BREAKING NEWS: Wild Horses and burros are protected from slaughter!

PM BLM Wild Horses Running

Wild horses & Burros under federal jurisdiction are safe for now

“We are very grateful wild horses and burros, under federal jurisdiction, will receive protections from slaughter in 2016. They are underpopulated on public land after all the taxpayer funded roundups. But the battle isn’t over. We want our national icons of freedom to be protected from forced drugging with pesticides such as PZP for fertility control or other forms of sterilization. Wild horses and burros are an essential part of the thriving natural ecological balance in the West. We must save them for future generations.” — Anne Novak, Executive Director of Protect Mustangs

“Appropriations herein made shall not be available for the destruction of healthy, unadopted, wild horses and burros in the care of the Bureau or its contractors or for the sale of wild horses and burros that results in their destruction for processing into commercial products.” Page: 714-715 of the Omnibus.

We are grateful to Senator Tom Udall, Victoria McCullough for bringing this to the appropriations bill and so thankful to the White House for their approval. A big thank you to the and the thousands of advocates who have made this happen by all your hard work. Bless you!

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19 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Wild Horses and burros are protected from slaughter!

  1. So encouraging!!! Great news. Groups are working also toward keeping non Blm equines in National Forests from slipping into horse trader hands, that filter them into the slaughter pipeline. We must be forever vigilent for any free roaming equine.

  2. First I want to thank Tom Udall and Victoria McCullough this is such good news for our horses and gives them a chance they haven’t had for a long time. I still don’t trust the Interior Department and particularly the BLM so I hope there will be people on the ground monitoring their every move because they have gotten away with so much they probably think this is just one more thing they can ignore! I only wished PZP could be a part pf this because if they continue to use it there won’t be any horses to save from slaughter. Right now we will rejoice that this has been done, anything that is done for the Wild Ones is something to be happy about. Keep them free on their ranges and WILD FOR EVER!!!!!

  3. I want to thank and ask God’s blessings on everyone that took the time to be involved. A special thanks for Mr. Udall and Mrs. McCullough, for doing the right thing. May you each have a Marry Christmas and God’s blessings poured upon you.

  4. I believe, as true Americans, it is ALL of our responsibility as well as rights to protect and defend these horses! Its not just the so called agencies, or the temporary persons we assign for a few years. They are “rubbish” in comparison to the importance of maintaining and protecting our Living National Treasures. The welfare ranchers are “rubbish” and parasites and should be disenfranchised along with any and all opportunistic scavangers that are placed by the so called “approval” of the disgusting powers that are now in office, be they democrat, or republican. We need a humane individual to protect these horses not political garbage.

  5. There are many many many Blm equines to adopt in holding, that need protection ftom their circumstances RIGHT NOW. The *** permanent *** methods of equine birth control used in wild herds, such as surgically and chemically gelding stallions, doing vasectomies and chemically and surgically spaying mares, cause the intact stallions to breed the available mares, compromising natural genetic diversity, inbreeding with mothers, daughters, causing compromised offspring to fend and procreate in the wild. These above mentioned domestic horse management ways of thinking that the BLM has to mansge wild herds is an abomination of nature that needs to be IMEMDIATELTY HALTED.

  6. This is great news. I am thankful for this. However PZP is a threat to our wild horses. It will take their lives slower but as surely as slaughter does.
    We must not think this pesticide is not dangerous.
    1st there is no overpopulation of wild horses.
    2nd why then do they need to be treated as such.?
    3rd we have no idea of it’s affect, should a mare die, on the birds and other wildlife that would eat them afterward .
    Thank hou Mr Udall and Mrs. McCullough for standing by our wild horses. We are appreciative of this. Blessings to all involved. I could not imagine an America without these beautiful icons of our west.

  7. Senator Tom Udall and advocate Victoria McCullough deserve our thanks for making certain that the government received such straightforward and uncompromising guidance and direction.

  8. Many thanks to Tom Udall and Victoria McCullough. Finally a break through for our voiceless Wild Horses, now please keep fighting to protect and save them all. Our created a real monster, The BLM!!!
    Stop the horrific abomination of our Wild Horses and Wild Burros, return the ones in the holding pens to their rightful freedom, our Public Lands! Get the cattle off our public lands and do not tolerate any fracking or mining!!! We need our Wild Equine they are land healers, they can repair what man is destroying!!! Let them all be free!!!
    Tina Wooten for the rightful freedom of Wild Horses & Burros.

  9. Let us sustain this flowing momentum of success towards the next for our beloved wild horses. Great news!

  10. Every life. I am so ashamed that the BLM which is suppose to be entrusted with their care allowed them to be inhumanely processed into horrific death. BLM – for me, Betrayed Land and Murdered. Thank you to the legislators that are seeing what The People are seeing and feeling.

  11. Tina you don’t know shit. If you think that your just guna get the ranchers kicked off that easy you got another thing coming.

  12. Thank you for saving our wild horses and mustangs and letting them run free as they have for hundreds of years. I hate the BLM they are murdering bastards.

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