Scandal Unfolds: Rare Water Canyon foals are up for adoption before the Gonacon™ experiment wrecks havoc in the herd

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Save the young victims of the cruel experiment!

Wild foals captured from the Water Canyon portion of the Antelope Herd Management Area in eastern Nevada are up for adoption. They are the victims of a roundup to EXPERIMENT on wild horses with GONACON™. Nine weanlings and two yearlings are being held together at the National Wild Horse and Burro Center at Palomino Valley, north of Reno, Nevada. They need to be saved now and hopefully in pairs because this is so painful for them to have lost their families!

The wild horses are available for walk-up adoption from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, and 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., Saturdays. All of the horses have received vaccinations and their bloodwork is completed. Brand inspections will be performed and health certificates issued on all adopted horses.

Applications are available for download (.pdf) at

For more information, contact Jeremy Wilhelm, BLM public contact person, at (775) 475-2222.

The GONACON™ EXPERIMENT is being humane-washed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and their partners. They are perpetrating the overpopulation myth when in truth America’s wild horses are underpopulated. In their experiment they are releasing only a fraction.

Alleged wild horse advocate, Jeannie Nations, is the Project Coordinator (unpaid volunteer) of the experiment. Nations was also proposing PZP experiments as a BLM RAC member in October 2014 as you see here:

Nations says, “I wanted to mention also, that we did a quick online petition for about 6 days with American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign regarding this same proposal and we had over 19,000 people from all around the country and the world in favor of doing this pilot program.This just goes to show how badly people want a positive change in wild horse management!

Do people realize what they are signing and supporting when they sign petitions put out by the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign? Are they reading the whole document or just reading the first paragraph and clicking quickly to add their name?

Why did the BLM take the Spin Dr.’s push for fertility control and turn it into an EXPERIMENT with GONACON™?  It’s a slippery slope when “advocates” partner up with BLM for fertility control . . . American herds are becoming nonviable and will be wiped out.

GONCACON™ is an immunocontraceptive that Big Pharma calls a “vaccine“. Yet fertility is not a disease so calling it a vaccine doesn’t make sense. It is registered with the EPA as a restricted use pesticide. 

GONACON™ like PZP is an EPA  restricted use pesticide (see photo below). The BLM and their supporters are experimenting on America’s wild horses because the Feds see them as PESTS and want to dispose of them slowly . . . They hope the public won’t realize what’s happening.

Now it’s clear that some alleged “wild horse advocates” pushing fertility control, like PZP and GONACON™, are helping BLM not wild horses.

See who is involved in this experiment and know what exactly they are doing:

Update 5:27 pm PST: Why is the BLM’s Project Coordinator (volunteer) of the GONACON™ EXPERIMENT and BLM RAC member now raising money for her alleged Angels Acres Rescue to adopt the “Lucky 11” as she calls them? Yes she is calling the victims of this horrible GONACON™ EXPERIMENT and roundup “Lucky”.

PM Nations Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 5.27.38 PM


Ask yourself if this:

Why didn’t the well funded wild horse preservation groups fight in court to stop the Water Canyon roundup?  

Was this just another opportunity to get more donor data by sending out an online petition but do nothing to stop the roundup?

Is it because they are in with BLM, want more names on their email lists to push for fertility control?

Follow the money . . .


PM Water Canyon Foal 2 2015


Photos from BLM taken by the experiment’s project coordinator (volunteer) Jeannie Nations in public domain

Elko Daily News reports on the GONACON™ EXPERIMENT:

November 08, 2015 5:45 am • LARRY HYSLOP
A research project north of Ely will look at maintaining a stable wild horse population using a contraceptive. The goal is to treat mares with Gonacon, a commercial contraceptive, and then watch them over several years to make sure the project mares do not produce foals.

Jeanne Nations is a volunteer project coordinator who lives in the area, frequently visits the horses and knows most by sight. She will handle the on-site adoptions and help Ben Noyes, in charge of the project, and the Wild Horse Specialist in the BLM Ely District Office. Jeanne said if this research is successful, she hopes it could help other areas provide a more humane way to keep wild horse populations under control.

The Northeastern Nevada Resource Advisory Council recently visited the project site, after submitting a letter to the BLM’s Wild Horse and Burro Program supporting Jeanne’s project.

The research site is north of Ely, on a narrow strip of public land 12-15 miles long between U.S. Highway 93 and the Schell Creek Range. A fairly isolated group of 66 wild horses currently live in this part of the Antelope Herd Management Area, which has 803 wild horses with an Appropriate Management Level of 324. The nearest other wild horses to this project area are over the mountains to the east.

Trapping has begun and Ben has gathered 35 horses so far. All the rest of the area horses will be trapped this fall. Ben feels he can capture all the area horses using water and bait trapping but will use other techniques if needed.

While the last few members of the Council were visiting the trap site, seven horses came into the trap to eat hay and drink water, showing they are quite comfortable with the trap.

About 30 horses will be part of the project, with the rest removed from the area. It is hoped on-site adoptions will take most of the removed horses but any remaining will be taken to holding areas. People interested in adoption can email Jeanne at

The project horses kept on the site will consist of 15 stallions and 15 mares, having an assortment of ages. After capture, mares will be treated with Gonacon and freeze branded. DNA samples will be collected from all horses. The problem then is the mares must receive a booster 30 days later, so all mares and some of the stallions will be kept in holding pens.
After the 30 days, the horses will be released back into their home range. Ben feels the horses should have no problem re-habituating to their open range after a month of daily hay and abundant water.

