SHARE it’s URGENT: Help Move & Feed the WY14, Rescued from the Slaughterhouse

Ghost Dancer arrives in California

Ghost Dancer arrives in California

Their parents were all slaughtered after the roundup…

Now the WY14’s new destination has fallen through!

We rescued these 14 wild youngsters back from the slaughterhouse after the brutal BLM roundup in 2014. Horseback Magazine reported on National treasures saved from the slaughterhouse

Today they are 2-3 years old plus 2 miracle foals who were born despite the papas being slaughtered. The small herd has finished wintering at the layover and they need to be moved from Susanville by the end of the June–but their new location just fell through! The WY14 urgently need your tax-deductible donations for hauling, paddock rental, vet and hay. Please donate here:

Please make a donation today and share this information to help get the word out!

We need some pasture/paddock space in Calfornia to house these young wild horses. This is a temporary situation until Protect Mustangs can secure land for the sanctuary to keep them together after all they have suffered.

All their parents and everyone over the age of 2 was slaughtered in Canada for human consumption abroad. Anne Novak and Mark Boone Junior saved the WY14 before they were live shipped to a place like Asia to end up as sashimi.

Protect Mustangs also needs a donated truck and stock trailer, fence panels, halters & lead ropes to care for them as needed at the new location. Please contact us via if you have a truck, trailer or equipment to donate.

Protect Mustangs is an all volunteer 501c3 sponsored organization. Our sponsor is the Andean Tapir Fund noted on this Go Fund Me. All donations are tax deductible.

The WY14 thank you so much for helping them stay together after all they have suffered at the hands of people rounding them up and slaughtering their herd.

In gratitude,

Anne Novak
Volunteer Executive Director

13 thoughts on “SHARE it’s URGENT: Help Move & Feed the WY14, Rescued from the Slaughterhouse

  1. It is imperative that we as Americans should respect and let the horses have their freedom in an area where they are protected. Kindly donate what you can so these horses can live in peace. Your sharing of this information is very important and can help save many of their lives. Thanking you, Karl Rosenberg

  2. Help is needed to save these babies. We need to come together and find them a real home.

  3. Please help the wy14. They nred to be moved to a safe place where they can live without being slaughtered. This is urgent. Please donate to GO FUND ME.
    for PROTECT MUSTANGS to be able to move them.. They dezerve a chance at life. They are America’s wild horses. I hope you will answer this plea to save them once more. I am very concerned about these young horses. I hope you will give any amt. Just help us to save them. Read the above. This is very very urgent. They need a safe home. Thank you. Blessings to you all.

  4. Thank you so much for rescuing this youngsters. I sure hope everything falls into place for them. Thanks again.

  5. Rescuing these young wild horses was and is the “right” thing to do! Protect Mustangs has set a good example to the wild horse advocate community by showing what can be done!

  6. We need to help these horses all we can they have already been through more in their young lives than most horses. I know there are lots of tragic stories about the mustangs and this is only one. We fight everyday for all of them and now is the time to save these babies. The tragedy that left them orphans will haunt them the rest of their lives. I hope everyone will make an effort to help them any way they can.They are special to me as the dry creek herd was only three hours from where I live. They deserve a good home and contentment for the rest of their lives. I love these horses and will do all I can to help them and I hope you will do what you can as well.

  7. You are amazing and inspirational! These animals need a voice so desperately and you provide it. Stay strong, be brave and we will follow!

  8. It’s a measure of our compassion and civilization how we treat other sentient beings. Shall we just stand by while wild horses are abused. Please do what you are able, to help correct this unfortunate state of circumstances.

  9. Please open a place for these horses. Staying together is important especially after everything they have been through. There has been a lot of interest but what they need more than anything is tangible help. Anne has sacrificed a lot for them and I know her dedication to them is real. Love like that should be rewarded with stability of habitat so they can receive nurturing. . .

  10. Our Nation’s Majestic Wild Horses belong to all of America! Not just the GREEDY special interest groups who want full control of our public lands for grazing, water and fraking! Who want every Wild Horse, Coyote, Wolf, every single wildlife killed to make more room for their greedy little profit margins. 85 % of America Wants our Horses FREE AND WILD! WE ALL COME TOGETHER MUST PROTECT AND SAVE THEM! WE MUST DEMAND OUR HORSES TO BE PROTECTED!

  11. As mentioned before in my statements, these horses should be left in their natural surroundings! They harmed no one and help the ecological system of nature.

  12. America it is time to rise up for our Wild Horse Families, BE THEIR VOICE!!!
    NO MORE BLM ROUNDUPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    These Wild Horses do not belong to the BLM, they belong on our Public Lands, they are the most majestic beings!!! I have spent many years with them, they are intelligent, compassionate and caring souls!!! These cruel and inhumane BLM Roundups are the cruelest abuse that America has ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    Our Wild Horses are desperately needed for a healthy Eco System! We have had a outbreak of Wild Fires, Wild Horses help to maintain our lands!!! Open your hearts and just look at them, the BLM is ripping just ripping all these families and herds apart, this is breaking the heart of America!!!!!! STOP IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!
    PLEASE STOP THE BLM NOW!!!!!!!!! Before they are gone forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Tina Wooten for all Equine Rights!!!

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