Are Wild Horses at Risk Again? BLM Seeks Public Input on Public Lands Nominated for 2016 Oil and Gas #Fracking Exploration and Development

It’s time to connect the dots about what’s really going on in eastern Nevada

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Your comments are needed!

Pancake and Triple B wild horse HMAs are affected for this round of oil and gas leasing. What other HMAs are next?

From a BLM press release:

Ely – The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Ely District is asking the public to provide input on potential issues associated with oil and gas leasing on 41 parcels of public land, totaling 82,121 acres, in White Pine County, Nevada. Leased parcels may later include exploration and development. The BLM is analyzing the parcels to identify potential impacts in an environmental assessment (EA), in accordance with the Oil & Gas Leasing Reform mandated in 2010. The deadline to provide input is Friday, June 3, 2016.

The input received will assist in the preparation of a preliminary EA that the BLM will make available for public review and comment in late June 2016. A Competitive Oil and Gas Lease Sale is scheduled on Dec. 13, 2016.

Scoping information and other documents can be found at Interested individuals should address all written comments to the BLM Ely District Office, 702 N. Industrial Way, Ely, Nevada 89301 Attn: 2016 Oil & Gas Lease Sale or fax them to (775) 289-1910, Attn: 2016 Oil & Gas Lease Sale. Email comments will not be accepted.

Before including your address, phone number, e-mail address, or other personal identifying information in your comment, you should be aware that your entire comment – including your personal identifying information – may be made publicly available at any time. While you can ask us in your comment to withhold your personal identifying information from public review, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to do so.

For more information, contact Leslie Riley at the BLM Ely District Office at (775) 289-1860

[End of BLM press release]

PM Helicopter Mustang Roundup

Protect Mustangs is an organization who protects and preserves native and wild horses.

33 thoughts on “Are Wild Horses at Risk Again? BLM Seeks Public Input on Public Lands Nominated for 2016 Oil and Gas #Fracking Exploration and Development

  1. This is exactly the reason our wild horses are disappearing. The BLM land is up for grabs by cattlemen’s associations, oil interests, as well as sheep and mining. This is big money $$$$$$$$. The BLM will tell you about the over population of the wild horses. They use helicopter’s to gather them and ship them to feedlots then they go to slaughter,very few are adopted in comparison to the number of horses involved. It doesn’t matter to any of them if there are any Wild Horses. They are salivating over all the land the Horses are on and they want it and will stop at nothing to get it!!

  2. and time again BLM has not complyed with U.S. Laws set forth by Congress to Protect the wild mustangs for the American People. BLM has leased public land and removed public mustangs for not the public benefit. BLM is a Goverment Angency. They are working for the People. Not against the trust emplaced unto them by the people. Any more can not be forced on the People. The People of these United States elected and voiced Congress to Protect wild mustang. Hopefully BLM will side with the People and not against.

  3. Choose the animals that already call this area home, instead of oil and profits! Do you have no conscience? These are living, breathing, majestic animals that the public wants to see them survive and thrive ! No more oil ventures! Stop ! Save these horses now! BLM do hour job and protect these horses and environment ! You don’t work for the oil companies!

  4. Wild mustangs are a precious icon and part of the American wildlife that is supposed to be allowed to roam on public land. Americans do not want these animals threatened by helicopters, forced to migrate into split groups that break up mares, foals and stallions.
    Are we going to give up all vestiges of what the “Land of Free” means when it comes to its natural beauty that encompasses such beautiful creatures as these wild mustangs? Give them the protection they deserve. Nature is already suffering immense losses of wildlife.

  5. Our wild mustangs should be protected. There is more than enough oil on land that does not impact our heritage of wild mustangs. If oil companies are discontinuing fracking due to the glut of oil, this is unnecessary.

  6. Due to the fact that wild horses and burros are underpopulated on public land and are still protected by federal law, I strongly oppose any new gas and/or oil leases on this land.

  7. Animals have a God -given right to live and be free,eat, raise their babes and enjoy their lives.All while “humans” stay back,out of the way maybe WATCH from a DISTANCE. But CERTAINLY NOT interfere. Humans should stick to working on the bigger picture and not terrorizing/micromanaging animals. We have NO right to stick our noses in their lives.