Ben and Jeanne will keep an eye on the mares and watch them for pregnancies. The mares will need to be gathered again in two years to receive another booster.

There is a good chance the project mares are now pregnant and will produce foals the first year. However, these treatments should keep the mares from becoming pregnant again during the length of the project. After the project ends, it is hoped the mares will then become pregnant. Other horses may cross the mountains to join this group but they will not throw off the research since only the branded mares will be watched.

Links of interest:

Read Jack Ferm’s The BLM wild horse roundup continues: follow the money for a good overview of the situation:

and his piece Why is the BLM killing wild horses?


Protect Mustangs is an organization who protects and preserves native and wild horses.

14 thoughts on “Scandal Unfolds: Rare Water Canyon foals are up for adoption before the Gonacon™ experiment wrecks havoc in the herd

  1. leave our mustangs alone you people should not be experimenting on our horses if you want to experiment do it to your selves leave our horses alone you government people make me and thousands outher sick you will be voted out next election

  2. Find a forever home for these beautiful youngsters. Then do everything in your power to end these stupid BLM experiments. Finally do everything in your power to remove our federally protected wild horses and burros from BLM administrative control and hand them off to agencies capable of honesty and sanity.

  3. Well it just never stops does it!! The BLM is like a hardheaded monster, no matter how much we know about what they are doing they just keep right on doing it. There is so much corruption in this department that it will take a long time getting it straightened out and unfortunately the wild ones do not have a long time. So we have a new Pesticide to experiment on them. Leaving an amount of wild ones that can’t possibly sustain themselves in the manner they have used for centuries!!! Leave the wild horses alone and let them run their herds because only they know how to do that not some government agency who call themselves wild horse specialists. Keep the WILD HORSES WILD!!!!

  4. Horses are not experiment subjects. In fact no animal should be . The horses are not pest so stop killing them with pesticides because the under lying goal to wipe them out . You are disgusting !

  5. Universities are receiving a big shot in the arm for these macabre research projects. These are OUR tax dollars!! It goes to show, highly educated doesn’t mean highly moral. Shame on you degree prostitutes for contributing to this abuse of our wild herds.

  6. Here is a question, how is Jeanie Nations a pre approved BLM adopter if she still needs to fence and build shelters via a Go Fund Me campaign? Did she give the BLM falsified information that all was done when in realty it was not, or is the BLM picking and choosing adopters based on their willingness to cooperate with these horrific experiments? For everyone who has not figured this out yet, the Government and BLM are certifying advocates as PZP darters and administrators of other experimental drugs, so when out wild ones are gone the “advocates” will be to blame. There is no horse overpopulation, it is the BLM exaggerating the numbers. Most of the herds are no longer viable and are susceptible to inbreeding all due to this. So I hope these so called Advocates are happy with themselves while watching out wilds wither away!!!

  7. The appalling, blood thirsty BLM and it’s backers continue to slowly destroy not only icons but animals that help the range to thrive.
    It is so disturbing that you people not only get away with this bs, but that you sleep at night leads me to believe that vampires are alive and well in the 21st century.
    I can not wrap my head around people that call themselves advocates actually stand behind this. There have been some wonderful suggestions here….try this “vaccine” on yourselves.

  8. What types of kickbacks do these “advocates” get from the BLM, one wonders. Are they on payroll? Do they get any grant monies? What other bells and whistles are attached if one follows the lead of the dictatorship?

  9. Here’s a suggestion, remove the cattle from the areas where the wild herds live!!! Boom problem solved, horses will have plenty of forage and water and will survive according to nature’s desire, not mans. Take back or scale back
    all the grazing permits and let the chips fall where they may, big cattle ranchers will have to scale back and not export most of the meat to other countries and live a basic life not one of obscene profits from cheap grazing rights but one of normal middle income families.

  10. I would be extremely interested to know if Jeannie Samples receives any Government grants in regards to her “rescue”. I will be watching and checking her financials next year. From what I was told directly by the USDA is that those types of grants are only available to 501(c)(3)’s with 3 to 5 years of documented operations.

  11. Totally agree with the comment “follow the money” because that’s at the heart of all this. Leave horses alone. Already underpopulated and birth control will not only disrupt their way of life–which works–but drastically alter them in detrimental ways: foaling cycle, mating patterns, etc. What will it take to finally expose what’s really behind all this? Nothing but a way for special interests to profit either by taking control of OUR public lands or drug companies to expand their own agendas, even using horse advocates to do so. Perhaps as we the public become more educated about what is happening there will hopefully be change and our government agencies entrusted to care for wild horses will do what’s right. Or am I being too naive??

  12. R u kidding me?????this is an outrage .the wild horses r not over populated and deserve to live and roam graze as they do .they r not harming anything or creating problems due to damage of any sorts etc…….I can’t use the words I want on BLM.and all others involved in this cruel crap! U know who u r and shame on u!!!!!! BULLSHIT !!!!this has to stop….there is no real good reasoning for this .At all!!!!!! We will keep fighting for these wild herds .God bless

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