Red Alert: America’s wild horses are disappearing! Staff lawyer needed ASAP

It’s URGENT to hire a staff lawyer quickly so we can get the most out of the legal genius and save America’s wild horses in court before they are killed! Click here to make a tax-deductible donation today:

The lawyer will be the only paid professional at Protect Mustangs. The rest of us are volunteers because we care so deeply about America’s wild horses and their right to freedom.

Most organizations are paying their Presidents and Executive Directors big salaries. They pay other staff good salaries and benefits too. At Protect Mustangs it’s different. We are here for the wild horses not for the paycheck.

As you know I’m deeply committed to protecting America’s mustangs so I donate all my professional time as do our other wonderful volunteers. Sadly pro-bono lawyers won’t donate enough time to take a big case through the end. And we want to pound BLM with more than one lawsuit that will really protect wild horses.

Time is running out . . .

Mustangs are being persecuted and forced off their legal land because greedy people want the resources and don’t care about wild horses. Roundups are cruel and deadly. Afterwards wild horses are traumatized even more by being ripped apart from their families that they love. Once mustangs are offered for adoption 3 times by the feds and not picked–they can be sold to slaughter because the Burns Amendment made it legal. This is heinous!

Today is a special day of giving. Please help America’ s wild horses survive and live in freedom with a tax-deductible donation to our legal fund to hire a staff lawyer. Click here to donate:

Protect Mustangs is a boots on the ground organization saving mustangs with a great track record of 3 out of 4 successful legal actions that have saved thousands of wild horses. (Pine Nut, Wyoming and Fort McDermitt). Now our hands are tied without our own lawyer on staff because there is so much to do!

You can change that.

If you want to make a difference and you want to save America’s wild horses then make a donation to our legal fund right now by clicking here:

Together we can turn this around!

For the mustangs,

Anne Novak
Volunteer Executive Director

Protect Mustangs

P.O. Box 5661

Berkeley, Ca. 94705

Protect Mustangs is dedicated to the protection and preservation of native and wild horses

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H.H. The Dalai Lama wisdom

H.H. The Dalai Lama wisdom

6 thoughts on “Red Alert: America’s wild horses are disappearing! Staff lawyer needed ASAP

  1. yes follow the road with Protect Mustangs—-let’s get behind each threatened herd next year and push back—in court! Make it count an make it stick! Thank you Anne Novak for stepping in and getting us ready to fight for the wild horses! They are out of time!

  2. Expecting good lawyers to work pro bono, in other words to work for free, is expecting too much. Good lawyers are busy, have kids in school, a mortgage to pay, staff to pay, have lives of their own to lead. To face them, our federal government has large staffs of well educated and well paid lawyers with unchallenged expense accounts, ready, willing and able to fight tooth and nail to defend their respective agencies, regardless of whether their agency actions are right or wrong, moral or immoral. That is their job and their career choice.

  3. Thank you Anne Novak for all the heartfelt work you do on behalf of our American national treasure. Let’s work to keep them wild and free!

  4. Having an experienced lawyer as the sole paid staff-member to Protect Mustangs is the right approach. Such an attorney will be dedicated exclusively to our cause — we won’t have to compete with other clients. Our lawyer will be motivated to win quickly, to perform competently, to work effectively.

    I support this decision by Protect Mustangs to employ an expert attorney. I trust that fellow-supporters will rally behind this effort so that the lawyer can come on board and get started right away. Time is of the essence.

  5. Thank you Anne Novak for standing behind our iconic Wild horses. Having a lawyer that can fight for them is our only alternative . All of America must work to keep them free. A Good lawyer is what it will take if we are to save our wild horses. I can not imagine a west without them. Our government
    Is so wrong. Once the horses are gone
    It will be forever. America will no longer be whole. Our ecosystem will once more change for the worse. Everyone please read and help to save our wild horses. Every little bit will help to get a lawyer to fight for their rights to remain
    On their land. They were here first. Help them run wild and free.

  6. We do need a Lawyer. PZP is only a very short term fix. It is not safe! It also will slowly eliminate the horses. Why postpone their death if your going to kill the horses stand up and declare it don’t pretend PZP is the only way. BLM let’s babies freeze to the ground in their very own BLM care! They chase the horses till they run hooves off babies. Don’t listen to BLM propaganda PZP is bad stuff. They are not the all knows best as they tied a horse next to a stallion and the stallion ( Braveheart) broke his neck trying to protect his family. Does that sound like the BLM is pure at heart? No PZP STOP the roundups.

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