BLM support group advocates to experiment on America’s free and wild horses

© EquineClinic.comn shared for educational purposes

© EquineClinic.comn shared for educational purposes

 Note from Protect Mustangs:

We are against experimenting on wild horses, harassment and animal cruelty, period. We believe the 1971 protection act should protect mustangs from forcing ovarian ligation on them. This underpopulated species is in crisis and ovarian ligation is a risky procedure that should never be done on America’s icons of freedom.


Proposal of Ovarian Ligation
By Sandee Force on Monday, August 24, 2015

From: Members of Wild Horses, BLM and Logical Solutions

To: U.S. Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Council

Re: Population Management of wild herds on HMAs

The members of the Wild Horses, BLM and Logical Solutions have spent time considering potential solutions to the ever increasing number of horses and burros needing to be removed from the range held in both Long Term Holding and Short Term Holding. We feel that a two pronged program would both greatly decrease the number of animals needing to maintained in this manner and allow older mares to live out their lives on the range.

We would like to suggest that ovarian ligation be put into an immediate test program in at least 2 and preferably 3 herds using herds that are widely watched and recorded by regional photographers. Our suggestion would allow for mares that are old enough to have had at least 4-5 foals accessed at gathering and removed to the closest holding facility to do ovarian ligation by a veterinarian who has experience in this procedure. We would suggest that working with the state veterinary school located closest to each facility would be the optimal way to get young vets trained on this procedure and to potentially hire vets specifically for the program from this pool of trained professionals. We realize that standard policy would normally be to spend a number of years doing in pen trials with horses that would be scheduled to go to LTH. We feel that this can be bypassed by using herds that are currently being observed and by training the photographers to record information on these mares that would give accurate information about how they assimilate back into the herds. We would like to suggest that along with the ovarian ligation all fillies 3 and under be given PZP and allowed to be more mature at first foaling.

To summarize our proposal as accurately as possible, allowing for changes needed by region or herd.

1. Two to three test herds be chosen that mares will be brought in and those 3 and under be given the correct dosage of PZP for their age and mares that are of an age to have 4-5 foals on the ground have the ovarian ligation procedure done to at the holding
facility. Those mares that are operated on can be held for an appropriate period for recovery at the facility to document reaction and to ensure proper healing of all incisions before being returned to the area that they were captured. Any foals that are under weaning age should stay with the mare in the holding facility and be release with her. Use a
small hip brand to designate ovarian ligation for observation purposes.

2. Any mare that shows a major genetic defect or has thrown multiple foals with genetic disorders should automatically be put into the ovarian ligation program no matter what the age.

3. Train photographers and volunteers to work with the USGS and Universities to properly document range interaction of both the mares who have been given ovarian ligation and those fillies given PZP. Video and photographic documentation of herd/band interaction would be ideal. It is imperative to have USGS and at least one University involved in both
documentation and study of the effect of ovarian ligation on herd dynamics and the health and well being of both, mares and foals as well as the local bands that they belong to.

4. Document the short and long term consequences of ovarian ligation on the mares, i.e. heath, longevity, and acceptance/position within the band. Note if the mares are removed from the bands and act like bachelor stallion bands.

5. Within 3 years if the results of the test herds are good expand to other BLM managed herds with the goal to cut down on required gathers to once every 6-8 years.

6. Look into the possibility of darting with PZP every 2 years to expand the time young mares have a chance to mature before starting to foal.

The goal of this plan is to decrease the rate of population growth on the range.
In conjunction it would allow these older mares to stay on the range without adding to population growth until their deaths and not have to be gathered and shipped to Long Term Holding Facilities for their senior years. Between the ovarian ligation and using PZP on the fillies the herd’s rate of growth could be reduced by 50% per year. This would substantially help both the range and the cost of gathering and housing the horses and burros while keeping more horses on the range. By hip branding the mares that have had ovarian ligation you would be able to gate cut those mares back onto the range at any subsequent gather and not have to haul them off the range.

Some of the herds suggested for this procedure are South Steens, Oregon; Sand Wash Basin, Colorado; Twin Peaks, California; and/or BLM HMA around the Reno/Carson area of Nevada. These are herds that have been previously documented and in the case of both Sand Wash Basin and South Steens there is photographic documentation of the herds for 5-7 years that would be available to work within this project.


