Sincerely, Roberta Gould

  15. Thank you for standing up and speaking out for the wild horses and burros, as they cannot speak for themselves, there are two other great organizations who are trying to fight the greed and roundup nonsense, that the blm is dishing out, AWHPC /Suzanne Roy and crew, and Return to Freedom Neda de Mayo, who has over 120 wild horses that are able to be wild, just not on their ancestral home, and can’t we all put the blm to task, to at least answer our questions, where is our tax money going and how much is each action, the helicopter roundups, all the way to how much and whom is profitiing from the eventual income being received from these poor slaughtered animals, isn’t there a(freedom of information act) we all deserve to know the answers to these questions. thank you for standing up for these wonderful and spiritual animals.@@@@@@,

  16. Thank you Mr. Boone, for being a voice for these magnificent animals that need our protection, now more than ever! The truth is, the number of our wild horses are dwindling and their future gloomy if action isn’t taken soon. They’re very much a part of our American heritage and must be protected for future generations. If we are a truly caring nation, truth and justice will prevail.

  17. Thank you for speaking up for the few remaining wild horses. Treatment of wildlife in the US by government agencies is indefensible, always secondary to the interests of the livestock industry.

  18. Thanks for speaking up, Mark Boone. This takes real courage, and you look like a courageous man, indeed. The cause of the wild horse is the cause of all horses, and it calls for their respect and fair treatment, the life they deserve, and as much natural freedom and adequate appropriate habitat as possible, and if allowed their fair place and not set up, they heal the life community and in a plethora of ways, some very marvellous in nature.
    Here is an addition note about PZP I would like to share this Sunday morning: There are a number of Antelope valleys in the the West. it is a common place name. and there are a number of place names with Fish in them, such as Fish Creek or Fish Valley. On the subject of PZP, I believe it is the wrong course, since it interferes with the natural adaptation and responsiveness of the horses that assures their survival. It is an easy way out, but not the just and responsible way people should be adopting to allow the horses to become truly well integrated and harmoniously balanced, to resume their age-old place in the life community, where they contribute so much that is truly positive to life on Earth. As you may know, I am an advocate of Reserve Design and for truly long term viable and naturally self stabilizing populations of wild horses and burros, and I explain how this can and must be achieved in my writings. It is not just my concept, but a vital branch of Conservation Biology. I look to the long-term future of the horses in Nature and am suspicious of ploys that get people to forget and to abandon this very noble cause of the wild horse/burro movement. People must learn to value wild-horse/burro-containing ecosystems, for these are enhanced, restored ecosystems here in the West, as elsewhere. We must not be tricked into going for the “Quick Drug Fix”. This is playing into the hands of the wild horse enemies!

  19. Mr Boone you are more than just a voice for them, YOU ARE A HERO FOR THEM!!!
    It takes a brave man to stand alone!! Our Wild Horses Families are being so abused, used, tortured, slaughtered! They need more good people to come forward for them!!!
    I have great respect for you, my hat is off to you!!! Thank you & God Blesses You!!
    Tina Wooten For Wild Horse Rights

  20. They are rushing high speed to roundup and ship out America’s wild horses, and let is not forget horses auctioned off to kill buyers, and even stolen out of their homes. Beautiful viable animals dead within days for no other reason than greed! While the SAFE ACT continues to stay deliberately stalled in Congress. (Till they are all dead?) We need to be heard. We need more national attention and constant attention from those with big voices to be heard. Thank you Mark Boone and every voice out there. We need to Roar about this daily, this needs to stop now”

  21. Bless You Mark Boone!
    You are a voice for the ages! We need more like you!
    I pray that you are heard far and wide, and that the wild Mustangs find protection from the powers that be. The thinning of the herds will lead to a reduced gene pool, and a weakened species. That simply cannot happen!

    I do not know what will become of a country so apparently hell bent on destroying it’s wildlife. The mindset of these monsters is unfathomable to me. We are losing many species of wildlife on a regular basis, and human hands are entirely at fault.

    These are magnificent animals, with every right to roam free and safe from potential money making schemes! To slaughter these beauties and to label them as pests is abominable! The pests that will destroy the environment will be the cattle the ranchers want to graze there! Greed is rampant in this country, and that’s all this boils down to … so the rich can get richer! It’s the same with the bison herds.

    As a Native American, I am more than appalled at the treatment of our lands and our animals, by corporate greed, and inhumanity. Our eco-systems are perfectly self sustaining on their own, without interference from man. The destructive nature of big money will be the complete ruin of us all, if behaviors such as these are not curtailed.