  8. You’re destroying everything that’s “good” in the world with your so called “progress” while destroying everything “natural” that’s in your path.
    Leave The Animals Alone!!!!!!

  9. The BLM has to be held accountable for its devastating decisions. Killing “our” horses and burros is not their decision to make. They work for us. It is time we demanded that this lawless group (BLM) be taken to task. They have been wielding false power for far too long. Prayers for the horses and burros.

  10. protect the great horses and burros from the oil and gas leases now. i amfor the horses and burros today. leave them alone now.

  11. We need to be heard. The BLM should be working with the people to protect the wild horses.
    I oppose any gas lines or oil leases on this land.
    These horses should not be sent off to slaughter. There is enough elimination of animals.

  12. The BLM need to protect the wild horses.
    I oppose any gas lines or oils leases on their land. Stop any slaughter of these animal. There is enough indiscriminate killing of wildlife already

  13. Keep the oil and gas in the ground. The future of the planet requires it. Leave the mustangs alone. They have made their home here for generations. Cattle don’t need to graze on their land.

  14. Horses have served man for centuries in many ways, and this is the thanks they get? Wild horses must be protected – why isn’t Animal Legal Defense Fund or In Defense of Animals stopping BLM from rounding up horses? I strongly oppose this, especially when my hard-earned tax dollars are used for this senseless barbarism.

  15. Due to the fact that wild horses and burros are underpopulated on public land and are still protected by federal law, I strongly oppose any new gas and/or oil leases on this land. In addition, the use of a pesticide to steralize and therefore end the existence of wild horses and the risk to other animals is a risk not worth taking. Protect our land and wild animals!

  16. We, the people have become monsters. We have no care or regard for any life only money. This must stop. We will kill all of our wild animals and then we will be next since all life on our planet is interconnected.

  17. Fossil fuels will be the ruination of our beautiful country, destroying habitats, drinking water, and the air we breathe. All for what? That is a mighty price to pay for energy companies to make more profit, all the while the rest of the world is developing better sources of energy. Our country will become one big ugly dust bowl scared with empty drilling sights and not a sign of life in sight.

  18. When inhumane events occur, caused by corrupt government officials, I must ask the question, where is our President of the United States. What has happened, all the complaints, all the media, all the inhumane request, corrupt amendments, we all must ask where is the President of the United States. This fracking, experimenting on horses, their ponies or foals, the pregnant mammals that have been taken to be sterilized, all these events has to stop now. Thus, I beg the citizens of America, who are animal advocates, animal welfare supporters, animal friends, to be careful who you vote into any form of government office. I beg American to read the fine print throughout your election ballot’s and be certain of your votes. Please take your time when completing your election ballot’s. These reports of inhumane practices, roundups, forms of population control must stop now…………….!!!!!!!!

  19. This has to stop,this is the U.S.A. home of the free? I cannot believe the goverment is involved in this torture and abuse of these horses, God put on this Earth, am i in Russia or im i dreaming. Please stop the madness.

  20. The BLM exists to protect the land not sell out to the highest bidder.

  21. The BLM is doing exactly what Wild Horse Annie fought to Protect Wild Horses from and that is being cruelly rounded up and sold for pet food!!! Make them Accountable for their actions!!!! They should be ashamed of themselves!

  22. Shame on the richest country in the world for cruelty and torture.

  23. I’ve got a temporary solution to the problem, and a permanent solution to the problem of the captive wild horses or burros by BLM. For the temporary solution, just terminate the employment of the governor of Nevada, then fire the director of BLM. For the permanent solution, replace both government officers with an animal advocate or supporter for animal welfare.

    Right now, this crap needs to be exposed as animal endangerment before the President of the United States.

  24. Awful. BLM is a black mark against America — symbols of freedom rounded up for slaughter b/c wealthy cattle & oil/fracking industries are still destroying the Earth. Shame on you.