Sandra Force – Junction City, Oregon
AJ Sutton- Lawndale,Ca.
Kari Masoner – Tuson, Arizona
Ana Andrick – Wellington, Colorado
Nancy Warrick Kerson – Napa, California
Kathleen T. Granzow – Genoa City, Wisconsin
Thomas P. Brunshilde – Hammond, Wisconsin
Karen Goodroad – Pleasant Hill, Oregon
Lea Erwood – Rosedale, IN.
Kathryn Shirley – Holly Springs, North Carolina
Margaret Rothauge (Maggie) Creswell, Oregon
Angela Robey – Witch Well, AZ
Tom Hool – Casper, Wyoming
Debbra Dotson Christensen – Coquille, Oregon
Stephanie Jones – Eugene, Oregon
Jamie M. Adkins – Casper, Wyoming
Lisa Sink-Sheridan, Oregon
Beverly Shaffer – Burns, Oregon
Ramona Bishop – Burns, Oregon
Shyla Creasey – Oregon
Stacey Harnew –
Andi Harmon – Burns, Oregon
Keelyn Fawcett – Salem, OR
Kimberly Omnes
Mark Omnes
Angela “Angel” Rakestraw – Dinwiddie, Va
Jennifer Gregton – Midvale, Idaho
Iris Benson – Corvallis, Oregon
Karen Landis – Centralia, WA
Candy Nichols – Poolville, TX
Christina Picchi
Bree Alsman – Sandy, Oregon
JoAnna Lamb – Boardman, Oregon
Tracey Westbury – Bellingham, Washington
Cathy Smith – Pleasant Hill, Oregon
Rhonda Chayer – Barton, Vermont
Debbie Jackson – Ellensburg, Washington
Jes Sothern – Oregon
Rex Moore – Denton, Texas
Rose Howe – Monument, Oregon
Kerry O’Brien – Van Nuys, CA.
Susan Clogson – Woodinville, Washington
Nancy Willard – Eugene, Oregon
Loretta M. Jones – Redmond, Oregon
Jennie Kreutzer – Arlington, Washington
Monica Shifflet – New Haven, PA
Crystal Cooke – Clovis, New Mexico
Christie Brown – Daphne, Alabama
Pat Garcia – Burnet, Texas
Carrie Marie Fuesler – Brownsville, Oregon
Jackie Mousseau – Clinton Township MI
Betty Forman
Kathy Tellechea – Lexington, OR
Jim Bishop – Hines, Oregon
Angela Huston – St Louis, Missouri
Mike Huston – St Louis, Missouri
Kay Hamilton – Phoenix, OR
Richelle Wilson – Hillsboro, OR
Suzanne Ganazzi – Point Reyes Station, California
Tina Smith – Sommers, Conn
Andrea Walker – Fort Worth, Texas
Jeni Adler Snyder, Oklahoma
Ash Michael – Madison, South Dakota
Ashley Lawler
Brigid Piccaro – Acton, California
Kathryn Meyer – Orion, MI
Nancy Kohl – Surprise, Arizona
Jeni Adler – Snyder, Oklahoma
Kate Bogel – Howell, New Jersey
Lara Mogensen – Ellensburg, Washington
Carol Davis – Selma, Oregon
Susan Humphrey – Hot Springs, South Dakota
Gini Everts – Eugene, Oregon 72

15 thoughts on “BLM support group advocates to experiment on America’s free and wild horses

  1. I respectfully say that you are bumping numbers to get rid of our wild horses. Roundups are now taking all the horses off some of the land, killing horses because they are starving and promoting PZP and Ovarian litigation. There are so few wild horses left and the ones that are in BLM holding pens will never be wild again. The Wild horses have roamed free for a very long time and now the BLM is thinking up every thing they can to hurt these living legends. I can’t help but think this has something to do with wanting the land for more lucrative uses because there is plenty of land out there for them if not for wanting it for fracking and cattle.

  2. This is the craziest damn thing imaginable. Either these “advocates” are just plain nuts, or they smell $millions available in government grants, courtesy of we the unwilling taxpayers.

  3. this totally crazy there is no overpopulation people are getting tired of these horses begin rounded up!!!! experimented on bait trap horses getting hurt in roundups and the pzp myth!!! eventually sterlizes where the horses cannot reproduce There is a over population of cattle and livestock please keep there herds in check People know who wants this land there not crazy to whats going on. And they are tired of whats happening and number of people are growing fast and word is spreading like wild fire And the cruelty theses animals suffer is terrible And like Mr. Olson said they smell millions available grant money courtesy of we the taxpayer!!! Herds have to reproduce to a point or they die out people know this!1! And people are getting tired of whats happening

  4. I am not understanding the NEED to do this. Are the ranges really over populated?? and are we , the people really bothered by NATURE TAKING COURSE ? So done with people that think they run the land, the animals, our eco system>> We are losing all our land to idiots that are greedy and narsistic Let our animals live as nature defined it.