  22. Dear Grace, I got goosebumps, reading your strong words of truth. May our creator give us all wisdom, courage and strength to be a voice in what is becoming a very dark world. We need His light…

  23. Thank you Mark Boone Jr, for your concern about the terrible plight of America’s indigenous wild horses. They need a strong voice like yours to help them survive. Many blessings to you!!

  24. Thank you for being their voice, Mark. The voice of reason.
    It astounds me that, after the public outcry of the Wyoming ‘chequerboard’ roundup’ undertaken in October last year, that there is even consideration of further decimating wild horse populations.
    This country was built on the back of a horse. These noble wild horses’ forefathers fought our wars, built our cities, toiled our lands and transported our people.
    Do we not owe them a respectful, revered place in our present and future, to honour their unconditional services in the past?
    The reasons cited for this deliberate act of abject cruelty and displacement appear shallow, insincere and generally unfounded.
    According to ‘law’ these hapless horses were on private land, land whose owners have vested interests in other livestock and/or energy use.
    Firstly, is it not the landowners responsibility to create effective boundaries around their property to protect their interests?
    Are horses meant to have council maps outlining private as opposed to public land?
    Also cited as justification for wild horse removal are the negative environmental impacts these horses have on the landscape.
    That statement is in complete contradiction to recent studies on the ecological benefits of wild horses in America, as well as in Europe (where they are actively releasing horses back into wild for ecological purposes).
    I have to ponder : is using the land for cattle or energy more ecologically sound?
    I believe that the BLM have been granted several reports in regards to recent studies that indicate how wild horses help the eco system – but these have been ignored.
    The American public have openly expressed their desire to keep the wild horses wild (Wild and Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971) and not in holding pens (at tax payers expense).
    Yet the horses are repeatedly sent to the brink of extinction due to the economic benefits of a few special interest groups?
    This is an abhorrent decimation of an honorable, historically and ecologically significant species, at a highly efficient rate, in full public view, despite the people’s vehement cries for mercy.
    ‘The land of the free’ is a farce.
    The BLM has lost significant respect from the citizens of America.
    As a result of their actions, an entire species is endangered, despite peaceful and promising alternatives presented by members of an extremely concerned and devastated public.
    It shows a complete lack of respect and a disregard for both animal and human rights.
    I shall never tire of writing, signing, scream if I have to, for justice.
    After all, I still believe in the ‘land of the free’ and shall never tire in my perseverence in manifesting this ideal, which was once fact.

  25. The fact is unfortunately, that until we can change the LAWS, the BLM will continue to destroy what God has created and put here for our enjoyment. It is imperative that not only do people stand up and speak for what they believe in, but they also take measures to turn back the hands of time to repeal what others have made to be beneficial only for the cattle ranchers. Now, I am a member of the meat eating clan, and I will likely continue to eat beef. However, at the expense of allowing that cattle take over the lands of our wild mustangs and burros, I am not willing to just stand by and allow that to happen. These horses have been the backbone of making this nation. So, I plead with this country’s citizens to help make it a better place for our wildlife: repeal the Burns Amendment!

    On December 15, 1971. The Free-Roaming Wild Horse and Burro Act was enacted by Congress and became law. 16 USC §1331. Congressional findings and declaration of policy At that time Congress found that the free-roaming wild horses and burros are living symbols of the historic and pioneer spirit of the West, that they contribute to the diversity of the life forms within our Nation and enrich the lives of the American people. In 1971 these horses and burros were at that time fast disappearing from the American scene. Further, the Act protected them from capture, branding, harassment, or death in areas where they were found to be an integral part of the natural systems of our public lands.

    The Burns Amendment:
    In 2004 Senator Conrad Burns from the state of Montana prepared what is widely known as “The Burns Amendment.” This bill was never introduced to Congress, never discussed or voted on. In fact few, if none, knew of its existence or insertion into this 3,000 page Omnibus Act. This bill amends Section 3 (16 USC §1331) of the original Act. It overturned 33 years of national policy on the care and management of free-roaming wild horses and burros by repealing the prohibition on the commercial sale and slaughter of these animals that had been covered by law.

    The Wild Horses and Burros are no longer safe and protected under the law by what the Burns Amendment did in giving The BLM the power to round up the wild horses in unlimited numbers as well as use of helicopter and vehicles that were prohibited under the original act.

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