  25. Just wanted to point out a DIFFERENT REASON why no mining or drilling whatsoever should EVER be allowed in this area (during this time and using current technologies. It’s a reason that is outside the obvious fact that all these plans are completely devoid of their duty to protected wildlife. That is, even after the govt greatly reduced quake risk areas and in doing so, changed the ratings for areas, they still designated this area at great risk for seismic activity. In fact, this entire western area of Nevada remains rated within the red zone of highest risks and highest impacts of all USA. Just earlier this week they recorded quakes. Knowing that it is tied directly to the California fault lines and is an integral part of what will happen in California, it makes no sense to allow fracking here. In fact, several recently covered documentaries exposed the “blatant stupidity” of allowing fracturing there which has set the area up for a great calamity. Reviews by many experts have all pointed out that fracturing in California has causes major increases in these seismic activities and in doing so, likely created a ticking time bomb (under the pressures of all that injected water). Look up Tesla and NYC through and you will learn that in the 1896 that Tesla destroyed his lab/building using a tiny machine that resonated at the wrong frequency. To stop it, he had to smash the machine. He later used something similar in Colorado and caused a Tsunami. This is just the type of technology that our military industrial complex prevents access to through stealing, murder and other horrid behaviors. It’s why that advertised car to run on water never came within the 2 years promised. They murdered him. Anyhow, this seems like a preface for justifying why a massive quake occurs in California whether it does or not and you can be darn sure that there are rough DOD employees well versed on how to impose complete chaos in this way. Either way, its a totally bad idea because it could cause legitimate quakes. However, it if doesn’t its likely to support claims that future “created” versions were natural. The argument to be made is that adding water to the ground in these areas is un-natural and will trigger pressure and cause shifting along very long stretches where there are faults. Further, that the benefits from any gas or oil extractions would be undercut and far less than the cost of all the homes, highways, bridges and other structures that will likely fail as a result and tht increasing (massively) the likelihood for these greatly pressures to release in the from of quakes makes this wrong for every reason; not to mention that it is supposed to be protected. Sadly, while no engineer worth their salt should be willing to support this sort of thing, there are always crooks. Just look at the Indian engineer who signed off on the 911 report. 2000 other expert engineers have claimed it to be bs, but that doesn’t seem to matter.I would also add that the standards for building designs and what they needed to withstand did not include for more massive fracturing quake impacts but newer structures do have a far better chance; if built correctly. But again, I suspect what could be experienced in the future is likely beyond what can be designed for. .I would point to the California fracturing and methane releases as another reason this shouldn’t be ok. Much of the wildlife won’t understand how to react to gas. They will likely try to hide and will die doing so. If Trump or Sanders was elected, I could imagine these departments being expected to conduct themselves far more ethically; even if that means shutting down the corrupt Obama sales. Google quake maps Nevada.

  26. Take a back seat, ranchers! You’re nothing but government moochers leasing OUR land for pennies on the dollar. Well, you know the price of everything and the value of NOTHING. Our Wild Horses & Burros are irreplaceable; and your cattle? Not so much. You do NOT have a say in this that’s greater than the general public, and the majority, of which you are not, would like to keep public lands sacred.

    If you need to lease OUR land, you must have too many cattle. Cull ’em.

  27. BLM, your job description does not in any way entail the extermination of Wild Horses & Burros. The myth that they’re overpopulated has been debunked. You are overreaching your authority when you subtract even ONE wild horse or burro from MY land!
    You might have ranchers pounding on your door every day, but the law protecting wild horses & burros is their problem, not yours! Do you even KNOW that the origin of these wonderful creatures is here in north america? Yep. The eohippus migrated to Asia early on, but returned with the Spanish explorers. So you see, it’s come full circle, and we’re fortunate to be able to protect them. So, get off your high horses and do the job we hire you to do. Resist at your peril.

  28. BLM budget needs to be reviewed. As Goverment employees they need to be fined as all other Goverment employees are. Public Property is still public property. Damage to public property needs to be repaired, replaced or improved by the employee at the Goverment ( Public ) cost. Land and all wildlife belong to the Public. This includes wild Mustangs, grass, waterholes.

  29. We need to protect the wild horses and burros. The BLM needs to do the right thing and not get influenced by big money.
    How amazing to still have wild horses roam this part of the country. We have forgotten how fortunate we are to have a part of the past and not wipe out animal for human greed!!

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