  5. This procedure is terribly dangerous and is rarely done on domestic horses. No ethical vet would do this to wild mares as many will die. The NAS study found no excess population of wild horses and sterilizing them will cause extinction. IT MUST NOT BE DONE.

  6. AMERICA IS ON TO YOU BLM, the word is spreading everywhere!!!
    BLM WERE NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!! HERE IS A LIST OF WHY WE WANT THE BLM DEPLORED IMMEDIATELY!! BLM has been found guilty of selling Wild Horse’s to Kill Buyers, the Kill Buyers take our Wild Horses to the Slaughter Houses! The BLM refuses shelter to our Wild Horses. BLM Helicopter have terrorized has over 2 Million of our Wild Equine. The BLM puts them in years of longterm imprisonment, the BLM darts with tranquilizers. Pig Ovaries- PZP Sterilization, Abuse, murder, Shooting in the head, Bait Trapping. pain & suffering, Scientific experimentations. Castrations. Our Sheldon War Horses were removed by the BLM. Later found shipped overseas to Slaughter Houses in Europe. Now the BLM wants to round up more of our Wild Horses, they are nearing extinction!!!!! Stop the BLM!!!!! Now before it is to late!!
    Tina Wooten For Wild Horses

  7. Sandee Force perpetuates the lie of overpopulation rather than fighting for the wild herd’s rights….She knows the history, the laws, the protections available to the herds, and instead chooses to spread false information among ignorant followers…..She knows the Sheldon Herd was experimented on, and some 30% of those mares died either during or shortly after experimental spay surgery….There was no follow up done on the Sheldons on the survival rate of those mares that did survive surgery, but later died of complications…..Some 53 million acres were set aside initially for wild herd’s protection,…now only 21 million acres remain for the herd’s use, and even those acres are not given to the herds for their “primary use”. Why does Sandee Force not fight for the herd’s protection?

    Sandee Force also has testified that PZP does disrupt the herds….and even knowing the horror of experimental spays, she stated that spaying is kinder than PZP.

  8. BLM Wild Horse and Burro Advisory board has petitioned for all Appropriate Management Levels in every Herd Management Area be lowered, below the current low levels previously set….They propose permanent sterilization for herds, and those horses put into sanctuaries, for the wild horse’s good “before they all starve to death”.

    The WHB board petitioned that removals be accelerated to reach an AML of 26,715, the previously set AML on the remaining 21 million acres of HMA left to them.
    In 1971, when Congress recognized the wild herds as in danger of being eliminated, there were some 26,000 left in the wild…..BLM now sees 26,000 wild herd individuals as an appropriate number, a goal to reach….Only now they add birth control to those remaining few……The goal is 26,000 or less wild horses, and even those will be “non-reproducing herds” either permanently or “temporarily” sterile…..This is the stated management plan of BLM and the Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board set in place by an Act of Congress to PROTECT them…..Low numbers, genetically in danger of no longer being able to remain healthy because of inbreeding,…..the herds further manipulated genetically through the use of PZP, and permanent birth control through spay experimentation…..For good measure, the advisory board also discussed the need to clear the financial obligation of those wild horses and burros already in holding, through every means available to them….”All the tools in their toolbox” should be utilized, is a quote from the meeting.

  9. This overpopulation myth is being spread by self interested wild horse haters. They are instigating these zeroing out plans against the publics interest and behind closed doors. This has to stop now!! We have to get boots on the ground and flood the phones and support the groups that are fighting for the horses. Any group supporting the overpopulation myth and PZP or any form of birth control, should get NO likes on Facebook and NO donations! Friends of Animals is fighting the roundups and sees through the smokescreen, join them and fight this the right way!!

  10. This is outrageous! I am total against any experimenting on any animals. Especially, in dirty holding pens and vets in training. Not to mention it is abuse. Not one BLM official should be considering this in humane treatment. Your job is to protect these horses not exterminate them. And I find it a joke that your going to “teach” the photographers how to photograph the horses. Haven ‘t they been teaching you about these herds. Oh that’s right,you refuse to listen! The overpopulation you speak of is a made up story of lies. And it needs to stop. The reality is your talking away the land designated for the horses and giving it to ranchers to lease. I do not believe that you make enough from the ranchers to support the horses you have or think your going to remove. So why not take that land back. And let the horses live their live in the wild without harmful interference from the BLM.

  11. America is on to you BLMuor wild horses are not ment to be used for experiments of any kind ,leave our wild horses alone .if you want to experiment ,do it on your people ,im sure you will find a lot of things wrong ,anyone that treat wild horses or any other animal the way you do ,must have some wrong with your brain so leave our horses alone

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